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7/8/13 12:41 A

My Vote is you deserve the "extra credit" !! emoticon

I'm surprised you didnt' notice it dragging really funny though! I think I will get back in the practice of that "walk around" before I take off and ride....! Take care, and Happy Cycling!!

(PS: at 62, I can relate!! I was in my lowest gear on one hill today...but I DID manage to make it!)

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7/7/13 10:52 P

My SO and I went on 7.5 mile bike ride which took nearly an hour. I couldn't keep up, wound up walking up a lot of hills that I never had walked up before, and was out of breath most of the time. Only to discover when we got home that the front brake was halfway on (rubbing on the front wheel). No wonder the granny gears weren't even helpful. What a workout. I felt every year of my 61 years.

It was also 80 degrees out and sunny. We rarely rode in the shade. Can I have double credit for exercising today?

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