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getting rid of clothes that are too big for me

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I did a very similar thing when I was forming my exercise routine habits. I used a calendar and put stars on it. Many times I did the workout just to earn a star. emoticon Your strategy sounds excellent to me.
Your 5 year old sounds adorable!

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I have posted my exercise program on the fridge so the whole family can see. I find them knowing what I want to do helps me, I don't want my children to see me take a day off just because I am tired or have a busy day. I also put an X through each workout, and somehow that X is very empowering. The last small thing is my 5 year old.....God bless her. She keeps me motivated. She gets excited to work out with mommy. She puts her exercise clothing on and does her best during the Insanity She then gets excited about telling her father later that night.

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