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SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
10/25/12 3:49 P

I lost 40 lbs and I'm pretty sure my calves didn't get any smaller because I still have trouble buying boots. Finding a pair I can zip up is a miracle. I wouldn't worry about it and I'd check out the wide calf boots instead.

10/25/12 3:37 P

Umm I think I gain in my stomach first, not sure. I know the first place I lose weight though is in my face

I'm going to try my boots on again end of November when the weather starts getting really cold and hopefully they'll fit! Wish me luck :D

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10/22/12 9:59 P

That used to happen to me too. :( Do you gain weight in your legs or stomach first? Cause if it's your stomach, then luckily, your legs will go down really fast! :) So those boots will be fitting in no time! emoticon

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,265)
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10/22/12 9:48 P

My calves definitely shrank but not by much considering I lost 50 pounds. I carried weight around my waist and not much in my legs, which were always fairly muscular, so that was probably why. I think everyone is different but if you have a fair amount to lose, I would definitely count on you losing fat in your calves.

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NSMANN Posts: 977
10/22/12 7:28 P

Lane Bryant and Old Navy also sell boots that are wider in the calf

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10/22/12 4:45 P

Keep your cute boots, as they may very well end up fitting. My calves have decreased an inch since July, and I'm guessing they'll probably get a bit smaller before I'm done losing. They do seem to be the slowest to decrease of all the places I measure, but that measurement is definitely getting smaller.

10/22/12 3:39 P

Well, I'm going to keep at it then, not return the boots, and hope my calves will get toned and shrink enough to fit into them. Worst case scenario, I'll buy a new pair from J crew and give these to my sister haha

Thanks for the replies!

10/20/12 8:08 P

It largely depends on whether there's actually anything to 'lose' there. I find that there really isn't a lot of fat on my calves (partly from being overweight and legs needing to account for carrying extra weight, but also because I play soccer and bike) and as I've lost weight over the years there's been very little discernible change to my calf measurements. I sort of expect that will continue that way for me personally.

So I guess the answer is maybe, maybe not. Only way to find out is to keep exercising and eating right. Good luck!

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
10/20/12 7:53 A

Burning fat is an all-body process - as you continue to lose weight, eventually some of it will naturally come off the calves.


CARILOUIE SparkPoints: (94,856)
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10/20/12 7:35 A

J. Crew has some really cute extended-calf boots... I don't think my calves will *ever* fit into "regular" boots. And I'm finally (mostly) okay with this.

10/19/12 11:48 P

Thanks so much for replying! I feel better. My calves weren't this big before I gained the weight, so I think my genes won't stop them from at least going back to their pre-weight size (hopefully!)

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10/19/12 10:13 P


I will also add that genetics plays a big part as to how big our calves are or not. While they may shrink some, as to how much that depends on your family tree.

Coach Nancy

JADOMB SparkPoints: (134,622)
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10/19/12 10:10 P

When a person is overweight, they carry fat in pretty much every part of their body, including their calves. So YES, one should lose weight in their calves as they lose weight. I know I did, and now I am trying to build them back up so I don't have Chicken legs. LOL

10/19/12 10:01 P

Hey everyone,

So I bought a new pair of boots that I have been dying to buy for about a year now. Finally did, and my calves are too freaking big to fit nicely in them :(

I'm super bummed and I was wondering if I continue with cardio and Pilates, will my calves shrink too? My mother insists that calves don't get smaller, but that doesn't sound right to me (maybe I'm in denial lol)

Anybody have success with getting slimmer calves?


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