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7/17/13 10:54 P

I am yet to reach my goal, but feeling good that I will look fit soon.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
7/16/13 11:04 P

I found the me I didn't know was there. I became more confident in my self. My self esteem is so much better. I found a love for cleaning eating I didn't know I had. My physical health is better as my asthma is gone. I found a real love for working out. Love my weight lifting classes. I owe this all to God as I had asked Him to help me with losing weight. Thanks Jesus for that.

SUSUSUZZZIE Posts: 7,038
7/16/13 10:59 P

I've changed in so many ways but the big change that come to mind is Living instead of hiding. Getting out there and doing and trying new things instead of being sad because I wasn't physically able to participate or really motivated to do anything. It's great to be able to do instead of feel like I didn't belong.

Additionally, I'm happier, healthier and much more balanced! I have a lot of work ahead but at least now I know it is possible.

And thanks for this post. I'm sort of in a funk and reading these posts and thinking about how I've changed has helped a lot.

MKWELLS84 SparkPoints: (37,182)
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7/16/13 9:59 P

This is round 3 for me. I have lost the weight in high school and gained it back in College. Then lost it again in College. Every time I lose it, I feel so much better and I'm way more active. I wish I could just learn how to keep it off.

When I am big, I don't want to see other people. I don't want to be seen rather. When I feel good and look good, I want to have fun and enjoy hanging out with friends. Also, I took about a million pictures when I was skinny, and now that I am big...I avoid the camera.

Here's to losing it one more time and finding a way to keep it off!

7/16/13 9:51 P

I enjoy food more. I still love to eat. I just eat differently now. I love to be outside and around other people. I have energy. Lots of energy. I sleep better. Sex is better. I can walk for miles. I don't avoid stairs, I look for them. I am not so sad. I have some more weight to lose yet, but I am really happy with how far I have come and what I have learned. Who would have thought that the same logic and reason I apply to every other aspect of my life can be applied to my health and fitness and yield the same spectacular results. I love the new me. I love my new life. And I am so grateful to SparkPeople for pointing me in the right directions. emoticon emoticon

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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7/16/13 9:31 P

I'm healthier and take fewer prescription meds as a result.

My health is still not great, you wouldn't confuse me with someone out of Hollywood, and I'm not wealthy.

Having said that, I'm still here...and every day above ground is essentially a VERY good one!

AGGIETERR Posts: 2,179
7/16/13 9:00 P

I bought a ski-boat with what I don't spend on prescriptions anymore.

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,340)
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Posts: 281
7/16/13 10:50 A

Interesting. I've been thinking about this for awhile now. Not sure I have an answer yet.

Physically, I do more. I don't plop down on the couch after work. Gym. Then stuff around the house. Fix the door. Some extra housework. I put off that stuff far less than before. Certainly, I'd never do anything like an Olympic length triathlon.

Emotionally? I've always been a happy, confident guy. Sure, I'd rather not take my shirt off at the pool, but it's the pool. I want to swim. Who cares. Now, yeah. There's a little pride that I look pretty good these days, relative to my past. The pictures of me crossing the triathlon finish line are a little telling though. It's a real smile. I wasn't aware of it at the time, but I was positively beaming. In a way that I know I rarely do. It was an uncontrolled beam. Hard to explain.

The biggest thing:
I am far more knowledgeable about my body, nutrition, and exercise. I've always been skeptical of diets and miracle drugs/etc. Now, I get a little angry when I hear about them.

GUDDIGO Posts: 1,081
7/16/13 10:08 A

Love shopping smaller sizes

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,788
7/16/13 12:34 A

As I've lost weight I've become more confident and have a stronger self-esteem.

GOALWTIN7 SparkPoints: (2,121)
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7/16/13 12:20 A

Mentally it has made a world of difference. I have been normal weight more than once in my life only to gain it back plus some more than once. I am only a few pounds away from my goal this time and I feel like I always do at normal weight. I feel sexier, more confidence, participate more in water sports and generally happier. Being a woman and raised in Los Angeles when everyone was thin, my weight always held a lot of weight to me. (like the pun)

The biggest thing I like best is how clothes look on me. I like seeing my shape with a small waist. I was born with the metabolism from you know where and I will always have to fight the battle of the bulge my entire life. I now accept that and grateful I have never had any medical problems except being overweight at times in my life.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (66,733)
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Posts: 3,293
7/15/13 8:05 P

Most of the weight that I gained was due to a series of illnesses that started when I had a brain aneurysm nine years ago. When I finally got treatment for the most severe of those issues (which took a very long time to diagnose) everything got better because I was finally well enough to get out of bed and participate in life again. The weight loss was really secondary to other things in my life that made me feel better.

Overall though, the biggest thing that has happened is that other people treat me differently. People are nicer to me. Strangers are friendlier. I think that I am perceived as more professional now that I can dress better. Men are more interested. It's much easier to find partners when I go to dance events. People who were casual friends now want to be closer to me.

Honestly, it has kind of shaken my faith in humanity. I didn't realize just how much people were judging me for how I looked instead of for my intelligence, accomplishments or heart. It has really been pretty disappointing.

I think that so much focus on my body has also made me more vain. I don't like having to put so much time and energy into something so shallow, but it is unavoidable if I want to be healthy.

The experience has also made me resentful. Because of my metabolic problems, I have to work so much harder than most people to lose and maintain weight. Mostly I accept this and do what I have to do, but deep down I am very angry.

I certainly look better on the outside, but I do not feel any better or any more comfortable in my skin.

Being fat never stopped me from doing anything that I wanted to do, nor did it have much effect on my self confidence.

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7/15/13 1:25 P

My life has surely changed with my weight loss. I used to hide and not draw attention to myself because I knew (thought) if people were looking at me it was because I was fat. I really messed with my head and because I have always been out going it really stuffled my personality.
I am a singer and have always been but when I gained all the weight I stopped singing or even going out and spending time with my friends. I have always been the center of attention amognest our friends because I am loud and make a lot of jokes, I love to meet new people and make people feel welcome. Love to throw parties and have a house full of friends. I always loved life. Until I gained all the weight. When I was at my largest about 225 pounds I was depressed. I didn't think that I was attractive at all and made my husband feel badly everytime he looked at me I would ask him what he was looking at and then point out all the bad parts about me and make it seem like he was thinking those things when he would never do that. I stayed home, never had people over. I was still telling jokes but they were fat jokes about myself. I didn't sing because people would stare at me because I am big. I really lost who I was for a long time.
Now that I have lost 50 pounds I am getting back to being Melissa. I love my friends and am so blessed everyday. My husband is awesome and my doggy has a new lease on life now that I am out and active again.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
7/15/13 12:59 P

I keep rolling back time. My weight was impacting my lifestyle - to a much larger degree than I ever would have admitted, or even realized. I was inclined to imagine that all the "difficulties" and "limitations" i was facing had to do with the passage of time. I imagined it was age, not weight, that made my joints ache. Age, not weight, that made it impossible to enjoy recreational activities that I'd enjoyed in the past.

WRONG. As the pounds have fallen away, I've discovered that I CAN do lots of things that I used to be able to do, that I haven't done in a long time. Some very basic things like getting up from a crouching position without having to grab onto something (I had thought my previous issue had to do with "bad knees" but nope, turns out it was weight). Some funny things like being able to scratch the middle of my own back (without having to act like a bear and rub against some rough tree bark ha ha) - I'd thought it was "inflexibility due to, ya know, age." But nope, it was simply too much fat on arms and broad back that acted as a physical barrier to reaching. Some more wonderful things like hiking, that I'd given up, feeling like "those days were behind me" and remembering them fondly but thinking I would never go backcountry camping again, "too old for that now" - more lies to myself, it was simply, 100%, lack of physical capability due to excess weight. I can now hike 10k over rolling terrain and barely think twice about it. With a few more pounds lost, I'll be able to do the same, plus carry a decent sized backpack.

It is nice to "look normal sized" and be able to shop beyond the borders of the Plus Size shops, but ultimately the things that mean the most to me are the things I can DO. Fifty down, fifty to go - it's been a game-changer for my life, for sure.

7/15/13 12:35 P

I am an "enabler" (those of you who know my SP persona may not see that right away but it's true) and I was in a marriage that I screwed up because I made sure she didn't have to suffer every day chores & whatnot. I was a lifetime member of the fat boys club and she so much as told me that this (our marriage & life) was as good as it's ever gonna get for me.

That was early in 2006.

August of that same year I got Bells Palsy for the 2nd time (1st x in Dec of '99). I got my act together and started taking care of myself. By July 1, 2007 I had an epiphany and grew a set of "_____", I call that day my RE-BIRTH Date.

I found the confidence I never knew I had and stood up to her for my right to have an equal marriage. In January of 2009 we were by any definition broken up. I stood my ground against her in SPITE of her attempts to let me know what a weak and foolish person I was and that nobody else would want me.

Two years ago I filed for divorce. I never thought, EVER, that I could stand up to her and I owe to my weightloss and healthy eating. I started lifting weights and that really helped. I found confidence that I never dreamed I'd have.

It's MY FAULT that the marriage didn't work because I enabled her to the extreme so I have no ill will towards her now.

The weightloss helped me gain confidence in myself, nothing more.

JJ625JONES Posts: 130
7/15/13 12:20 P

How have you changed, have you grown in ways or become the person you've always felt like inside? Has losing weight made your life richer?

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