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VSM315 Posts: 78
6/9/11 11:10 P

Healthy Choice steamers and Lean Cuisine Spa & Market creations

6/9/11 11:01 P

smart ones...cheeseburger...

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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6/9/11 10:24 P

I would also like to add Healthy Choice - I love them - and they are a little lower in sodium than some.

I also like Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine like everyone else.

Amy's are good too, and has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options (stay away from the veggie loaf however... it is nasty)

CHERSTAD Posts: 32
6/9/11 9:40 P

I eat a Smart Ones every once in awhile, when I don't have time to pack my own lunch. Yes, they're high in sodium, but they're also a convenient and tasty option now and then.

DAWN1083 Posts: 44
6/9/11 7:49 P

I eat a Lean Cuisine every few days and throw in a handful of baby carrots for some extra veggies. I buy them in bulk when they are on sale. LOVE the spa ones.

6/9/11 7:19 P

I eat a lean cuisine pretty much everyday, yes there is alot of sodium but it is cheap and I just add veggies to get some extra ones in. I really enjoy them, I buy a bunch and keep them at work that way I have a variety.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,793
6/9/11 7:07 P

Don't do frozen lunches any more... WAY too much sodium and $$ for me!

JMM413 SparkPoints: (3,963)
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Posts: 74
6/9/11 4:04 P

I'm needing some new ideas for lunch (salads get old after a while) and was hoping to get some ideas for great tasting frozen lunches. I'd like to stick under 400 calories and 8-10 fat grams that also have a good amount of protein.

Any thoughts are appreciated!! emoticon

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