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12/5/13 1:21 A

I think that everyone has responded pretty good, I might add the following:
-When I really, really want something first I eat a lot of fruits and or veggies (its usual for you to have those cravings when you are hungry or when you are not hungry?) after 10 or 15 minutes if I still want it, then I have a piece with something to drink that MUST be healthy.
For example:
-If I want a piece of some Starbuck's cake, I have a piece BUT I add a soy latte without sugar, that way I keep the spike of sugar in control with the protein in the soy milk (it helps me to prevent binges).
The key is to not lose control in any moment, in the sense that its ok to give yourself a piece of something you want (the all or nothing way of thinking will not lead you to life changing options) if you never lose sight of your goal, which is healthy lifestyle.

I know is easier to say than to do, but little by little you will see changes.

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12/5/13 12:53 A

You might try really boosting up your intake of veggies (especially greens). There's reason to believe that our cravings for low-nutrient foods may be triggered by deficiency in the micronutrients provided by veggies (and fruits). Fuhrman suggests this in his Eat to Live, and my experience is consistent with that. Seems odd to keep the Oreo cravings at bay with more veggies, but it can work.

Otherwise, just consider the occasional craving/binge as a learning experience, and count it as a victory if you eat less than in previous years during an episode.

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12/4/13 9:45 P

I try to drink some water. And walk away from the craving. If it is still there after five minutes, then I would have a small piece. If it is a sugar craving, having any kind of fruit helps. Sometimes dark chocolate takes care of some cravings. I savor it by letting it melt in my mouth.

12/4/13 8:23 P

Don't keep the large box or bag or bucket of the craved food in your home, desk, etc.
If you get a craving for a candy bar or ice cream or chips---then you must make the effort and drive to the store/shop and only purchase 1 single size portion. Eat and enjoy and then return to your plan.

another strategy...whenever you have the single serving of the craved food, make it a rule to also have with it a serving of a fruit or vegetable. It is amazing how this also stops the craving, fills you up, etc.

Just some ideas
Your SP Registered Dietitian

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
12/4/13 3:50 P

If you're really craving something, have a small piece of whatever it is and move on. If you deny yourself something that you really want you'll often eat a bunch of other things trying to take your mind off of it and then end up eating that crave-able item anyway. Cut to the chase and enjoy it, just don't go overboard.

BGIRL2000 Posts: 13
12/4/13 1:37 P

I do good on my diet until I get a craving and then I blow it. Anybody got any tips on what they do to get over a craving?

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