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6/15/12 9:43 P


If you want defined muscles, you need a thin layer of fat over the top of them only. It doesn't matter how big your muscles actually are, if they are hiden by high body fat, they just won't be defined.


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6/15/12 12:41 P

Bicep curls and pushups. You can do pushups on your knees if you can't do normal ones. Those are great exercises if you want more defined muscles. It's those more defined muscles that give you that trim look you desire.

Also I wanted to add that due to your weight it's common to have fat hanging under the arm. You won't be able to see how tone you really are until you get closer to your ideal weight.

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6/15/12 12:34 P

yoga is my choice for toning arms with planks and pushups. you really can a good workout for your upper body doing yoga 3-4 times a week.

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6/12/12 8:29 A

I lost 50 pounds a few years ago, and I had some sagging. Eventually, it went away somewhat.

If you are strength training and doing Jillian, I don't know if my advice will make any difference.

But here goes:
1, Swimming has toned my whole body, especially my arms.
2. Resistance band exercises work my muscles better than free weights. I think it is because you use a lot of little muscles pulling the band and resisting as you let the band go. A couple of resistance band DVDs that I like are:

1.10-Minute Solution Tone Trouble Zones
2. 10-Minute Solution Slim and Sculpt Pilates

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6/12/12 8:27 A

For my arms, I do push-ups, pull-ups, rows planks, shoulder lifts, tricep pull downs and curls. You can get rid of those bat-arms.

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6/12/12 7:40 A

Firstly, congrats on your progress to date.

As others have mentioned, you can't target where you lose weight from. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores.

What you can do is to continue to reduce your overall body fat through a combination of cardio, all-body strength training, and watching your intake, and some of it will naturally come off the arms.

Resting your muscles at least 48 hours between strength training sessions is important. When it comes to ST, more is not better, better is better. In fact, it is better to use a genuinely challenging weight/exercise where you can do just 4-8 reps before your muscles are fatigued, than a lighter one where you can do 12-15 reps. One problem with many so-called strength training videos (and Jillian is far from alone in this), is that they do not encourage or demonstrate genuinely challenging weight.

You can work most of the major upper body muscles through just a couple of well-chosen compound exercises - eg. pushups (whether regular, wall, modified, etc) and dumbbell rows. But who is going to buy an exercise video with just two moves. So most videos demonstrate a variety of isolation exercise that work just one muscle at a time, despite this not being particularly effective, or efficient. As long as they are genuinely challenging, a 2-3 sets of a couple of compound exercises (one pushing, one pulling), is all you need.


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6/11/12 1:46 P

You can't spot reduce fat. You have to lose the fat, your body will pick where it comes from, and that is 80% diet.

As for ST, JM is a form of ST, but, lifting heavy is more effective, imho. I will say I like her Shred it with Weights video, but all that does is increase mscular endurance. Fire up a heavy, full body routine 3 times a week with the big, compound movements at a weight that challenges you in 8-12 reps. Squats, deadlifts (or stiff legged dead lifts), bent over rows, bench and overhead/military press.

6/11/12 1:30 P

Actually, you can do A LOT to help those bat wings! While you can't "spot reduce," targeting those arm muscles will help you gain muscle and muscle tone, tightening that area overall.

Like DRAGONCHILDE said, 2-3 days of weights is plenty (any more than that and you're not giving your muscles time to recover and grow stronger). Lift heavy weights, or do bodyweight resistance exercises (triceps dips with a chair or bench, pushups). Those 5# weights Jillian Michaels tends to have in her videos are not gonna do it for you.

Check out the weight training demos here on SP - they have TONS of tricep/bicep/upper back moves.

Good luck!

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6/11/12 12:17 P

Unfortunately, there's nothing that can reduce those wings but overall weight loss. Strength training is an important part of your exercise routine, and shouldn't be neglected, but no exercise will target your arms for fat loss. This is because you can't choose where your weight will come off. Your muscles draw their energy from the bloodstream... not the surrounding fat stores.

2-3 days of training should be enough, if you're challenging yourself. I am not familiar with that video, but what kind of weights are you lifting? You should be lifting enough to fatigue your muscles is 8-12 reps. If you're "lifting light to tone" then you're wasting time and effort on something that is a myth. :)

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6/11/12 11:48 A

Started with SparkPeople on March 28th of this year and have been doing good..I have lost
29 lbs so far..I eat 1200-1500 calories a day.. Have been doing 6 days of cardio a week 40-60 min. And strength training 2-3 times a week...
I am so self conscience about my arms.. They were sagging( bat wings) before I started to lose weight and now I am starting to notice them more since I have started to lose weight..
I do the Jillian Michaels DVD's does that even count as strength training??? Should I be doing more than 2-3 days of strength training??? What are the best types of exercises for the arms???HELP emoticon

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