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12/21/12 11:24 A

Tracking calorie opened my eyes to the size of my portions. I was eating healthy foods, just too much of them. I track everything I put into my mouth and often I go over my range. It is a warning signal to me. It also tells me the reason why I am not losing the weight I want to lose.

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12/21/12 12:36 A

Dianas-Thanks for the good information. That sounds like something that it would be good for me to look into.

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12/21/12 12:14 A

well I think the key word is "guilt" here.
I've been using this method of just writing down the things I've eaten in my notebook. Then, after some days I actually track down the calories. So maybe you could use it after a binge, to just write it down somewhere and to track it later (?).
I kind of find that it doesn't give you any exact overview about your nutrition and habits if you don't track it and for me, knowing that eventually I will still write it down, it often stops me from big binges. If I'd just let it go and call it a "binge day" like I used to do, I would consume a LOT more calories throughout the day. Anyway, try to get the guilt out of the way. You're a human and it's ok to slip sometimes.

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12/20/12 11:14 P

I have tracked it in the past only to binge more out of guilt. I have been amazed at how many empty calories I can eat at one time & not in a good way.

I am kinda finding that by tracking those good days, I am encouraging myself. Some times I think a pat on the back for something done right goes a lot further than the guilty finger wag. I have called it since high school, positive peer pressure. Or in this case positve self pressure.

Amanda, RN

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12/20/12 9:03 P

I track binges. Sometimes it's amazing to see that one didn't consume as many calories as one thought (nutritionally, however, they can be a real disaster...) and that always helps me take a deep breath and climb back into the saddle.

Whether you consume a gazillion calories or just feel as though you did, it's important to see the tracker as a source of information - not as the Nutrition Police. Ditto for the scale.

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12/20/12 8:15 P

I agree with Luann - track it and move on. Maybe seeing those binges in your nutrition tracker will help you avoid any future binges. The holidays have always been tough for me, and when I would eat tons and tons of sweets, I wouldn't track them because I didn't want to know how many calories, grams of fat, sugar, etc. I had consumed. Now I track everything that goes into my mouth, and it helps me say "no" to any more junk.

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12/20/12 7:00 P

Yeah... track it and own it!

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12/20/12 6:56 P

I really enjoy tracking my caloires on days that I stay in or near my ranges. The problem is that when I binge eat or know I have gone way over certain goals, I tend not to track out of shame of the types and amount of food I have eaten. This does mean that I am recognizing the size of portions, but just not controlling them nor substituting healthier snacks for those binge type foods. Any suggestions.

Amanda, RN

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