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MIFITNOW Posts: 2,658
3/26/14 4:13 P

realizing how much weight I had gained since married

LAURADGALLAGHER SparkPoints: (1,039)
Fitness Minutes: (3,709)
Posts: 12
3/26/14 1:06 P

I literally woke up one morning and thought, "I need to get healthy". And that day was the beginning of a whole new me.

307MOMMA Posts: 704
3/26/14 9:22 A

Watching my father, who is extremely overweight, at the age of 70 and his struggles. I don't want to be like that when I'm old and I don't want my kids to see me that way and worry about me or possibly be angry at me because of my selfishness.

ILOVEFOOD590 SparkPoints: (6,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,633)
Posts: 208
4/3/13 4:27 P

health issues in my immediate family.

SUGAR0814 Posts: 5,469
4/3/13 4:00 P

Health issues and finding out I weighed more than my hubby.

SNP_27 SparkPoints: (127,190)
Fitness Minutes: (5,654)
Posts: 505
4/3/13 3:58 P

after the appointment with my doctor and negative comments from my uncle and her daughter.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,365
4/3/13 3:14 P

OMG .....3X

HEYITSJUDED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,175
4/3/13 1:19 P

when I was going to have to buy size 18

NWLIFESRC Posts: 9,316
4/3/13 1:18 P

A drive home one night from work and the steering wheel on my truck pushing on my stomach

KEELY128 SparkPoints: (380,662)
Fitness Minutes: (294,035)
Posts: 5,942
4/3/13 12:42 P

Just the fact that I kept having to buy larger clothes and I looked horrible in picture of myself with my family

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,180
4/3/13 12:41 P

Oh, where to start...climbing ominous blood numbers, no energy, hitting 240 pounds, getting to a Size 20 and then that feeling tight, looking horrible in pictures, etc.

ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (155,219)
Fitness Minutes: (152,884)
Posts: 7,220
4/3/13 12:35 P

The sad girl in the mirror who hides in the back row to avoid the full body camera shots and is filled with shame and guilt when she sees her image. Inside, she is so much more!

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
4/3/13 12:33 P

Heart issues and diabetes. Labs were out of sight and I knew that I was living on borrowed time.

PENNYSAVER2 SparkPoints: (144,020)
Fitness Minutes: (42,788)
Posts: 6,329
4/3/13 11:46 A

Health issues

TIG123GER SparkPoints: (77,547)
Fitness Minutes: (17,448)
Posts: 2,116
4/3/13 10:11 A

Being diagnosed with diabetes and being put on medication with the threat that it could lead to more severe health problems and insulin shots someday.

PEABODY69 Posts: 317
4/2/13 9:47 P

seeing myself in the mirror and my father dying

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
4/2/13 9:45 P

Physical pain and lousy blood tests...

MOM22REDS SparkPoints: (18,747)
Fitness Minutes: (14,110)
Posts: 135
4/2/13 9:45 P

It was a combination of triggers for me.

1. Back pain from scoliosis and being told surgery/recovery would be much better if I could go into it with less weight.

2. Not liking the me I see in the mirror - one day I realized we did not have a single full length mirror in the house!

3. Steadily ominous labwork reports.

GLOW8211 SparkPoints: (69,786)
Fitness Minutes: (34,451)
Posts: 6,433
4/2/13 8:26 P


4/2/13 8:19 P

A planned trip to Disneyland with Grandkids - wanting to fit in rides and walk all day. It will be their first trip ever and I want to be part of it

RAMBLINROSE123 Posts: 75
4/2/13 7:57 P

last year I weighed myself about every month or so and the scale kept going up and up, I got to 176 at the end of the year and decided to cling on to making a new years resolution to get fit and active. I did not feel comfy in my own clothes or skin, and that was the tipping point. Now that I have lost a bit more than 20 lbs. I feel so much better and I am never going back to being overweight.

JUBILANT_SLEEP SparkPoints: (6,507)
Fitness Minutes: (4,106)
Posts: 239
4/2/13 7:27 P

Noticing I couldn't fit my dress pants without sucking in my gut.

SUPERKM234 SparkPoints: (3,190)
Fitness Minutes: (1,418)
Posts: 24
4/2/13 7:27 P

Seeing pictures of myself and hating it.

SOONERSINGER7 SparkPoints: (6,708)
Fitness Minutes: (6,851)
Posts: 145
4/2/13 7:05 P

Putting on my running shorts and finding, to my horror, that they didn't fit!

BREN2013 Posts: 13
4/2/13 6:41 P

I have been very uncomfortable with my weight for a few years. A few weeks ago when I stepped on the scale and saw it over 180 lbs, that was my wake up call. In addition, I do not know the person I see in photos anymore. It is like someone else took over my former slim self. Each year I put on more and more weight and it has to stop.

I have physical problems such as rheumatoid arthritus and fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and a few other health issues which will benefit from weight loss as well.

I already have a weight loss of 8 lbs so I'm pleased with my progress. I just started to add a little exercise into my day today. I have a strong addiction to sugar, especially candy.

Edited by: BREN2013 at: 4/2/2013 (18:49)
GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (289,010)
Fitness Minutes: (168,892)
Posts: 2,120
4/2/13 5:24 P

A picture.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
4/2/13 4:57 P

I got tired of people telling me how BIG my butt was. For me, it's a fine line between a size 14 and a size 12. I don't know why, but if I fit into a size 12, people tell me how good I look, and at a size 14, they tell me I have a grande bootie. Go figure. I would probably freak them out if I got down to a size 6! LOL!

MICHELLE2343 Posts: 714
4/2/13 4:48 P

Looking at pictues of myself and realizing how overweight I was becoming and knew that if I didn't do something now I would continue to get bigger. I was depressed and not happy about myself.

4/2/13 4:42 P

getting engaged

DACHI9 SparkPoints: (7,051)
Fitness Minutes: (1,081)
Posts: 386
4/2/13 4:31 P

Mine was being told by the orthopaedist that if I wanted to avoid a knee replace sooner than later, because I have osteoarthritis , I had to lose weight. Didn't won't any operation!

STEPH057 Posts: 252
4/2/13 3:33 P

I gained about 45lbs after my divorce and have been carrying it for about 3.5 years. After Christmas this year, I saw myself in pictures and realized my clothes were all getting tight again. I just couldn't take it anymore. Wishing the weight away obviously wasn't working. I know only I have the power to change things, and I decided I was finally ready to make it happen.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
4/2/13 1:28 P

When I was lying on the beach in a bikini and my husband's childhood friend walked up (unexpectedly) with his gorgeous slim wife. I felt so embarrassed on my husband's behalf. I just wanted to crawl into the sand and disappear. He would never be ashamed to be married to me, but I felt like he really ought to be. The next day I came back to SP, joined a gym, and cut my calorie intake in half. 33 lbs lost and still going strong!

JULIACOLLINS62 Posts: 1,704
4/1/13 10:34 P

50th birthday

ADIOSALL Posts: 5,197
4/1/13 10:33 P

When my hubs told me I looked good with my clothes ON.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
4/1/13 10:17 P

I hit 200 pounds and was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. I really did not want to go on meds ... so I asked my doctor for 3 months to try diet and exercise. That was 5.5 years ago and I still take no meds for my diabetes. I am 48 pounds lighter and in the best physical shape of my adult life at 58 years old.

I hope to lose another 25 pounds or so ... but I am OK if that happens gradually over the next year or two. I want to be in the "healthy" range before my 60th birthday in 2 years.

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
4/1/13 4:30 P

Going to try on cloths and everytime I had to get a bigger size, and looking in the mirror everyday!

AMALLECO SparkPoints: (11,422)
Fitness Minutes: (2,168)
Posts: 746
4/1/13 2:05 P

trying on a halloween costume emoticon

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
4/1/13 2:03 P

I was over 300lbs again, and I just-did not want to be anymore. I don't want to just exist, but I want to LIVE, and make my life count. Kinda hard to do when you can't go for a simple walk without your knees and feet screaming at you to sit down, or if you get winded going up one flight of stairs. I still kept my house clean, and I managed to hang on to some of the muscle tone from when I lost weight in 2006-2007, but that was about ALL the activity that I was getting. Then, in the summer when my dogs had puppies, I was getting more activity (duh...puppies), I started dropping some weight. A doctor's visit in November-with my weight still over 300lbs, I had enough, and started to get back to sparking, tracking my food and activity more often than not, becoming a mindful eater more often than not.
Watching a few documentaries on Netflix inspired me to adopt a plant-based diet, too. So far, so good.

FINDINGJULIE SparkPoints: (1,432)
Fitness Minutes: (517)
Posts: 11
4/1/13 2:02 P

You are all so inspirational !! I don't know what triggered it, but I'm glad it did. I've obviously wanted to loose weight after I had my last child but never put that as a priority. All my family has health issues and "knock on wood" I've yet to be touched by any of it. I haven't liked the way I looked in clothes, sleeping poorly, low energy.. I could go on. But none of that was the actual trigger, none of that made me want to change.

It was like I woke up one day and my whole outlook had changed. I didn't see it as a mountain to climb anymore but a goal to be reached. I got in the car and went to the grocery store and bought all the healthy things I used to love to eat, spent time looking at the calories... I think I spent a good hour and a half in the grocery store that day.

And that is how it started.

HAWTLIKEME SparkPoints: (21,813)
Fitness Minutes: (21,732)
Posts: 905
4/1/13 1:41 P

I had been disgusted with myself for a long time and so many factors contributed to WANTING to do something about it, but what finally sparked my committment to actually DOING it this time and following it all the way through was pain. I had gotten so accustomed to having fierce acid reflux every single moment of every single day but I had actually done some damage to my esophagus with all the constant acid which was caused by both my poor food choices and my ever-swelling belly fat. One day I got a peice of meat stuck and it wouldn't come back up or go down for what felt like forever. It was embarrassing, demoralizing and really frightening. I'll never forget that day as it was the day I vowed to change my life for the rest of my life. That was at a Christmas gathering and I promised myself that I would do something (I had no idea how or what) about it in the new year.

In 2010 my life changed. I've lost 73 pounds, will never be the same again and refuse to go back there EVER.

WENDY0210 Posts: 17
4/1/13 1:27 P

I was sick of doctors not listening to me when I was telling them something was wrong, that I wasn't just fat and lazy. After not being listened to one too many times, I started doing my own research and realized it was all the medications upon medications they'd kept prescribing that packed the weight on. I thank God for my nurse friends and the one doctor who actually listened to me and supported me on stopping the meds. It was done slowly and safely, and it's taken over 4 years but I'm now down over 90 pounds (the meds packed on 50 (and an additional one maybe another 20)); the rest was generally not eating the right foods and not exercising like I should.

It's been a long, emotional road, but I'm now much more vocal in my healthcare and am learning to appreciate my body for how it can heal instead of hating it for how it now looks. I don't look like I did when I was last this weight and really wish the healthcare system would pay to fix a few areas, but I'm much more healthy and happy now.

It's a struggle every day though; I still don't see what others do and I struggle to think that yes, I may actually look pretty. Ugh.

Edited by: WENDY0210 at: 4/1/2013 (13:28)
ERINTFG SparkPoints: (45,448)
Fitness Minutes: (23,467)
Posts: 563
3/31/13 11:10 P

something just kind of clicked. I was sick of being fat and unhealthy.

3/31/13 10:54 P

I hit my outer limit of weight gain & did not want to invest in clothes one size larger. I wasn't sure I would be successful because I turned 50 this past summer and was convinced that my metabolism slowed way down overnight!

Fifteen pounds lost so far - would like to lose another five to see if I can do it. However, not a dealbreaker if I maintain at current weight.

Also, have a family wedding coming up and was so disappointed by the way I looked in photos from the last family wedding - dowdy & middle aged. Just ordered a dress that is more form-fitting than I'm accustomed to, and I hope I rock it! emoticon

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 2,350
3/31/13 10:30 P

As I mentioned on my spark page, the final straw was seeing a photo of myself at my sons 2nd birthday reaching over him for a slice of cake. Looked like I was suffocating the little guy!! Most embarrassing of all was that my backside had literally taken up the whole photo!! Thinking back I was a humorous moment but I was sick of it; being the fat girl, shying away from family photos, always living in the background. I had always complained about my weight and yet I seemed to get bigger and bigger. I am pretty sure I was up to size 18/20 but was in denial. I started slow and definitely asked God for help cos I just couldn't do it on my own (had tried and failed many times) and here I am almost 60lbs later with about 35 to go.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/31/13 10:14 P

mine was when I looked in the mirror and did not like what I saw. I was fat....miserable and unhappy........I could not stand myself. I hated what I had become. It took all the effort I had to bend over to tie my shoes. I could not walk up 4 steps without being winded. Size 16's were not fitting any more. I knew that I was the only one who could change this........So I asked God for help..............And now here I am.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (545,632)
Fitness Minutes: (219,921)
Posts: 29,941
3/31/13 8:01 P

I have had a few moments that should have been my wake up the time I was having an ultrasound and the woman had to ask me to hold my fat roll in order to get a better picture. Or when I found my "fat" clothes started feeling snug. Or when the dr started talking about me having gastric bypass. I think what finally kicked me in the butt was when I was struggling to exercise and was constantly out of breath. Not feeling well and looking even worse made me get more serious about losing the weight.

IVYLASS SparkPoints: (220,815)
Fitness Minutes: (81,712)
Posts: 7,169
3/31/13 7:11 P

I was tired of being stuck where I was.

JOYFUL452003 SparkPoints: (64,779)
Fitness Minutes: (58,881)
Posts: 920
3/31/13 6:59 P

a scare of pre diabetes at my last doctor visit.

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,845
3/31/13 5:58 P

My husband and I went to do some shopping and I could only walk from the car to just inside the store. I thought my heart was going to fall out. I sat down and my husband went and ran the errands. I could have died from embarrassment. From then to now I have made a complete change. I am on my way to being healthy again.

MAISIE31 Posts: 56
3/31/13 5:37 P

What was your weight loss trigger? Mine was simply sitting in the car a year ago waiting for my teenager to finish her final school exam. It hit me she would be going to University and likely the younger would follow in 3 years....I then thought that my husband ( who has always been trim and fit) and I would have less in common and if I didn't do something about my weight....We have our 25th wedding anniversary next year, I am 100 Lbs down with around 30Lbs to go....... I have no idea why this was so powerful after 18 years of being so overweight..... I started that very day....
What about you all....what started you???

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