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9/6/13 9:37 A

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My daughter was slim and trim but now she is in her late 30's and has gained weight. I helped her watch her diet when she was growing up, so I feel good about that. Now, I will have to encourage her to eat healthy rather than try to lose a great amount of weight.

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9/6/13 6:52 A

I ALWAYS talked to my kids about protein, carbs, fats etc. when they were little. I would ask them what they had eaten today, and I would get "Protein, Carbs, Calcium," etc. etc. Now my son is 32yrs and my daughter is 36yrs. My son thinks of food like this still and practices balance, and my daughter looks on food the same way and does the same thing with her young son.


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9/6/13 6:41 A

Kids model the behavior of their parents and siblings.
We try to teach them good habits...
But they also mimic what they see us do.


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