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5/7/14 10:13 P


I agree with taking small steps in making small changes as well as checking with your doctor to make sure the leg pain is not medical. You could also try water aerobics as well which is low impact on the joints.

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5/7/14 9:51 P

I agree with Jackie. The seated exercises are a great start. Have you seen a doctor to make sure the pain is simply due to your weight or if there is another issue you need to address?

Take this in baby steps every day. A few minutes each day, an extra piece of fruit each day, and extra glass of water ache day. When that feels comfortable, start adding on.

Don't overthink it or stress about numbers on a scale. Focus on healthy changes each day. If you have an off day, start over.

I keep this quote on my bulletin board over my desk at work... "This time next year, you will wish you had started today!" By Karen Lamb

Don't give up on yourself!

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5/7/14 9:28 P

Hello and Welcome!
You mention that your legs bother you so I would suggest maybe trying the chair exercise videos here on SP.

As you build up strength you can add other exercises.
Just take it one day/ one step at a time.

You can do it!

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I'm 4'6 and 235 pounds and can't even walk a block without my legs shaking, trembling and threatening to give out. I'd love to think about going out without trepidation over how much it's going to hurt. I'd love even more to be able to walk for hours without thinking about it. I've tried exercising before, and I don't get out of breath. It's my legs that are holding me back.

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