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5/15/12 11:12 A

I use All-in Pedometer. I have an iPhone but it may work on other phone. Check it out. It's on iTunes. There is a free version. But the all included for $3.99 has been more than worth it.

5/15/12 9:56 A

I love th HIIT interval training app. It allows you to set it up and you feel like you have done an hour when you only did a few minutes of working out.

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5/15/12 7:25 A

Agreed - Nike Training Club is awesome!!

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5/14/12 11:49 P

runkeeper, but if you have BB, endomondo is a great exercise / GPS app too

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5/14/12 9:04 P

I don't know if this is offered on your phone, but I like the Nike Training Club app. In my opinion, it's best if you have already developed a base knowledge of how to keep good form when doing various exercises, just because it doesn't give a whole lot of instruction. There are brief how-to videos though. It's a great way to vary your workout and keep things challenging -- there are a ton of programs on it!

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5/14/12 7:42 P

I am really loving the Zombies Run! app right now, it has really been making exercise enjoyable for me. I actually want to exercise in order to continue with the story lol!

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5/14/12 7:27 P

sparkpeople of course. I also use activtrax since my gym uses that too

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5/14/12 7:23 P

I wish I could use the sparkpeople app!!! I have a blackberry torch and the spark app doesn't work for that model :(


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LIRPA246 Posts: 701
5/14/12 7:00 P

I like Runkeeper. It will track you walking, running, and a variety of other activities and it's free and easy to use.

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5/14/12 6:46 P


RUNNER5ISH Posts: 612
5/14/12 6:08 P

SparkPeople app
Restaurant Nutrition

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5/14/12 5:43 P

Will that app work on something other than an iphone?

I've been looking for free fitness apps too. I have a prepaid phone (but it's a smart phone). So it's a bit hard to find apps sometimes. -.-;

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5/14/12 5:06 P

Here's what I use:

You can upgrade it for more features for fairly cheaply if you like it.

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5/14/12 5:01 P

I'm looking to find some interesting FREE fitness/weightloss apps for my phone. I'd definitely like to find a pedometer app.


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