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EAGLEMOM3 Posts: 48
2/20/13 9:48 P

I am fasting from complaining and adding complimenting

SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,201)
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2/20/13 3:43 P


LEARNINGWITHLIZ SparkPoints: (20,646)
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2/20/13 12:51 P


LEAH956A Posts: 634
2/20/13 11:13 A

Negative thoughts

LAWMOMSPLACE SparkPoints: (117,328)
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Posts: 3,978
2/20/13 11:11 A

swearing and full portion sizes for all meals

RYANB1982 SparkPoints: (4,558)
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Posts: 229
2/20/13 10:29 A

Regular (sugary) pop. I've made it a whole week! Originally, it was pop and chocolate, but i broke on the chocolate :(

KATHENKA SparkPoints: (6,564)
Fitness Minutes: (3,419)
Posts: 34
2/19/13 3:54 P

My husband and I gave up sweets, and we are cutting back on going out to eat as well. I was super cranky for a few days, but it's getting better now ^_^

PAMBROWN1010 SparkPoints: (13,585)
Fitness Minutes: (9,050)
Posts: 101
2/19/13 1:09 P

I gave up chocolate. Which is huge, since I'm a addict and it's one of my trigger foods. Hopeing to see some changes in my weight as a result. We'll see.

2/15/13 2:46 P

I am giving up eating a full dinner. Night time eating kills my weight loss efforts everytime. I am taking it day by day. So far I have able to have yougurt and string cheese for two dinners.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 56,753
2/15/13 12:49 P

I like the idea of giving up stopping for stuff to eat on the way to work - I have occasionally found myself getting addicted to that idea with BK and McD's both on my way. I certainly do NOT need them.

AHENRY30 Posts: 1,011
2/15/13 10:46 A

Stopping for breakfast sandwiches or burritos on my way to work, it's not something I would do every day, but this will hopefully get it out of my system. I'm also giving up chips.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 56,753
2/14/13 4:37 P

I thought this was an interesting post and not the least controversial. Nobody had to respond if they didn't want to and those who have responded have shared a mixture of views. I love it when there is something posted that get people talking about a lot of different ideas. Thank you for posting it. I hope you didn't think my post was meant as controversial as I never intended it to be.

CDNEXPAT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 50
2/13/13 9:23 P

Sorry if this post has stirred up some controversy.
I'm not religious - but am doing a 'lent' challenge because I like having a set goal. 40 days seemed like a pretty good countdown goal, which I why I started this thread. I like having something tangible I can count down to.

DALISMUM1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,750)
Posts: 8
2/13/13 6:10 P

I am thinking of giving up sweets and candy and donating the money to church. emoticon

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 56,753
2/13/13 5:59 P

I am not a Roman Catholic either but our church observes Lent as well. I like the idea of doing something for someone else and as I said I am adding some things to my life. I will do meatless meals at least one day each week and maybe twice a week - for health as well as a reminder of Lent. I have trouble not doing something MEANINGFUL during Lent. Typically we do a Bible Study and have a soup meal each Wednesday evening during Lent.

CHRISBEM SparkPoints: (32,284)
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Posts: 1,374
2/13/13 3:09 P

alcohol and non-home cooked food

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (205,232)
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Posts: 9,249
2/13/13 1:42 P

Alcohol and candy

MERCIELENA SparkPoints: (44,668)
Fitness Minutes: (38,969)
Posts: 520
2/13/13 1:14 P

I'm giving up fried foods and soda.

KMS41289 Posts: 239
2/13/13 12:56 P

DIDS70- I completely agree, that is an amazing idea. I usually give up chocolate or something but I don't do it to get closer to God, I do it for selfish reasons. So this Lent I am going to work on my health and get closer to God at the same time. I have an awful habit of eating every time I watch tv or something like that. Whenever I eat, I am not focusing on my meal and the nutrition, but school work or a movie.

For Lent, my meals will be me sitting and reflecting on my faith and my relationship with God. I am 23 years old and in school, so luckily I can do this without sharing meals with a family etc. Also, going to try to say more rosaries. emoticon

ILOVEMALI Posts: 1,538
2/13/13 12:48 P

I'm not Catholic, but I have decided that I will stop drinking beer these 40 days. I tell my son that beer just adds calories and weight, and I need to see if I'm telling the truth! LOL --

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/13/13 12:30 P

I posted on a like message earlier. Giving up is fine and dandy, but what are you going to do for someone else. Lent is NOT just about giving up something. For example, you are going to give up soda and chocolate. Well that is a good thing for you, but what about donating the money you saved by not purchasing those items and giving back to the community or soup kitchens or something else.
Last year I gave up buying coffee at the coffee shops. Those things are usually 3 or more bucks anyway. I donated almost $50 to the church in lieu of those coffees. The money was much better spent.

2/13/13 12:14 P


LEARNINGWITHLIZ SparkPoints: (20,646)
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Posts: 891
2/13/13 11:47 A


CBLENS SparkPoints: (47,498)
Fitness Minutes: (16,557)
Posts: 1,220
2/13/13 10:08 A

Diet coke.

RICHNJEN2001 Posts: 19
2/13/13 7:44 A

I am juice fasting for today, tomorrow and Friday. I did this last year, and found it incredibly rewarding. It helps me focus my mind on what it means to really sacrifice, and puts me in touch with how my body is really feeling. Then I will fast again for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Saturday, breaking the fast with communion on Easter Sunday. Again, this was very rewarding last year for me AND my husband, and I am actually looking forward to it.

ROXIGIRL SparkPoints: (86,429)
Fitness Minutes: (164,134)
Posts: 2,406
2/13/13 2:16 A

I think i like idea of adding something new to my life rather when giving up. Its like when I think i need to follow my diet - it has opposite affect on me. I feel like i am hungry all the time. So i just eat well. It makes me feel better.

AMYLT29 SparkPoints: (2,167)
Fitness Minutes: (1,099)
Posts: 63
2/13/13 12:23 A

I already gave up sweets, fried food, most carbs, soda, alcohol, etc... so I decided to try giving up Facebook. Why not, ya know? Removed it from my phone, history, favorites, etc.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 56,753
2/12/13 10:57 P

I haven't decided yet - I am thinking of ADDING instead of giving up this year - I got some new books with daily Bible verses, meditations, and readings. I was thinking of adding something to make life more meaningful. Part of the reason I am doing the addition instead of giving up something is that when I make food, a sacrifice, a reward, or a punishment, it sends the wrong message to ME - FOOD is not that important and doing something extra or giving up a behavior that is not productive sends a better message for MY life. I do come from a tradition of giving up chocolate or candy or coffee or whatever for Lent but in my journey to a healthier lifestyle is leading me to do this. I have until tomorrow to decide and I might still end up giving up something but I have been leaning this way instead.

CDNEXPAT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 50
2/12/13 10:42 P

I'm giving up diet coke and chocolate.
I think the diet coke will be easy (I have 1-2 per week at most). I think chocolate will be hard!!

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