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What I gave up in reaching my goal

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Posts: 5,327
4/19/12 7:49 A

I love the way you put it:

..... you gave up wearing size XXL to now wear size L!

emoticon emoticon emoticon


Posts: 8,673
4/19/12 7:49 A

What an inspiration you are!!

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Posts: 7
4/19/12 7:48 A

Soo proud of you. U r an inspiration. I myself only have a few pounds to lose, but need to tone. U have made a lifetime change and that is wonderful

SparkPoints: (21,425)
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Posts: 363
4/19/12 7:48 A

Amazing how simple it can be! Great job! Doing it as a couple is very inspirational!

SparkPoints: (74,107)
Fitness Minutes: (44,960)
Posts: 8,159
4/19/12 7:47 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (43,442)
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Posts: 2,193
4/19/12 7:37 A

Wow, that was uplifting. Congratulations!

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Posts: 1
4/19/12 7:36 A

congratulations and thanks for the inspiring story!

SparkPoints: (1,672)
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Posts: 47
4/19/12 7:34 A

Congratulation on your weight loss. You are awesome. Continue the good work!

SparkPoints: (14,404)
Fitness Minutes: (9,152)
Posts: 113
4/19/12 7:18 A

You also gave up future hospital visits due to obesity related issues. I'm so happy for you to have licked this! Your story was an inspiring way to start my day. emoticon

Posts: 1
4/19/12 7:13 A

I obviously don't know how to reply to your story!

Congratulations on your achievement.

The best of luck on the maintenance process, but sounds like you're right on track.

It's not a diet, it's a life style.

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SparkPoints: (12,154)
Fitness Minutes: (11,694)
Posts: 443
4/19/12 7:10 A

You and your wife look amazing! Congratulations on your new healthy weighs! Life is so much more fun when you're not huffing and puffing when you try and do anything, isn't it? And I love your point of view... that you gave up very little but got so much in return. Congrats!!

SparkPoints: (1,592)
Fitness Minutes: (1,130)
Posts: 15
4/19/12 7:06 A

WOW .. you look fantastic! well done and thank you for such an encouraging post..if you're 6'6" how tall is hubby !!!! CONTRAGTULATIONS to a new you :)))

SparkPoints: (1,409)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 461
4/19/12 7:06 A

Excellent that you & your husband could share this endeavor & now reap the benefits of having even more years of happily married life. I don't wish my husband had a weight issue (he is very thin & fit, but has stuck w/me for 38 years of marriage), but I do wish he could understand my struggles more. But I guess that is why I have you all at SP!

Thanks for highlighting this amazing weight loss "adventure story" w/such a positive attitude. I try to remind myself that I am LUCKY that I have the option of losing weight to address my health issues--that it isn't too late & I haven't developed severe diabetes (both my parents were diabetic, type 1) & I can reverse my need for meds for blood pressure & cholesterol.

I'm really lucky, aren't I?

And so are you & your husband--you didn't squander your chance to take control of your health. Good for you!

Posts: 2
4/19/12 7:04 A

Well written! Thank you for the encouragement to look on the positive side.

SparkPoints: (7,515)
Fitness Minutes: (1,185)
Posts: 138
4/19/12 7:02 A

Well said! emoticon

Posts: 342
4/19/12 6:57 A

To the point! Good article. Congratulations.

SparkPoints: (27,996)
Fitness Minutes: (6,287)
Posts: 2,445
4/19/12 6:54 A

Great job. You are right, giving up the excuses is a large part of it and the one that does not leave us deprived but better. Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves when we don't want to do something. As an earlier comment said - we all have the same 24hours in the day! It is how we use them that separates the successful.

SparkPoints: (133,335)
Fitness Minutes: (129,735)
Posts: 6,960
4/19/12 6:53 A


Posts: 4,583
4/19/12 6:50 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
Thank you for the inspiration to keep going and to reach my goals

SparkPoints: (3,728)
Fitness Minutes: (3,607)
Posts: 32
4/19/12 6:50 A

Thanks for this. I am going to look at tracking time as time well spent!!

SparkPoints: (185,249)
Fitness Minutes: (92,378)
Posts: 114,842
4/19/12 6:46 A

congrats great job

SparkPoints: (35,309)
Fitness Minutes: (2,031)
Posts: 1,730
4/19/12 6:42 A

Congrats on your new lease on life!

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Posts: 2
4/19/12 6:41 A


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Posts: 11,914
4/19/12 6:35 A


SparkPoints: (988)
Fitness Minutes: (255)
Posts: 22
4/19/12 6:34 A

Way to go! WIshing you all the best! emoticon

SparkPoints: (803)
Fitness Minutes: (735)
Posts: 3
4/19/12 6:34 A

Congratulations! You are an inspiration!

SparkPoints: (65,604)
Fitness Minutes: (72,166)
Posts: 1,903
4/19/12 6:21 A

Congratulations on your amazing weight loss!!! Thank you for sharing with us.

Posts: 2
4/19/12 6:19 A

The way you analyzed the situation ...put a stop to my whining this morning about "the struggle"... thanks for motivating me to re-focus and do it! jsh

SparkPoints: (56,495)
Fitness Minutes: (36,161)
Posts: 2,003
4/19/12 6:13 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (51,137)
Fitness Minutes: (38,402)
Posts: 2,599
4/19/12 6:05 A

Congratulations! keep going|!

SparkPoints: (246,558)
Fitness Minutes: (174,375)
Posts: 14,805
4/19/12 5:58 A

Keep Sparkin'!!!

SparkPoints: (9,207)
Fitness Minutes: (5,676)
Posts: 395
4/19/12 5:56 A

Great job!!

Posts: 2,515
4/19/12 5:52 A

Congratulations! I agree, it's not about giving up food and all about choices. Best of luck in your maintenance routine.

SparkPoints: (16,864)
Fitness Minutes: (16,290)
Posts: 1,955
4/19/12 5:50 A

Congrats! You have done wonderfully!

Posts: 637
4/19/12 5:48 A

Way to go! Congrats on reaching your goal!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (3)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
4/19/12 5:47 A

You're story has really encouraged me to get on board and get back on track! Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It has opened my eyes to look at this as positive, not negative. Thank you

SparkPoints: (133,335)
Fitness Minutes: (129,735)
Posts: 6,960
4/19/12 5:27 A

wonderful you prove it can be done-- emoticon

Posts: 550
4/19/12 5:14 A

Amazing job!! emoticon

SparkPoints: (88,886)
Fitness Minutes: (53,988)
Posts: 3,151
4/19/12 5:11 A

WOW, that's all I have to say

Posts: 44
4/19/12 5:03 A

You gave up so little to gain soo much good for you. You are an inspiration to others, it can be done emoticon

SparkPoints: (116,777)
Fitness Minutes: (109,114)
Posts: 6,476
4/19/12 4:56 A

Awesome job!

SparkPoints: (80)
Fitness Minutes: (135)
Posts: 1
4/19/12 4:53 A

Way to go! Thank you for your inspirational post!!

SparkPoints: (1,459)
Fitness Minutes: (905)
Posts: 131
3/29/12 2:30 P

This is fantastic. Very inspirational. Rock on!!!

SparkPoints: (9,841)
Fitness Minutes: (23,351)
Posts: 152
3/29/12 1:33 P

Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing! I don't feel deprived any longer either. I've been on other diets and feel sad when I can't have the "bad" foods. What I've now come to realize is that there are really no "bad" foods, they're all fine as long as you track 'em! However, it is much more satisfying to choose healthier meals.

You're post hit home!

Once again CONGRATS! emoticon

SparkPoints: (28,938)
Fitness Minutes: (28,336)
Posts: 1,979
3/28/12 10:00 A

Great post. So many think deprivation is the norm and something you *must endure* in order to lose weight /get healthy.
I say, if you're feeling majorly deprived & joyless, you're doing it wrong!

You, my friend, are doing it right.

Congrats and best of health & happiness to you.

Posts: 1,667
3/28/12 9:44 A

Welcome to maintenance! congratulations on your achievement and great attitude.

SparkPoints: (6,805)
Fitness Minutes: (3,552)
Posts: 51
3/28/12 8:39 A

Congratulations!!! Your post is very inspirational...and spot on!

I am into my 2nd month...and can honestly say...I do not feel deprived...I LOVE being able to TRACK what goes in as well as my out put.

I've found that such and EYEOPENING is really a huge step in the right direction...I find that I readily make substitutions in order to stay within my goals....I now call the program MINDFUL eating...thank you again for your post!

SparkPoints: (133,202)
Fitness Minutes: (67,973)
Posts: 32,583
3/28/12 1:24 A

Well the truth is you did not really "We gave up a half hour or so a day..." You just reallocted that time. It is amazing that we all have the same time, 24 hours a day, the same as the President, the Pope and all the other really, really busy people.

By reallocating you time, you achieved results. Congrats. Here is one of my favourite quotes:

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...
― Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Posts: 3,800
3/27/12 10:11 P

Well stated - congrats!

Posts: 211
3/27/12 9:37 P

In just over six months, I have reached my goal of losing 45 pounds, and reaching a healthy BMI. Now moving into maintenance mode and continuing toward a healthier life.

Several friends, coworkers, and neighbors, we know have asked what we gave up in order to lose the weight. I actually feel like I gave up very little. Yes we ate fewer processed foods for many incredibly delicious healthy foods and smaller portions, but I don't believe we gave much of anything up. We gave up a half hour or so a day to make sure we got on the exercise bike or treadmill, or got out walking but didn't feel like we missed out on anything in doing that. I gave up wearing size XXL and am down to a size large. I gave up making excuses for the the fact that my weight varied between 230 - 260 pounds, topped out at about 275, and the excuse that I was tall, 6' 6" and the weight was not a problem.

When we started, I was hoping to lose 30 pounds and get down to 230, which was about where I had been when we got married. I am now below 215 and at a weight I have not been at in our married lives, 25 years. My goal now is to stay within a 5 pound range between 210 and 215.

What I gave up was a lot of excuses and a marginally healthy life. I gave up was a lack of accountability and 15-20 minutes a day to track what I ate and my exercise. I am looking forward to continuing to get healthier, and reach some goals I have related to my physical health and fitness.

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