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SUGARCRAVER86 SparkPoints: (2,967)
Fitness Minutes: (895)
Posts: 83
1/21/13 8:20 P

Shorts. I can't wait to wear shorts in the summer whenever I want and feel like my legs aren't huge.

ALORTA SparkPoints: (7,363)
Fitness Minutes: (3,449)
Posts: 310
1/21/13 7:20 P

two piece swimsuit!
I've never owned one before...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,128
1/21/13 6:32 P

There is a black dress that I bought on clearance, that I want to wear.

And some snug fitting t shirts. Oh and I want to wear a bikini.

Basically look great in all my clothes

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
Fitness Minutes: (58,319)
Posts: 821
1/21/13 6:26 P

@ Sharipam: ME TOO! emoticon I've set my goal date for 6/1.

SHARIPAM SparkPoints: (92,090)
Fitness Minutes: (75,503)
Posts: 613
1/21/13 6:20 P

Because I am almost 50 (49 with birthday in October), I am pretty much looking at age appropriate swimwear -- nothing frumpy though! There are a lot of well-put-together older women out there, and I will be one of them!

1/21/13 4:49 P

a pair of pants that I so close to fitting into :)

1/21/13 4:46 P

a blouse that hugs my waist

CASSCOTT70 SparkPoints: (9,737)
Fitness Minutes: (2,787)
Posts: 468
1/21/13 3:18 P

I can't wait to wear a regular bathing suit without a cover-up or skirtini...and for me it's not about being skinny, just less fluffy.

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
1/21/13 3:02 P

So glad to know I'm not the only one hanging on to items in the closet to fit back into! I know we're not necessarily 'supposed' to hold on to our 'skinny' clothes, but there are a few items I couldn't see getting rid of. Next up: a simple, work-friendly black dress. I could dress it up or down, wear it out or to work, it's so conservative. Can't wait to fit into it again and wear it to work this summer!

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
Fitness Minutes: (7,311)
Posts: 1,012
1/21/13 2:49 P

I have some dresses that make me look frumpy, but would look good paired with a belt. I am waiting until I can wear a belt without fat rolling over it!

CHRISBEM SparkPoints: (32,284)
Fitness Minutes: (10,032)
Posts: 1,374
1/21/13 2:29 P

I am waiting to get into a size 18 pair of jeans

SABLEARTS SparkPoints: (27,929)
Fitness Minutes: (35,725)
Posts: 40
1/21/13 12:34 P

When I got engaged last summer, and I started talking about losing weight so that I could fit into a specific designer's dresses that only go up to a size 12... which in their size chart actually means a "normal" size 8... one of my bridesmaids actually told me that I "could never" be a size 8 because that's the size *she* is. She didn't mean it as bad as it came out sounding, but that statement was the kick in the butt I needed to get serious, so I can't wait til I am a size 8 so I can borrow her clothes and rub it in her face! (In a nice way of course!)

JIXI77 Posts: 23
1/21/13 11:49 A

Right now I'm working toward a bikini I ordered from Victoria's Secret a few weeks ago. My husband and I are going to Cabo in four weeks and I am determined to rock it with confidence! I just have about 5 lbs or so to go!

1/21/13 10:31 A

I bought a pair of pants 2 years ago, size large in one of those "only skinny people can shop here" stores. I don't know what the hell I was thinking!!

Their "large" is more like a stretchy small. I was too embarrassed to bring them back. So, they hang in my closet, a constant reminder that "Hey, you're still too fat to fit into these"!!

I want to wear them. Yes, they're cute but it's more to shut them up once and for all!!

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
Fitness Minutes: (15,360)
Posts: 9,709
1/21/13 10:26 A

I have this pair of workout shorts... they look GREAT on me already, but they ride up, so I can't wear them working out... I end up getting thigh burn if I try. ;) I love these shorts, but I need to lose a good 10-20 lbs before they really can be worn for more than just cosmetic purposes.

MALA77 SparkPoints: (8,357)
Fitness Minutes: (5,132)
Posts: 285
1/20/13 10:52 P

Anything I was able to wear summer of 2011!!! LOL Or anything between s size 8 and 10. I'll get back there by this summer though!!


KHEINZ905 Posts: 2,529
1/20/13 10:44 P

My size 4 Lucky Brand Jeans. I haven't been able to wear them in over a year and I want to be able to again soon

35BYMAY SparkPoints: (1,477)
Fitness Minutes: (555)
Posts: 281
1/20/13 9:53 P

my favorite size 9 abercrombie and fitch jeans I haven't been able to wear in 7 years that make my @ss look HOT :)

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
Fitness Minutes: (58,319)
Posts: 821
1/20/13 9:18 P

Though I would like to have a bikini,, I think it would be age inappropriate. However, I am looking forward to fitting into a nice two piece swim suit, rather than the conservative tankini or one piece.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (80,718)
Fitness Minutes: (46,726)
Posts: 5,092
1/20/13 8:28 P

I guess I would say bikinis...I'm always improving my figure for summertime. Each summer I'm in better shape than I was the previous summer, so I can't wait until bikini season rolls around

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/20/13 8:26 P

I got my Venus catalog in the mail and......I found a cool bikini I would love to have. I work hard at weight lifting class so I would love to show off those muscles.

REYNINGSUNSHINE SparkPoints: (20,387)
Fitness Minutes: (41,738)
Posts: 523
1/20/13 8:23 P

I 'accidentally' bought this red satin dress... It fits OK right now but hugs my stomach pouch a little too much for my taste. I'm not necessarily waiting to wear it until I'm happier with my shape... I'm more waiting to wear it until the weather is warm enough that I don't freeze! But I've decided that before I wear it, I'm going to get some more muscle on this frame and shed some of the fat- I just want to look better in it. I'm thinking Valentine's Day date night would be a good time to break it out :)

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
Fitness Minutes: (21,732)
Posts: 905
1/20/13 8:21 P

If you're working hard towards a weight goal, do you have a specfic thing you can't wait to wear and look great in when you're happier with your size and shape?

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