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Sodium levels are a good point I haven't thought about. I was definitely eating out a lot over the summer, about once or twice a week and since being back at college I've basically made all my own food except for a wrap at Arby's after church. I don't aim to eat low sodium, but eating whole foods results in that. I do add a little salt to my food occasionally, but really not much. Recently I've started using a little lite salt more as a potassium supllement (since it's half sodium, half potatssium) and I've had dehydration problems in the past even when , or probably because, I was drinking so much water.

Guess all I can do is keep at it and hope for the best. I'm feeling great, just wish the scale and the over tightness of my jeans would start to agree

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Just a W.A.G. here, but where are your sodium levels sitting?

If I recall correctly, you were in a position of eating in restaurants a lot this summer, which would get your body used to higher sodium levels. I'm not seeing a ton of high-sodium foods on your tracker now that you're back to your usual eating pattern.

My body tends to seriously hold on to weight for a few weeks when I drop from higher sodium to lower sodium. I couldn't give you any rational explanation for it but I'm guessing that it takes a while for my body to readjust things to maintain proper sodium / potassium levels when I have a drastic change in intake, so it just holds on to a ridiculous amount of water until it gets it all back in to line again. If I make the mistake of getting dehydrated at any point, then it's pretty much guaranteed that I'll put on a pound or two.

Now, I suffer from low blood pressure, and a lot of these effects are a part of that. It might be worth checking in with your doc to see if you have any issues in that area. I'd say that a blood test with full electrolyte panel might be in order, too.

You might find that increasing your sodium intake (I know - weird suggestion on here!) to be at least 2300mg (more if you are sweating a lot) might be enough for your body to be able to maintain proper sodium / potassium levels without holding on to a lot of water and without becoming dehydrated.

Nice to see you back posting, and hope you figure out what you need to tweak to continue with your success!

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@Athena- Nope, never been a low carber. I just lower the carbs because that's one of the easiest ways to cut the calories.

@Becky- With the new spark stuff, I have my calories set at 1300-1500 and then I earn back half of what I figure I burn for cardio. So most days my calorie goal is between 1500-1800. I have been doing this for two weeks and in that time I've gained about two pounds which is why I'm confused. I know all about water weight and swings, but I have yet to post a day that was less than the day before.

Maybe I should reset my ticker since I've unfortunately slid out of maintenance. I was a lean and healthy 155. Right now just want to get back to 160. Currently sitting at about 175 and it's not pretty. So yeah, I do definitely have fat to lose. Thought there'd be plenty for it to burn until I got back to at least 165.

I have had bad food anxiety and binging problems (as LGREGG07 has mentioned), even as recent as 3 weeks ago. But honestly these past two weeks I have felt better than I really ever have mentally, even when I was at my ideal weight (or below it when cutting) I'm fine with how much I'm eating. Barely getting hungry and when I do I'm not letting it bother me that I'm grabbing a snack I didn't plan on. Even with those I'm normally able to stay around 1700 cals. I'm just at a loss why I'm gaining. I'm always eating at the very least 1500 cals a day except on the rare occasion where I don't work out at all, and just wake up, go to classes, go home, and go to bed.

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I think that you're not eating enough. You dont have a lot of weight (if any) to lose. Yes, you might have fat you want to get rid of, but don't get so caught up in the number. I know what you are feeling because I have been there. I had it in my mind for that I could eat no more than 1200 calories in order to lose weight. I thought that the higher my calorie deficit the better chance I had to lose weight. All that did for me was stress me out over every calorie eaten and calorie burned. I developed BED and severe food anxiety. I wanted to have the body of a fitness competitor, but I was terrified to eat, thinking that because I was short (5'2) I wasn't able to eat.

However, this summer I decided that if I really wanted to have the muscles and lower BF % that I truly wanted, I was going to have to SEVERELY change my ways. It took a while for me to feel comfortable with it, but I am now trying to eat 1,400-1,600 calories a day. I know that I train harder than a sedentary woman and that I need to accurately fuel my body. And guess what? I started out this summer (well, in july when I got back into being serious with working out and eating better) at 125-126 #. As of yesterday I weighed in at about 121#. Not a huge drop on the scale, however my pants are looser, I'm seeing more definition in my arms and back, and overall I feel SO MUCH HAPPIER. My workouts are stronger (I've upped my weights) and I am starting to actually run.

I know that it's tough to get past that mental block of eating more, but once you do, I think you'll notice that the urges to binge or crave things you "can't" eat slowly go away. Another thing that helped me was the website If it Fits Your Macros ( There you can look at how many cals you should eat a day, along with the number of protein, carbs, and fat you should be getting based on your goals (fat loss, maintenance, or bulking). I recommend giving it a try.

I KNOW that you can do this. You know that you can do this. You just got to get out of your head about it. Eating right and working out takes a lot of sacrifice in college, but if you really want it, you'll find anyway to make it happen. Keep up the good work and you'll see progress soon!

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9/11/13 4:08 P

maybe i am missing something, but you said you're only inputting half the calories you burn? because right there that seems off unless you're accounting for the other half somewhere else and didn't mention it.
also, was part of your slacking off and gaining weight not working out? because if you just restated working out, it might be that you workouts are just making you retain more water while your body adjusts.
have you had your bodyfat measured recently? your ticker shows 25lbs up or down from where you are, and 25lbs is the kind of number where you already being at a pretty good bodyfat percentage is a reasonable issue. in other words, you may not be losing because you don't have much, if any, to lose.

9/11/13 4:01 P

So what is your goal? 1500-1700 calorie daily??

Have you followed this for 2 weeks?

what was your weight loss during those 2 weeks?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/11/13 3:52 P

It seems like your tracker is consistent with Spark guidelines. I asked about your strategy because for some reason I thought your diet had been low carb before. Sorry I don't have a good suggestion. I bet Becky will be able to give some insight.

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Same one I'm using now. Keeping the calories in check while making sure I get plenty of protein and eating whole foods. I was working out a bit more back then, don't have time for as much (back at college now) so I just lowered the calories a little bit vs. what I did last time. I'm still lifting 4 days a week and getting 2-3 light cardio sessions in each week so I should still be ok

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9/11/13 3:29 P


What strategy did you use to lose the weight initially?


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9/11/13 3:12 P

I'm really not sure. I've gotten back and am determined to lose the weight I gained during a bad part of the summer, but cannot figure out why I'm not only not losing weight, but it seems to be going up the past week and a half? The only loss I recorded was the morning after I worked out late in the evening so I know I was a bit dehydrated in the morning and so I was just missing a couple pounds of water weight.

My trackers are public if anyone would care to take a peek and let me know what they think. Also note that I count cardio burned as only half to use the new feature of spark that adjusts calorie ranges according to work outs. Feel free to go back a couple weeks. I've seriously been good for two straight and have nothing to show for it which is very discouraging.

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