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6/25/11 12:20 P

Sat down with a young teenage girl and used my education to have a quiet talk about getting to the chemist and purchasing the day efter pill.. She was terrified of telling her mother, she and her boyfriend my son used a condom that broke..

No point yelling at them or trying to tell them bad move- they are both 18 years old and adults plus the other young people are still visiting so why cause a huge scene? Both appreciated I didn't loss my temper, I have been young once and wish my sister came to me instead of being a mom at 16 years of age..

I want my teenagers to come to me with their problems, no matter how bad they are I believe together we can avoid grief of worse happening keeping the doors of communication open wide..

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6/24/11 12:14 P

PHoned a good friend

PATSYJO46 Posts: 1,178
6/24/11 12:08 P

Breakfast with my sweet granddaughter.

SWEETSUGAR7 Posts: 2,450
6/23/11 6:51 P

Made sure I answered call coming in with a smile. Even though I am not feeling that awesome.

I took care of my co worker peeps with orders that came in today

Listened to my teenager as long as he needed his mom today

Kept smiling and made other smile

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
6/23/11 6:09 P

I told the receptionist in my dentist's office that she had ink on her face. She said others had looked at her funny but no one said anything. Made me glad I told her.

PATSYJO46 Posts: 1,178
6/23/11 1:20 P

Babysitting for my grandchildren today (4). I cleaned the kitchen daughter will be surprised and thrilled when she returns this evening.

6/23/11 1:18 P

High winds knocked down tree limbs. I stopped with a couple other drivers and we were able to move a large limb to the side of the road --- out of the way. A good warm up as I was heading to Zumba.

MRSJERRYBUSH Posts: 10,489
5/18/11 10:20 A

I checked into this thread for ideas--and found some! Liked leaving coupons and penny dropping! Will check back later...

SMILEYBEE SparkPoints: (70,844)
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5/18/11 9:10 A

Seeing this early in the day will inspire me to look for random acts of kindness I can do throughout the day ... thus far, I got up early enough to take the dog for a walk before I head out on a road trip.

5/18/11 8:50 A

My daughter was running late this morning so I set out the items she uses in putting together her lunch. OK --- I set out the healthy items. Will be interesting to see if she missed the chips (I set out pretzels).

ASHLEE624 SparkPoints: (34,859)
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5/7/11 8:40 A

Yesterday, while at the grocery store, I had some extra coupons. SO, I placed them on the shelves next to the products they are good for. I figured someone will be really happy because they can save a little money.

5/7/11 7:51 A

Volunteered to have the 'taco bar' pot luck at our house ahead of the junior prom. What was I thinking? emoticon emoticon

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
5/6/11 3:47 P


DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (63,576)
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5/6/11 2:54 P

Began making arrangements for one of my nieces to go to the prom.

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AMARAN Posts: 424
5/5/11 9:23 A

My daughter mentioned she was cold when she woke up. So I made Cream of Wheat for breakfast to help warm her up.

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5/5/11 8:59 A


That is really interesting. For the past 3 1/2 years when I run whenever I see a coin during my run I pick it up and add it to my coin collection. To date I have over $82. At the end of the year I take the total earned to date and donate it to a charity...who knew???

THANKS FOR SHARING! I will never look at picking up a penny the same way! emoticon


5/5/11 7:42 A

In a book I was reading the other night one of the characters confesses to "penny dropping". She would take the pennies received as change and walk around the parking lot a bit dropping them for others to later find joy.

I gave it a try and got in a bit of exercise and hopefully brought a smile (and maybe a bit of luck) to a few "finders". emoticon

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