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12/19/12 4:55 P

The kids still living with me are getting new bikes so we can all go cycling together as their bikes are old besides i refuse to buy electronic gifts as they spend more then enough time on the internet

12/15/12 3:44 P

We always get the kids one thing off of their Santa list and that will be from Santa. Santa is a big thing in our house. The rest they may or may not get depending on budget. The main thing my older 3 wanted but I told them Santa might not be able to afford it was a trampoline. So no way there. But my oldest age 14 wanted Monster High, my son age 8 wanted Legos, my 5 year old daughter wanted Barbie and Legos, and my 21 month old, well she's a baby anything goes, but she got a kitchen and some food to go with it. We don't buy the kids video games, tv's, computers, cell phones, or any of the other electronic stuff. We still even make them read a real book. LOL! Hoping everyone has a blessed Christmas.


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12/12/12 8:04 P

Our family chooses not to give and receive gifts. All of our needs are met, so we put our money towards giving to families in need during this time of year. We feel the best way we can celebrate Christ's birth is by taking care of those less fortunate.

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12/3/12 9:04 A

My kids are 13 & 15, and both love the singer Taylor Swift. I managed to get tickets to her upcoming concert. I have a friend who has a shrink wrap machine, so I got each of them Taylor Swift themed merchandice (CD for my son, and perfume for my daughter). I am going to hide the tickets within the merchandice and tell them their large present is hidden. Should be amusing. Beyond that, I got them clothing, a board game, a video game, and some cheap movies (I love Black Friday, its usually the only time I buy movies).

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12/2/12 10:21 P

Heck, I am in my 50s and I still do the Santa thing!

My kids and their spouses have not got their wish lists to us yet.

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12/2/12 8:24 P

My son is almost 13. He is getting money, gift cards, some sports team items and xbox stuff. Pretty boring if you ask me, but it is what he want and is easy enough!

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11/28/12 6:14 P

I don't have children but Christmas was a very big thing in my family when I was growing up. I guess we were very much spoiled with huge sack of presents. It's a shame really because although I appreciate what I get now I never did. I think it's good to show children that presents don't mean everything.

When I have children I know they won't get as much as I did so they learn the values of Christmas as it means to me like family and friends.

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11/28/12 3:57 P

In our house we are sort of ambivalent about the Santa thing. Our kids do get a present from Santa and we fill their stockings and read Santa stories, but we don't actively encourage them to think that Santa is a real person.

As for what we are getting them, we keep things simple in our house. Each child (we have 2) gets a gift from mom & dad and a gift from their sibling. This year I am making each of them a tack board with their name on it to go on their bedroom door. It is my daughter's first Christmas so she will get a set of small dishes that we painted for her at a pottery place--just like her big brother got on his first Christmas. My son (who is 3) will get a hand-me-down digital camera. He loves to take pictures, but given his age, we didn't think he needed something brand new and fancy. From Santa, each child will receive 5 new story books as reading is a well-loved activity in our family.

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,157
11/22/12 6:05 A

i'm giving my 15 yr old some money to put towards the Wii U, she has been saving all year for it and is just short of the full amount so we decided to give her the cash this year, we might buy her a game as well so she has something to open on the day.

I got my 3 yr old son a few books and one of those learning laptops and a few games.

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11/21/12 11:16 P

i'm super excited for christmas this year!! my girls are finally old enough to fully grasp the idea of christmas morning and santa claus. (they're 3 and a half) and yes, we do santa stuff! we're going to bake cookies and all :) one point i'm sure to make with my girls is to allow imagination and magic in my daughters' lives.
i only have a few things lined up as far as gifts.. i haven't bought anything yet. i'm going shopping black friday so that should put a good dent in the christmas budget... hah.
one thing for sure is play doh. another is something called the ''glow crazy glow dome''... my daughter has been saying for months that she wants it. we will buy a few movies and some pjs as always. my ideas are only outlined... i like to play it by ear!

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11/20/12 9:02 A

We do the Santa thing and I live for it - in my house Santa gets them a bunch of gift for both of them and the girls don't question it and actually share pretty well. We typically get more smaller gifts since they are 4&6 and love opening but take their time, it takes all day as we let them play between presents and we pickup paper as we go so this way it stretches it all out. We have them each pick out a gift for the other as well. One of the joint gifts I got is a big barbie head for them to play beauty salon and I am looking forward to filling their stockings since that is my favorite part. I still have a bit of buying for them and likely will hit black friday this year since they will be at grandma's for the extended weekend!!

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11/19/12 12:41 P

We haven't bought their presents yet. My son (4 years old) is really into dinosaurs and animals (but he already has so many dinosaur toys, I'm running out of ideas) and my daughter (2.5 years old) likes barbies, lalaloopsy dolls, my little ponies and baby dolls. So they'll probably be something along those lines. Grandma gets the jammies. ;)

I loved Santa when I was a kid, it was so magical to believe in the fantasies surrounding Christmas. So yes, we definitely do Santa with our kids.

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11/19/12 8:56 A

So far, I've got them each their traditional pair of new pajamas-Spiderman Footies for my son(age 6, 4'4.5", size 10/12) and fleece Mini Mouse for my daughter (age 10,5' tall, in size 3/5 women's). I got a Buzz Lightyear with all the bells and whistles for my son, and a LaDeeDa doll for my daughter. That's not allll they're getting but those were the major requests.

BQ: Do you "do" the Santa thing or no? My parents never did, and we don't either.

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