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6/16/13 5:45 A

Like a lot of us the most important thing I've learned is to weigh and measure everything I put in my mouth. An ongoing process as someone says - would like to know if 'eyeballing' accurately is ever possible because frankly I get irritated by the process all the time. However - it's got to be worth it.
The other thing I've learned is that the number of (empty) calories in a glass of wine is horrendous and that I need to stop drinking wine regularly if I'm to stay in my calorie range. Not easy for me - but I MUST do it.

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6/15/13 10:26 P

I've learned a lot about getting the most bang for my buck (a/k/a as much food as I can without overdoing on calories). In other words, I can eats TONS of veggies and get full on those and still be in a good calorie range. Fruit costs me a bit more, but I love it and it's kind of like a natural sugar to me.

I still struggle to keep my fat amounts down!! Still learning ... it's a forever process.

6/15/13 7:40 A

...that I really am a poor judge of how much a serving is when I just eyeball it.

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6/14/13 11:53 P

I learned similar things! I'm a real carb-o-holic myself. Lol

The hunger I found though will go away once your body learns it can.survive on lower calorie intake. Try chewing gum when hunger pains hit and try and distract yourself. It might make them go away.

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6/14/13 9:41 P

First, I was surprised to learn that I was eating way too many calories. I never would have limited myself to 1200-1550 calories if not for SparkPeople. I learned that a serving of Ritz crackers is 5 crackers (sometimes I'd eat most of a sleeve and really not even feel too guilty.)

I learned that 8 cups of water is kinda hard to drink unless water is your only beverage, and then it's pretty easy.

I learned that I tend to eat a bit too many carbohydrates and a little less protein than I could. And I learned that when you only have 1200-1550 calories to spend, NONE of it can be junky. To get your nutrients, every bite has to be wise and mindful, down to the last tsp.

I've also learned how to gauge how much food will get me under my limit. The first week, I only managed to stay under the limit twice, and I was quite hungry. This week, I feel like I can probably stay under the limit any time I want to, even though I'm still a bit hungry.

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