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10/3/12 5:28 P

Like CMCOLE said, it's possible that your body composition is changing, especially since your clothes are still fitting. If you're lifting weights or doing weight bearing activities you could be gaining muscle. Do you really feel fatter or do you just feel heavier because the scale is telling you that you are? Sometimes it can play tricks with our minds... emoticon

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10/3/12 3:30 P

my scale remains the same, but my chiropractor and massage therapist think I'm slimming, so it could also be similar for you - you may be developing muscle, losing fat, and the scale remains the same. I say this partly because you've said the clothing still fits.

While I also agree with the other analysis; that's something else to consider

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10/3/12 3:18 P

Thank you both! Just reset my Spark page with new goals, current weight, exercise program, etc. Just went through my nutrition log and noticed my fat intake is too high. Wish me luck! Here's to not giving up.

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10/3/12 1:57 P

I'm with Dropcone. Reset your Spark program. Input your current information (weight, goal weight and date, how much you're going to exercise, etc.) and see what calorie range it gives you. You might not have adjusted when you started losing, and you weren't eating in the right range.

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10/3/12 1:06 P

Did you ever record your weight loss on Sparkpeople? I ask because as you lose weight & become more active, your calorie needs change, and when you record your weight loss the Sparkpeople program will automatically adjust your calorie goals in your nutrition tracker.

One thing that works for me when I get stalled is to get really nitpicky about measuring my food when tracking. I tend to "eyeball big" - what I think is a cup by eyeballing is really more like 1.5 cups. Since I just can't seem to learn how to eyeball, I measure.

Another thing that works is to pay more attention to the carb/fat/protein balance. I tend to hang on to weight when I go overboard on carbs and not have enough protein and healthy fats.

You can do it!

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10/3/12 11:50 A

When I first started Sparkpeople in May 2011, I lost 20 lbs. I've gained every bit of it back! I track my food, I exercise 4 days a week (cardio and strength training) so I'm not sure what's going on with my body. My clothes still fit the same but I feel heavier. This week I'm trying to shock my body back into losing weight by doing 3 minute intervals (running and walking). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I feel like I'm going backwards. Help! emoticon

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