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8/2/12 10:38 P

Agreed. I always track the actual length of the video.. not the warm up & cool down (there is no stretching). 45 minutes last night.. on a 60 minute video. Tonight's video was 45 minutes & I'll record 30.

I've been on my mission since Jan 1st when I decided on a lift change. This isn't something I've been doing for a few weeks.. and something I haven't burned out on yet.. or out ate.
I've lost 48 pounds so far. I dont even remember the number of inches.
Anyway.. I hit a road block in May & haven't lost since then. Well, actually, I'll lose 2 pounds one week.. gain it the next & so on, even though there is no change in what I'm doing. Although, now, I am eating more & added in more exercize.
So... here we are again.. :)

MIRV22 Posts: 643
8/2/12 3:15 P

I always just track the amount of active time in a workout video, not warmup or cool down. Most of the P90X workouts are 55-58 minutes, so 45 would be about right.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/2/12 3:10 P

You do make an interesting point Kylar. I haven't seen these videos, but I assume each workout comes with a warmup period, and a cooldown period, and maybe even some stretching after. So in a "45 minute P90X workout", how much really is "P90X WORKOUT"? Someone needs to consider that when tracking.

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8/2/12 8:04 A

P90x is a "strength" based cardio. Basically it was made for bigger, muscular people to do to lose fat with high cardio that helps them maintain their muscle. People who claim to gain strength from it are only the ones making newbie gains

For how to track it, if you do a 45 min P90x workout, I'd say only count it as 45 min if you go 100% at it the whole time, every second. To the point where you can't get up when its done to turn the tv off. When I do these, I normally shave a few minutes off. I'd mark 45 min as 30 and that gives a calorie burn number that feels more realistic.

A common problem with weight loss is people overestimate the calories they burn. It's great that you are doing so much. Make sure its something you can keep up for months tho, and not just a few weeks. And don't out-eat your workouts, that just gets frustrating that you work so hard, yet the scale doesn't move.

Good luck! Glad you're coming here with questions.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/2/12 1:03 A

I wouldn't put much stock in that, no.

If I remember rightly, P90X is a strength based workout plan? Perhaps including some cardio? These plans are VERY difficult to get an approximation on. The usage of "aerobics - high impact" is to provide a guide, but I wouldn't put a lot of stock in that value, myself.

You asked earlier what you should 'subtract' to get a value to eat. Becky has already outlined it - you find out your BMR, multiply by 1.2 to account for day to day activity, and then add an average approximation of daily calorie burn. Subtract 500 from that to work out what you should eat to lose a pound a week.

Here is how Spark works it out:

I would not think 2,000+ was a suitable range for you to lose weight, as you initially had. However, 1200-1550 is not at all suitable if you're doing anywhere near that much exercise.

You should probably fall between about 1500 and 1900 or so, roughly speaking.

8/1/12 10:36 P

Hi Becky!!
According to SP, I burned 1197 minutes today. I jogged for 30 minutes & burned 462 calories & also did my p90x workout for 60 minutes & burned 735 calories.
I thought these were right since they come directly from this site. Are they not right?

8/1/12 9:00 P

Thanks Maggie. :) That's my birth name, actually!
I just checked my goal weight & it said that I wanted to get down to 180 by Jan 2014. So, I changed it to down to 200 pounds (15 pounds) by October 1st. I'll adjust it again if I lose that & go for more (which I will want to).

My goals state that I want to work out 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That's about what I do.

So, being said ... what would I have to "not" eat (less calories) to lose the 1 pound per week?
With the new weight goal, it dropped my intake to 1200-1500. Much better. Usually, I am around the 900-1100 mark. Hard to get that last little bit in.

8/1/12 7:53 P

1. I question if you are buring 1000 calories daily through planned exercise (even if SP gives you this number); for this is a very very high amount.
2. When I plug in your info and use a 2 pound weekly weight loss as a goal with about 3000 calories burned weekly; I get a range of 1310 - 1660.
3. When I plug in your info and use a 2 pound weekly weight loss, with 6000 calories burned weekly, I get 1740-2090.

I would suggest you begin with about 1550-1750 calorie daily. See how you feel on this amount and are you able to "hit it hard" every day with your workouts. See how your weekly weight loss goes on this amount. You can always tweak up or down slightly based on your results and how you are feeling.

SP Dietitian Becky

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8/1/12 7:06 P

Hi Summer....Love the name btw. I would say that it sounds like something is wrong with your weight goals...Double check to see if you have set a weight loss goal and your not on maintenance...or it could be that you set your goal date wrong and maybe you have next year (or the year after that) as a goal date. If that is not it...double check your fitness goals and make sure you have the right minutes but in... maybe your 45 minutes says 450 minutes...Those numbers seem real high for your calorie intake and something is off.

8/1/12 6:42 P

Hi Becky,
Currently, I am jogging or walking 30 minutes in the morning & then my husband & I do a 45 minute P90X video in the evening. SP says I'm burning approx. 1,000 calories a day.. give or take on the activity.
I am 215# and am 5 foot 2. 38 years old, female.
I've already lost 48 pounds & am stuck where I am.
I put all that info into my calculator. I was originally working out 30 minutes, 3 times a day & it said I needed to burn 1200+ calories a day. Now that I've fixed it & put in about 45 minutes a day, it says I should be eating around 2200 a day.
With that being said.. how much should I cut out, calorie wise to lose some weight?
My menus are pretty close to what SP offers for the day. I do have to change it sometimes if it calls for a peach & all I have is an orange, but I try to keep it about the same.
Can you please help me? I'm about ready to give up.

8/1/12 3:43 P

It is 500 calories less than your total calories burned for the day, that would include:
1. your BMR (metabolism)---calories to keep you alive in a resting state.
2. plus calories burned through just doing your daily activities: walking, typing, texting, watch TV, digesting food, your job, etc
3. plus calories burned through planned exercise (you indicated 30 minutes).

2080 calories for a weight loss plan is a great amount of calories--many people would only maintain on this amount, some would even gain. How did you reach this figure?? What is your age, gender, height, weight??? I would need more info to see if this is a correct assessment of calorie needs.

SP Dietitian Becky

8/1/12 3:34 P

I recently adjusted my goals. I am now supposed to eat 2080 calories a day & am scheduled to work out 30 minutes a day.
I also just read that in order to lose 1 pound a week, you should eat 500 calories less per day than what you burn.
So. let's say on any given day, I burn 600 calories. Does this mean, theoretically, that I should only eat 100 calories? Because now I'm in starvation mode.
What am I missing? Can someone please tell me what I'm missing here?
:) Thanks!

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