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What are those apricot, rolled up cookies called?

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Posts: 612
12/30/10 10:25 A

I make Kiffles that are apricot filled. I use 8 oz low fat cream cheese, 8 oz Margarine or spread 2 cups flour (can be whole wheat, multi grain etc...) and a dash of vanilla. Then I use Bakers low sugar filling. roll in balls and refrigerate. then roll out add filling and roll up. bake 7-9 min. then you can shake in powdered sugar or splenda when cooled.
Hope this helps.

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Posts: 523
12/22/10 1:51 P

yes! that's it, thank you.!!!! Now to give the recipe to DH so he can make them. (too much trouble for me !)
thanks again

Posts: 9,650
12/22/10 12:18 P

I think this might be something like what you are looking for:

Posts: 523
12/21/10 1:45 P

Further research indicates they may be called Keeflies? sp?
The recipes I've run across look pretty complicated. I think DH will need to contribute at least some effort to this project-he will need to find his mother's recipe (we have it somewhere) so that at least we know we are making the correct cookies. Thanks for all who helped.

Posts: 959
12/21/10 1:04 A

Koloches? These are kind of pinched at the top and you can see the fruit filling on either side. (And they are delicious if you've never had them!)

Posts: 1,681
12/20/10 7:24 P

Google the image? Maybe it will give you the name of the cookie you want.
click on images
type in rolled apricot cookie

I got lots of pictures but only YOU know what they look like !!

Posts: 523
12/19/10 10:03 A

I don't know, that might be it? how do you make them? what do they look like?

Posts: 11,848
12/19/10 9:37 A


Posts: 523
12/18/10 5:32 P

I am not a cook, lol. DH wants those cookies that are some kind of dough rolled up with apricot filling inside. I know what they look like, I know what they taste like, but I don't know what to call them to search for a recipe.
Can anyone help? (doesn't have to be a healthy recipe-he doesn't care)

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