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DIENERGURL34 Posts: 101
11/11/10 12:14 P

The pill - it seems the most tried and true method (other than condoms).

JSMILE50 Posts: 112
11/7/10 6:04 P

We are excited about not using any birth control and we're hoping to get pregnant with a reasonable amount of time after the wedding. Which is why I'm extra motivated to get lean and healthy in this last two months of our engagement!

MISSWATKINS SparkPoints: (23,566)
Fitness Minutes: (32,439)
Posts: 68
11/7/10 11:45 A

I use YAZ. I love it except for one little side effect...... NO SEX DRIVE! But it's the only birth control I've tried (out of six different ones) that didn't give me horrible migraines EVERY day, nearly debilitating period cramps or an allergic reaction.... Oh well... At least this one doesn't cause me physical pain. =(

MLE102286 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,354)
Posts: 1,243
10/8/10 12:44 A

I use the Implanon implant in my upper arm .

its good for 3 years, and i dont have to worry about pills or condoms or anything. Besides a nasty bruise off the bat, i havent had any bad side effects-- i love it!

JESSY3035 Posts: 359
9/29/10 1:18 P

I have talked to Chris about him getting fixed, but he said no. But maybe after we get married he will consider it.

Fitness Minutes: (1,190)
Posts: 7
9/29/10 10:59 A

My fiancee has been using Nuva rings since we first met and she seems to like them pretty well.

MISSARROW Posts: 186
9/27/10 4:47 A

Condoms. They're not much fun I know, but I don't like fiddling with my hormones.

Besides, this way I know my husband will get a vasectomy after we have children. :) It's all about manipulating your advantage, ladies... :D

Jessy, you should have him get fixed, it's less invasive and easier to reverse if desired (or get pregnant through doctor's means).

JANELLE86 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,110)
Posts: 323
9/25/10 10:33 A

I take Alesse, a low-hormone version of the pill.

9/24/10 7:45 P

oh ok cool.
I definitely wanna be a mom someday, but I may be thinking about grad school too, I just don't want to feel all nasty on my wedding night nor during my honeymoon. thnx

JESSY3035 Posts: 359
9/24/10 6:39 P

I have been on birth control (the pill) since I was 21 to control my cramps. My cramps were very bad. Now on the pill my cramps aren't as bad.
Chris and I don't want kids ever. So I was thinking after we get married, I could get on Implanon. It's an implant in your arm and it last 3 years. Or I could get fixed.

9/23/10 2:01 A

thnx for your help.
Aw hun, I'm so sorry for you, on top of all the stress too!!!:(

9/23/10 12:57 A

when i used the Nuvaring (8 months) i would leave it in the week i was supposed to take it out, the residual hormones in the ring staved off my period and when i put the new ring in it had enough hormones to keep the cycle at bay for another 3 weeks and then i would repeat not taking it out. i went 6 months like that until i felt guilty enough to take the ring out for a full week and have a period. so if you dont want to have a period during your wedding/honeymoon i say just keep it in. but do a test run several months before. i managed to not have a period with leaving it in but i cant promise the same for you.

on another note. i had Paragard placed on Aug. 25th to replace nuvaring b/c i had permanent yeast/bact infection symptoms the entire time i wore it which was birth control in itself..... so i got my first "real" period with the non hormone IUD, some cramps a bit more blood (as i was told) BUT! i was not prepared today to see my IUD fall into the toilet bowl when i went to pee. Right there, over 600 dollars OUT OF POCKET, sitting in the toilet after less than a month. I am not an emotional person but seriously, i wanted to either puke or cry right then and when i called the Gyn to let her know, she will be out of office until monday.

i am living on student loans right now for med school and my income tax check from the year before when i had a real job was used for the IUD. i havent even gotten billed yet by the hospital! im so sick with the waste of money that could have gone toward my wedding that is now unsterile and useless to me. why!

9/22/10 8:24 P

I LOVE the Nuvaring:) I haven't noticed side effects (better than the PMDD/severe PMS I had)...But may I ask how would I plan ahead so that I have my period out of the way before my wedding night/honeymoon?! I think I tried to look at my calendar (I'm not getting married til 09/10/11!) so I keep the ring in skipping a period the month before? OR? thnx

JHASEAN Posts: 171
9/22/10 10:42 A

Unfortunately I am unable to use most, I have not tried IUDs but I am sure I am allergic too... so I guess none.

ERICA_NICOLE83 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,063)
Posts: 96
9/20/10 2:34 P

I have an IUD called Mereina for 5 years I got it in feb of 2010 so I have about 4 more years to go

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (166,296)
Fitness Minutes: (196,310)
Posts: 15,169
9/19/10 11:26 P

DH and I have never used BC, we don't have to because I can't have children (I had a hysterectomy 2.5 years ago) - but if I had to choose something I'd go on Depo Provera as the side effect of birth control and weight loss while I was on it years ago was a great one (I was on it not as a BC option but for other medical reasons).

9/17/10 1:51 P

I had Nuvaring for 8 months before getting the Paragard. I thought it would be better than the Depo shot i was on that made me blow up but the Nuvaring just gave me different but equally as bad side effects. I dont want any more hormones, ever. I have been off Nuvaring for only one month now and i notice my ravenous, voracious appetite has diminished somewhat and dont think about food all day long. My poor fiancee, I dont know when i will get my sex drive back.....but that died with Depo. Lets hope my body will get back on track, i dont care if it takes 6 months i just want to be my baseline self again.

9/17/10 4:39 A

About 2 years ago I used the Nuva ring and it totally ruined my system. I was aggressive, moody, and worst of all, and no sex drive at all. AT ALL. I stopped taking it, but it still took a good 6months for the effects to wear off. I've even had to use a estrogen supplement that normally women suffering from menopause take because of that damn nuva ring. I'm using cerazette now, and I like it much better.

9/16/10 9:00 P

Im getting married next June and am in the middle of many years of schooling so I decided to save up and get a Paragard IUD (early wedding present to my future hubby). So far so good! What methods are Sparkpeople brides using or are you trying to have babies right out of the gate?

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