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3/1/13 11:42 P

Nothing burns calories as much as exercise unless it's major housework, etc.

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3/1/13 10:39 P

In coming up with a recommended intake, Spark (as well as many other online calculators) already includes an allowance of 20% in addition to your BMR for typical daily non-exercise activities.

So to then include thse as exercise would be double-counting, and this might hurt your weight loss efforts.

However, heavy cleaning does have many of the characteristics of cardio (sustained rythmic movement of major muscle groups), and over a sustained period would burn more calories than the allowance mentioned above.

If this really is significantly above and beyond what you normally do, then you may want to give some thought to tracking it.

Be aware also that such calculators assume continuous activity. So while a task might have taken 30 minutes, by the time you got out the cleaning materials, rinsed it off, put the materials away, etc, there might only have been 15 minutes of 'active' heavy scrubbing. You should definitely be conservative in your time estimates.

Also, be aware that the standard convention in tracking exercise calories is to include the underlying metabolism calories as well, which is already accounted for in Spark. For 30 minutes of exercise, this is a pretty small double count. But if you start logging say, 4 hours of cleaning, the double count starts to become significant. As a rough guide, you would probably want to knock 60 calories per hour off the reported figures.


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You can find those activities in the Fitness Tracker in the Cardio section. Keep in mind that while those activities are listed, SparkPeople already calculates calories burned through daily activities as part of your calorie range, so you'll want to use those only if you are really going above and beyond what you normally do.

While you are burning more calories doing the activities that you listed versus sitting on the couch, know that SparkPeople uses an active daily living multiplier to account for these types of activities therefore if you elect to track them in your cardio fitness tracker you may be getting double credit. In doing so, you may be hyperinflating your calories burn goal which may cause an increase in your calorie range which over time may slow your weight loss progress.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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3/1/13 10:19 P

My exercise often involves activities not listed. (i.e. walking in deep snow, heavy housecleaning, shoveling snow, etc). I found a calorie tracker site and have been basing my calories burned by a person weighing 150lbs. I weigh 134. Is there that much of a difference in the way I am counting calories burned? Right now it is not possible to make the gym part of my routine because I have to focus on cleaning out my apt. to move soon and I only have so much energy each day. I also have a cold right now and do not want to overdo it. I am getting 10-12 hours of sleep as I no longer work. My calories burned are way over my goals on some weeks, I am not able to get out every day and walk like I was and am steering clear of the gym until I get rid of this cold.

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