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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,355
1/12/13 11:30 A

I am certainly not perfect but I do strive to do better all the time. I used to leave rule one with just my catch phrase but added the explanation because I got some many questions asking what I meant. Thanks for your comment - may just go back to the original and answer IF someone asks about it.

125ISMYGOAL SparkPoints: (917)
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1/12/13 4:41 A

These are awesome 'rules'. I hope they are easy for you to stick to! I'm not religious but I really liked your first couple of rules - 'they came from the field and the ground' kind of mentality, although you've written quite a lot for that one it is quite simple - 'the more it looks like what it is supposed to, the better!

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,355
1/12/13 12:58 A

I have a few . . .

1A. Would God recognize this as food? (ask myself that and basically that means the closer to nature the better.
1B. If it is a CLEAR yes (a plain baked or boiled potato) on the first question, I can eat it as often as I like (reasonable size portions and within calorie range), If it is a little more questionable (say mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, etc. - there is more OTHER stuff involved, but still pretty recognizable) I can have it around 3-4 times a week. The hierarchy goes down to foods I can have 1-2 times a week (french fries, regular potato chips), and finally to the food that is a RARE treat and HIGHLY processed that I almost never eat.

2. Serving size equals container - if I BUY a JUMBO bag - I will eventually - and quite often in one sitting - EAT that JUMBO bag. If I buy a single serving, I will also eat that - but with far fewer calories, fat, etc.

3. Is it BETTER than it would have been yesterday or the last time I had it - I am eating an 8 oz steak, but I would have had the 10 oz, and in fact, at one time the 16 oz. one. SO, THAT is success and it IS better than in the past so PROGRESS is happening. It also takes me slowly from where I was to maintain a LOT of excess baggage to a point where I am losing weight

4. SLOW is better.

5. I only record my weight on the first of each month. (I CAN and often DO weigh myself twice a day - but because of the natural fluctuations of my weight - I don't consider it accurate until it STAYS down)

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
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1/12/13 12:24 A

Bag of veggies a day!
Quart size zip lock, full of sliced raw zucchini, yellow squash, red & orange bell peppers, hot house cucumbers, stringless sugar-snap peas and sliced yams (the yams get nuked to be semi-soft).

It's a little over 4.5 cups, great car food if you need to snack on the go. I've used this to 'mindlessly snack' while watching a movie, on the computer, etc. (it's the only thing I'll allow for 'mindless snacking').

Without a doubt, this has made the hugest difference in my weight loss / maintenance this time around. And it's all due to Spark.

Even if I'm off plan on a particular day(s), I eat that bag-o-veggies. Any other fruit & veggies can also be eaten in addition, but the bare minimum is that bag. So I know I'm getting that in each & every day.

Just wish I stumbled onto this years ago. Who knew?? Mom sure was right!

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
1/11/13 9:20 P

Relax, don't drink any sodas and don't eat any bread. So far, so good....since May.

125ISMYGOAL SparkPoints: (917)
Fitness Minutes: (239)
Posts: 48
1/11/13 5:30 P

Awesome responses guys - I've really enjoyed reading them!

MAESTROKHART SparkPoints: (14,032)
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1/11/13 2:07 P

Treat healthy food as essential, avoid totally unhealthy foods and indulge in anything else in moderation. emoticon

SARAH_45 Posts: 395
1/11/13 1:11 P

I try to plan my meals the night before, and leave room for error.

My biggest rule though is don't beat myself up if something goes wrong or not according to plan.

1/11/13 12:36 P

More veggies and less sugar

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/11/13 11:11 A

I've ditched the standard american diet. I eat real food that God created.

ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,930
1/11/13 10:21 A

I love everybody's rules... you guys have thought this out... I guess I've just never made my "thoughts" rules.... let's see... I'll borrow a few...loved "perfection isn't possible but tomorrow is a new day" and "never give up" thanks! and I also need to have a rule that I PLAN what I'm going to eat... can't be just grab...gotta add up and think about it and make sure it's healthy for me... yeah.. I'll keep thinking on that

LOMARGOABLE SparkPoints: (6,240)
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Posts: 6
1/11/13 10:09 A

my goal is to really use this site, I am a newbie and it's really been an eye-opener to track all my food.
My other goal is to work on endurance. I am asthmatic and my lungs are not as strong as they could be! I have to work on building slowly to get my lungs and body stronger.

MEANREDS92 Posts: 818
1/11/13 10:01 A

1. Buy healthy, eat healthy
2. Tea is good for you, and can be a cure for your sweet tooth
3. Perfection is not possible, but tomorrow is always a new day

1/11/13 8:38 A

My rules: 1. Eat more plants. 2. Never give up.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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1/11/13 8:29 A

My biggest one is 50% vegetables. I use the government food plate to organize my food, and always aim for 50% fruits and veggies with every meal.

The other is limit evening snacking, and if I *can't*, snack on healthy things like raw fruits and veggies.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/11/13 7:39 A

I like your rules, and they are ones you can continue on with even when you've made your goal weight.

Mine are to eat clean 90% of the time, plan my meals and snacks each morning, no wine on weeknights (and plan for it for the weekends that I want a glass) and continue to be at the gym 6 out of 7 days.

125ISMYGOAL SparkPoints: (917)
Fitness Minutes: (239)
Posts: 48
1/11/13 3:28 A

I am an emotional eater (happy, sad, angry, excited...always eating!) so to help me stay on track I gave myself 3 rules to stick to during my weight loss;

1. Never snack mindlessly - always think about what you are eating and ask the question 'Is it worth it?'

2. If you slip up during the day, the rest of the day still counts. Don't give up on that day just because you had an 'accident'.

3. Always think positively - if you see someone who makes you think 'why don't I look like that', turn it into a positive 'I will look like that'.

What are your 'rules'? If you don't have any - why not make some!

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