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2/8/14 4:26 P

Those are great goals you both have!! Keep up the wonderful work!

Northern NY
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2/7/14 1:28 P

I have a few
workout for 10 minutes at least a day
Eat wholegrain once a day
Try and get 8 hours sleep

to name a few

Trev, Kent Southeast UK

How can you know that you can't unless you have tried and failed.
Join the 10 minute exercising challenge and get exercising.
See what you are made of by joining the 10k steps day challenge.

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2/7/14 7:46 A

Mine are to do 10 minutes of exercise every day, give myself a 5 minute pep talk each day, and to not snack mindlessly in the evenings. What about you?

“Above all else, do NOT quit! The universe always bows to persistence. The empowering approach is to see your physical challenges as assets, because overcoming obstacles forces you to develop discipline, determination and character. These traits will carry over to other areas of your life and make you a stronger person.” Tom Venuto
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