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1/29/13 3:08 P

I drink a lot of de-caf iced tea - I absolutely think that most liquids other than alcohol count towards the daily liquid/hydration goal. Clearly if you are drinking liquids with a lot of sodium, caffeine or carbonation you may experience some clear downsides as compared to water but it certainly appears that those liquids "count" towards hydration. Water with a splash of cranberry juice (which I drink with breakfast) would also count.

A quick google search of the topic tends to support the position that almost all liquids count as water as well....

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1/29/13 1:50 P

I just count water as water, the rest is bonus.

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1/29/13 12:54 P

After my morning coffee (which I don't count) I only drink water and herbal tea in the day. I count the herbal tea as water as it is not a diuretic and I don't put anything in it. Basically just a flavoured water.

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1/29/13 12:09 P

I wouldn't count them as water, meaning I would also make sure to get 8 glasses of water BESIDES any tea or coffee ( black ). Eight glasses is the minimum, for a sedentary person. Add a glass for every 20 mins of exercise you do.

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1/29/13 12:04 P

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I wouldn't count tea with lemon as water - essentially I count liquids that are not diuretics (so alcohol and caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee don't count)

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1/29/13 11:40 A

I count anything that has water in it. like ice tea or hot tea with out sugar of course. But then I do drink a bunch of water each day..

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1/29/13 11:35 A

If I have a cup of tea with lemon, does that count as water?

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