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What are you getting Mom for Mother's Day?

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SparkPoints: (104,095)
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Posts: 5,039
5/13/12 9:17 A

Dinner and a Card emoticon

SparkPoints: (111,587)
Fitness Minutes: (77,118)
Posts: 9,402
5/13/12 8:52 A


Posts: 9,480
5/13/12 8:42 A

We are getting together for brunch. Mom has everything that she needs so there will be no presents.

SparkPoints: (108,827)
Fitness Minutes: (107,267)
Posts: 4,299
5/13/12 8:01 A

For my husband's Mother, a gift certificate to Macy's, for my daughter a gift certificate to her favorite clothing store. She is a good daughter inviting us for all occasions including today. My Mother passed away two years ago.

Posts: 4,529
5/13/12 7:36 A

A card, gift card for clothes and cooking steak dinner on BBQ tonight.

Posts: 980
5/13/12 7:14 A

Table place mats in bamboo.

Posts: 2,953
5/13/12 6:57 A

flowers and a card. Plus she wanted a ice cream cake. so my brothers and I are visiting her and having a little party.

Posts: 842
5/13/12 6:52 A

treating her out to dinner

Posts: 9,104
5/13/12 6:39 A

taking her to lunch

SparkPoints: (74,331)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
5/13/12 6:28 A


Posts: 2,879
5/13/12 5:44 A

Hanging basket of flowers

Posts: 4,564
5/13/12 3:09 A

A card and a bouquet of roses

SparkPoints: (55,941)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,172
5/12/12 10:55 A

I have to send A Happy Mother's Day up to heaven for my mom she was the best and I miss her dearly!!

SparkPoints: (4,298)
Fitness Minutes: (3,929)
Posts: 298
5/12/12 10:45 A

A new radio for her bathroom.

SparkPoints: (57,069)
Fitness Minutes: (34,908)
Posts: 2,323
5/12/12 10:45 A

I want to take a load of manure to my mom. I have some compost from my horse and really need to get rid of it. Mom has a bunch of bushes and trees and flowers. I think it is a good match. She loves her flowers.

SparkPoints: (11,734)
Fitness Minutes: (4,316)
Posts: 1,418
5/12/12 10:43 A

My family referred to Mother's day as a Hallmark holiday - yet we still do stuff.

However I am too busy to see Mom (doctoral program), thought I could drive down, but no time - thinking I could drive down I skipped ordering a an expensive give (twas thinking Boudins) now I am begging like heck to get a shift covered so I can get her birthday off!!!

If I get her birthday off I'll go visit and spoil her rotten, but Hallmark is losing this one.

SparkPoints: (111,587)
Fitness Minutes: (77,118)
Posts: 9,402
5/12/12 9:30 A

mom died

Posts: 5,607
5/12/12 9:07 A

Her favorite, flowers for her garden.

SparkPoints: (209,209)
Fitness Minutes: (87,096)
Posts: 11,469
5/12/12 8:30 A

A card and I'm cooking her a big fancy dinner

SparkPoints: (2,646)
Fitness Minutes: (987)
Posts: 163
5/12/12 8:07 A

A card, a gift card, and a couple of boxes of food.

Posts: 1,563
5/12/12 8:01 A

A card, a gift basket filled with things for her to pamper herself, and we are spending the day together

Posts: 145
5/12/12 7:50 A

A pair of capris in her favorite colour, a home baked, sugar free dessert and my presence for a while. I often don't have time or am too tired to spend time with her !

Posts: 2,667
5/12/12 7:44 A

an e-card
We don't live in the same Province.
Sent her a big box of yarn a little while ago, which she appreciated.

SparkPoints: (108,827)
Fitness Minutes: (107,267)
Posts: 4,299
5/12/12 5:39 A

A Macy's gift card for my Mother-in-law and a gift card to her favorite store to my daughter. My Mother died two years ago. My husband bought me gym clothes, what looks to be the biggest card from the card store and is taking me out to dinner. emoticon

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
5/12/12 1:40 A

I know she wants some flat dress shoes. I found one pair today. I'm going to see if I can find another pair tomorrow.

If I can't find another pair of shoes, I did find a really nice St. Francis yard statue.

SparkPoints: (115,561)
Fitness Minutes: (18,265)
Posts: 5,592
5/12/12 1:01 A

I actually ordered a nice little bracelet for her but it was out of stock.

I took her out to lunch instead earlier this week. I don't want to go on the actual day as it will be super crowded.

Posts: 348
5/12/12 12:48 A

A new tea kettle and a Swiffer Wet Jet. She is very practical and this is what she wanted!

SparkPoints: (30,254)
Fitness Minutes: (19,802)
Posts: 2,351
5/11/12 10:07 P


SparkPoints: (35,936)
Fitness Minutes: (66,181)
Posts: 7,159
5/11/12 9:32 P

Nothing it is just a commercial holiday to pump us for money.. Our mothers should know we love them!

SparkPoints: (26,965)
Fitness Minutes: (14,460)
Posts: 1,483
5/11/12 9:11 P

I got my mom a small status of the Virgin Mary. She is going thru a tough time right now.

SparkPoints: (13,525)
Fitness Minutes: (7,440)
Posts: 650
5/11/12 8:52 P


Posts: 4,595
5/11/12 8:48 P

I was with my Mom shopping last tuesday evening........ she wanted to look at t-shirts in Kohl's...... she picked out 2 she liked and I said give them to me and I'll pay for them and get them for you for mother's day! She liked that idea and then since I paid for those she picked out 2 other ones she wanted........ and then I bought our dinner........ we had a nice evening out just the 2 of us........

Posts: 4,296
5/11/12 6:02 P

She's 90 and lives with us, and wants to think she is contributing to the housework. Bought her a little lightweight stick vacuum.

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Posts: 5,070
5/11/12 4:29 P

Flowers for her headstone.

SparkPoints: (16,942)
Fitness Minutes: (7,182)
Posts: 620
5/11/12 2:41 P

I made my mom an appliqued wall hanging of a mermaid.


Posts: 13,511
5/11/12 1:21 P

A locket and a book I made at Shutterfly

Posts: 1,132
5/11/12 1:20 P

Money to get her hair done as she lives in WY in a nursing home.

SparkPoints: (149,213)
Fitness Minutes: (111,607)
Posts: 7,728
5/11/12 1:19 P

I sent mom a novel (Hunger Games) that is current and would not be in her exchange library. Also sent her a new type of Starbuck's coffee as she loves coffee and likes to try new things.

Posts: 9,104
5/11/12 1:14 P

Taking her to lunch Sunday

SparkPoints: (83,776)
Fitness Minutes: (26,338)
Posts: 4,926
5/11/12 12:31 P

Got her a card and a candle wrapper :) !!

SparkPoints: (71,601)
Fitness Minutes: (5,161)
Posts: 9,320
5/11/12 12:28 P

Sent flowers emoticon

Posts: 1,628
5/11/12 11:53 A

She will get a gift card. I see her first week in June so she will get it then but I haven't decided which card to give her yet.

SparkPoints: (23,418)
Fitness Minutes: (10,936)
Posts: 1,550
5/11/12 11:18 A

Macy's gift cards for mom & m-i-l emoticon

SparkPoints: (26,713)
Fitness Minutes: (9,743)
Posts: 1,028
5/11/12 11:17 A

A card

Posts: 126
5/11/12 11:12 A

My Mother lives in Oregon & I live in Texas. I have failed miserably in the past at sending something through the mail - I just never get the package to the Post Office. This year I sent flowers.

SparkPoints: (26,701)
Fitness Minutes: (13,097)
Posts: 890
5/11/12 11:04 A

My mother lives 7 hrs. away from us so I'm sending her a card with a gift certificate for hair cuts for the next three cuttings. I'll also call her on Mother's Day.

Posts: 5,007
5/11/12 10:57 A

I'm going to get her some flowers, a card and take her out to eat.

Posts: 4,820
5/11/12 10:48 A

Flowers. I had ordered flowers the same week I ordered my fiances cake for his surprise birthday party. Later that week my fiances mother passed away. So I have 2 orders of vases with cut flowers, one for my mom and one for his but I don't want to put the flowers at her grave. Not sure what I'll do with them yet.

SparkPoints: (72,010)
Fitness Minutes: (49,688)
Posts: 3,475
5/11/12 10:48 A

Framed photo of her and the new grandbaby. Also I'm taking her to NYC to the Mood fabric store because she's been talking about that for months!

SparkPoints: (74,513)
Fitness Minutes: (80,182)
Posts: 4,087
5/11/12 10:44 A

I am going to take my Mom to the beauty salon for a wash an cut. My husband and I are also going to mow her yard.

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