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What are some of the causes of your weight gain?

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Posts: 5,007
12/3/12 6:40 P

being on zoloft and not paying attention to portions.

SparkPoints: (21,256)
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Posts: 900
12/3/12 6:09 P

Grad school--felt like I had no time to exercise or eat healthy (EXCUSES!!!). Glad to be done and now on my way to losing the weight I gained!

SparkPoints: (2,847)
Fitness Minutes: (1,022)
Posts: 65
12/3/12 4:19 P

For me, my youngest child is 11 months old and since I've had him, I just lost focus of working out and staying fit. Eating at odd hours and not not taking the time to take a few minutes to work out has made me gain more weight than ever. Definitely time to focus!

SparkPoints: (72,007)
Fitness Minutes: (5,221)
Posts: 9,363
12/3/12 3:43 P

It was Frappuccino's, fast food, portion size too big... and lack of exercise.

emoticon Changed that.

Posts: 1,235
12/3/12 3:30 P

"What were some of the causes that caused you to be at the weight where you decided it's time to lose weight?"

That is a good question and I don't know for sure.
After I gave birth to my dd 12 years ago I never really lost weight and started gaining.
I think a couple of things happened that caused my weight gain.
1. adopting a more sedentary lifestyle after dd was born
2. sleep deprivation & eating at odd times- dd had sleep issues for years and years which affected my sleep
3. getting older & genetics- I gained weight exactly as my parents and grandmother did as they got older

I don't feel that the amount of food or type of food was a major cause of weight gain for me.

Posts: 5,070
12/3/12 1:15 P

primarily stupidity and not paying attention to what I put in my mouth. Moving away from home and figuring now i can buy whatever i want and pay for the consequences later. Believe I am paying for them now.

Posts: 9,157
12/3/12 1:08 P

Was drinking and not caring

SparkPoints: (11,117)
Fitness Minutes: (2,227)
Posts: 1,427
12/3/12 1:04 P

I'm a compulsive eater.

SparkPoints: (97,085)
Fitness Minutes: (74,720)
Posts: 2,905
12/3/12 12:31 P

Heel spurs wherein I could not walk for 6 months without severe pain.

SparkPoints: (44,458)
Fitness Minutes: (22,236)
Posts: 1,844
12/3/12 12:17 P

I was sick for a period of time with GI issues.My hunger was triggered by this. Also I am an emotional eater . My GI issues under control now, it is much easier for me Idont crave foods a lot!!!

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
12/3/12 12:06 P

Emotional eater. Boredom and stress, in paticular. Also not being a good gauge of how bad a food really is calorie-wise. And a lack of exercise.

SparkPoints: (136,754)
Fitness Minutes: (205,580)
Posts: 20,328
12/3/12 10:44 A

I ate way too much and suffered from portion distortion. didn't understand how calorie dense some foods could be. example, did you know that one jumbo double chocolate chocolate chip muffin could have as many as 900+ calories ? When I was overweight, I'd routinely eat 1-2 jumbo muffins as a mid morning snack ! Did you know that one personal size Uno's Pizzaria pan pizza had 1,200+ calories ! So, it's no wonder I was overweight eating a jumbo muffin as a snack and a personal sized pan pizza for lunch.

And like others, when I got heavy, I got depressed about my weight which in turn caused me to eat more. vicious cycle.

SparkPoints: (21,006)
Fitness Minutes: (2,531)
Posts: 821
12/3/12 10:38 A

Daily visits to the bakery, lack of awareness regarding portion sizes, too many lunches out, eating out of boredom, complete lack of a fitness routine.

Posts: 1,003
12/3/12 9:03 A

Mosly sweets
And I'm the spitting image of my grand mother so I think genes play a part

Posts: 2,276
12/1/12 11:57 A

When I started gaining weight in my late thirties I convinced myself I could drop weight like I did in my twenties. Clearly, that did not work out for me. I eat to much and I have Hypothyroidism. A double whammy.

Online Now
SparkPoints: (56,822)
Fitness Minutes: (15,342)
Posts: 4,353
12/1/12 11:44 A

I know I'm not supposed to blame anyone else, but my husband thought I was too skinny (he's Hispanic and I'm white). He wanted some "meat" on my bones and encouraged me to overeat. I went along with it because it was easier. Now, I'm 19 lbs from goal and he wants me to stop losing weight. I'm almost there. He says I look nice. I want to fit into all my size 6's in my closet. I've only been fat for 3 years and kept all my clothes because I wasn't happy being fat. Now, I'm dieting in secret.

SparkPoints: (1,956)
Fitness Minutes: (1,299)
Posts: 16
12/1/12 11:24 A

emotional eating
sedentary lifestyle
poor food choices
eating out and eating fast food

SparkPoints: (84,632)
Fitness Minutes: (98,239)
Posts: 1,403
12/1/12 10:58 A

Eating sweets and consuming large portions at restaurants

Posts: 62
12/1/12 9:25 A

work stress

SparkPoints: (8,840)
Fitness Minutes: (4,141)
Posts: 157
11/30/12 1:13 P

Totally stress. I am a stress eater and it has been a cvery stressful year losing 3 siblings. Now I am back learning not olny to manage my food and exercise but also my stress level.

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
11/30/12 1:01 P

I love food, get very hungry and eat too much. On top of that, I have a job that is very sedentary. I am lucky not to crave sweets or ever was a soda drinker. I am trying hard to eat slower, limit my portions, and swim every day.

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Posts: 165
11/30/12 12:36 P

lack of motivation

SparkPoints: (20,947)
Fitness Minutes: (13,442)
Posts: 980
11/30/12 11:34 A

plain and simple...eating too much and no exercise

Posts: 75
11/30/12 11:32 A

no exercise + pregnancy ( i gained almost 80lbs with my first!) + way too much take out/restaurant food + skipping meals all day and then eating way too much of whatever at dinner (which was often at 10pm!)

i fell lucky that really my problems stemmed from laziness, lack of planning and lack of exercise.
all fairly easy to tackle once i made up my mind.
my heart goes out to the many struggling with bigger, more life long food issues.

SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
11/30/12 11:16 A

Very simple answer that only takes two words to explain the problem.


SparkPoints: (5,744)
Fitness Minutes: (5,444)
Posts: 208
11/30/12 11:00 A

I too was very slender in my youth. I was 5'7" and 115, till college and eating more with less exercise started to show.

Bad eating habits in my 20's, soda, too many carbs, not exercising, Birth control pills, and finally being pregnant!

My body finally stopped functioning properly, and blood sugar problems and a growing addiction to carbs had to be faced.

Exercise left me exhausted for the rest of the day, I tried everything I could think of. I lost and gained the weight back with Medifast, Vegan Juice fast, Weight Watchers,.....

Every time I lost muscle mass and gained more weight back, while swearing I wouldn't, not this time.

My closets are overflowing with clothes from a size 6 to 18.

For me, I had to give up carbs. And it has been worth it, my cravings are gone, and my blood sugar and energy levels are stable.

I have to measure my portions, and track my food and exercise--but my hope has been restored that I can beat this addiction that has darkened the last 30 years of my life.

So after TMI, (Too much information), I would have to say refined carbs, sugars, and carbs, grains, and trying to be vegan--at blood type O this just didn't work for me.

Posts: 847
11/30/12 10:58 A

over indulging in food I like was the main reason for me....

SparkPoints: (55,624)
Fitness Minutes: (27,928)
Posts: 1,995
11/30/12 10:47 A

Stress, emotional eating, not enough exercise, and side effects of medications. Blah.

Posts: 2,005
11/30/12 10:30 A

Stress and emotional eating

Posts: 1,964
11/30/12 10:29 A

Not doing regular exercise, and eating too much.

SparkPoints: (61,086)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
11/30/12 10:29 A

metabolism changes as I get older. I was a super skinny kid & teen. 5' 7" 113 lbs when I graduated HS. Mid 20s - I either had to watch what I ate or exercise more. 30s I had to do both. Once I hit 40, it was just a constant struggle.

marrying a slug. DH is not active at all. It's much easier when your SO will do things with you. I'm completely on my own. DH is supportive and encouraging, but 9 times out of 10, he will not go for a walk or to the gym with me. Which reinforces my belief that the only person responsible for me is...ME!

Posts: 4,848
11/30/12 10:11 A

I always ate healthy homecooked meals, but the portions were too big. I liked olive oil, put it on a lot of things in rather large amounts.

Emotional eating is a big one for me too.

Posts: 2,925
11/30/12 10:07 A

Sedentary job and not moving enough. I do take a 30 min dog walk a day.

Posts: 356
11/30/12 9:51 A

I love the taste of food...the flavor, the texture, the smell. I love creamy sauces and cheesy things...Mexican is my favorite. And, I love a good bottle of wine. Although, when I started losing the weight I wasn't eating at all. I was going through a divorce and the thought of food made me sick. Once the fog started lifting I started eating again but only one meal a day and started gaining back the weight. As I said, I love food. I decided that since I lost that 30lbs that I should just keep going. I still love the taste of food and miss my creamy sauces and cheese but it's been totally worth it.

Posts: 315
11/30/12 7:47 A

my clothes don't fit right

Posts: 2,667
11/30/12 7:47 A

mindless eating
joining others in eating a snack at night (not fruit or yogurt)

lots of "empty" carbs

Posts: 63
11/30/12 7:46 A

Too much exercise on the arms..lifting of food and hands to mouth.

Posts: 54
11/30/12 7:38 A

Simply overeating and being a couch potato.

Keeping a food journal and keeping between 1200-1500 calories per day now, and walking/exercising 30-60 minutes per day is what is taking the weight off.

I remember when I lost my original 40 pounds back in '03 and my customers at work would ask how I was doing it, I said simply "less food in mouth and more exercise." emoticon

Posts: 3,026
11/30/12 6:50 A

I quit smoking!

SparkPoints: (150,085)
Fitness Minutes: (112,048)
Posts: 7,770
11/30/12 6:43 A

My mother overfed me as a child. My parents were both overweight and very bad role models on how to eat. Portions in my home growing up were ridiculous and butter/margarine was on almost everything. I thought a package of Oreos wasn't big enough to serve 4 people.

As an adult I failed over and over again to lose weight. If I did succeed, I very quickly gained it back. SparkPeople was the first place I ever saw a food plan for maintenance. It really helped me.

Posts: 1,560
11/30/12 5:07 A

boredom, stress, emotional eating

SparkPoints: (92,278)
Fitness Minutes: (62,132)
Posts: 16,628
11/30/12 3:50 A

eating and sitting around

SparkPoints: (28,400)
Fitness Minutes: (16,674)
Posts: 986
11/30/12 3:41 A

I like all foods!
Lack of motivation

SparkPoints: (133,475)
Fitness Minutes: (85,626)
Posts: 6,728
11/30/12 1:34 A

mindless eating
taking care of others but not myself

Posts: 6,041
11/30/12 12:41 A

I ate to cover up the pain of a rotten marriage and an abusive childhood.

Posts: 5,844
11/30/12 12:10 A

Main reasons.................... LYME AND FIBROMYALGIA!!!!!!!!!!!

SparkPoints: (264,470)
Fitness Minutes: (184,936)
Posts: 20,065
11/29/12 11:45 P

Allowing temptations get the beet of me.
Falling back into old habits.
Inconstant with exercise from time to time.

Posts: 15,891
11/29/12 11:09 P

I eat too much.
Yes, it is that simple.

SparkPoints: (44,861)
Fitness Minutes: (32,013)
Posts: 3,624
11/29/12 10:56 P

My biggest problem has always been that I truly enjoy eating -- the taste, smell, and feel of food.

And I don't enjoy exercise.

SparkPoints: (8,073)
Fitness Minutes: (1,253)
Posts: 1,498
11/29/12 10:31 P

What were some of the causes that caused you to be at the weight were you decided it's time to lose weight?

For me it would be bad food choices, a sweet tooth, poor planning, overeating on vacations (that triggered me to tatoally stop weighing and tracking) and only eating 1 big meal once a day or twice a day.

I think by me examining what brought me here, it helps me avoid going backwards. I know I need to track, weigh weekly and plan ahead. Also, I can't eat once a day, it leaves my super hungry and then I overindulge.

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