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So far so good on money, Jibbie Nice to hear from other "Sprakers" and I hope you have a bright shiny new day!

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I'm 63 and know a number of people I went to school with who are now widows: Kathy, Mary Lou, Carolyn (Danny died 3 yrs. ago), Cheryl, Jane (George died 4 yrs. ago), etc. But, I don't know any of them who are taking care of elderly parents. I do know a number of parents who have gone to the nursing home. My father died when I was 25 (my mother died when I was a senior in high school) so I didn't have to bother with them.
I do hope your husband had a lot of insurance so you don't have money problems now. Carolyn's husband had a lot of insurance & they'd just built a new house, which had mortgage life-insurance so it's paid for now. Danny planned really well.

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8/9/13 12:39 A

61 years old, a widow, living with and caring for a 93 year old widower father. This is not where I expected to be, but life is good and slowly getting better all the time. Anyone else out there in a similar situation? How do you keep everything going?

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