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MARTHA324 Posts: 5,569
4/7/14 3:42 P

Tracking my food is key and I've been doing it religiously and write down everything. I know that not writing it down doesn't mean I didn't eat it.
I don't pay a lot of attention to the nutrient break down although I do pay attention to fat wanting to keep that at around 30% and I aim for lots of fiber. Since I pretty much follow a "eat food, less of it, more plants" style of eating I basically get a well balanced diet. I don't feel so much different or better when I eat that way, but will feel sluggish on the days when I've overindulged.

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,173
4/7/14 2:21 P

From tracking my food, I have learned:

1. What a portion looks like of anything.
2. The fresher I eat, the more I can eat.
3. Track everything. There are no free foods and "not tracking something' will not make the calorie content disappear.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
4/7/14 12:44 P

Absolutely. Your nutritional requirements are unique. None of us can adopt a general template and expect it to work as it does for anyone else.

In my case, if I let my carbs get up anywhere near 100g per day, I stop losing. Sometimes I'll start creeping up in weight, even. The best spot for me, as is recommended on some LC sites, is between 50-75 per day.That works out to only maybe 25% of calories from carbs. I lose at a reasonable and healthy rate if I can keep it there. My endocrinologist presses me toward a ketogenic diet, and wants me at 30-50 g/day... but I end up with more cravings and tend to cave in to my carb addiction if I go back to that range (which I was able to maintain when I first started this). So I adjust, and accept that I'm not going to drop great quantities of weight quickly. C'est la vie. It works for me.

If I followed the SP plan (which is based on the standard US recommendations), I'd be gaining pounds in leaps and bounds. That was pretty much how I was eating - "healthy" - before I started on this weight-reduction journey. It's disastrous for me. For others, if it works, great. I could WISH it would work for me, because I'd like nothing better than to have bread and cereal and starchy veggies. Yum! But it's not part of *my* unique journey, nor my future health.

It's great that you're listening to your body now, and adjusting what you need to provide it with so it will enrich you with improved health. That's a very significant bit of information to hold. Continued success! You'll get there!

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SCOTTIEOWNER SparkPoints: (7,107)
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4/6/14 5:06 P

Portion control - quite an eye opener

I keep my percentages at about the same range as you do. Carbs maybe a little lower. I find I don't have the cravings with the lower carbs and increased protein. It's working very well for me and I have most definitely noticed the changes in how well I feel.

Excellent thread, hope more people respond.

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SWIMMERM0M14 SparkPoints: (11,392)
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4/6/14 3:24 P

My SparkCoach community activity today is to come to the boards and talk about what I have learned about tracking my food.

This is my second go round on SparkPeople and I am not sure if I have learned anything new, but an important concept for me has been reinforced:

"Honor your unique balance."

SparkPeople recommends a dietary balance of 50% carbohydrates, 30% fast, and a 20% proteins.

I have learned through tracking my meals and paying attention to my mood and energy levels, that I need a slightly different balance and that when I honor that balance through each meal when I can, and for the day overall, I feel better and am far less likely to overeat.

When stressed, my weakness are definitely sugar-related and once I start, it's difficult to stop. I find that the cravings disappear when I lower my carbohydrate intake to about 45% and I up the lean protein consumption to 30% with fats coming in at about 25%.

It seems like a small tweak, but I have learned that it can make a difference for me in experiencing a "successful" day emotionally and physically. I also know from the last time that I was here is that you need to keep paying attention with the tracking. When the outdoor pools open up here for summer, I'll tweak again and up the carbs slightly to provide the extra energy I need for swimming.

Has anyone else discovered that playing with those nutrition percentages can have an effect on your plan? Do you have your own unique balance that you need to honor?

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