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JORDANIE25 SparkPoints: (8,086)
Fitness Minutes: (4,488)
Posts: 145
4/24/13 8:45 A

Her Recipes are low in calories but not necessarily healthy. When using her recipes try to keep it as clean as possible.

MELJONES3478 SparkPoints: (15,754)
Fitness Minutes: (6,082)
Posts: 505
4/23/13 5:32 P

I've never even heard of her...i may have to check it out just to see what she is all about.

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
Fitness Minutes: (1,818)
Posts: 771
4/23/13 5:28 P

I bought one of her cookbooks ... and then I sold it. Her recipes are ok but just not my style.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,760
4/23/13 5:19 P

Not my thing, I like to cook from scratch

BLBST36 Posts: 351
4/23/13 2:15 P

From what I recall, I didn't like any of her recipes. Way to processed and just didn't sound good. From what I can recall, she was more concerned about points than calories and health in the recipes when she first started popping up every where.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
4/23/13 1:42 P

Not healthy enough for me. I don't go there for ideas. I do like the site Skinnytaste.

JGIRL5799 Posts: 561
4/23/13 12:13 P

Nope, don't like it at all... but the fact she uses mainly processed foods like the others have said have totally turned me off to her ideas and food style... I stay clear away from it..

For snacks and things I find way better recipes on sparks than any where else and I love them and they are very healthy.. If I find processed foods in them, I just alter to what I use. Easy Peasy!

RUSSELLH88 Posts: 4
4/23/13 12:09 P

I think she has some decent ideas, but she tends to get too bogged down in keeping things low fat and low calorie. She does put a lot of emphasis on protein and fiber, which is good, but she uses far too much processed food to really make me feel like I'd be eating something nutritious, instead it's just cheating yourself so you can eat something that kinda-sorta tastes like something you really want to eat.

That said, I think her supermarket finds are generally interesting and can turn you on to a few products that maybe you wouldn't be aware of otherwise (like tofu shirataki noodles), but I generally don't put too much stock in her.

I think she's probably good for people who are beginning to diet and are easing into lighter cooking and being more aware of what you're eating, but I'm not really at that point anymore. I much rather prefer something like Skinnytaste, which is healthier, lower fat meals made out of real food.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/23/13 9:26 A

all she is concerned with is low fat and low cal. That does not make a good diet. None of her items have nutritional value. It is also all processed. i have not found one recipe that something doesn't come out of a package or box of some kind.
I looked at one of her cookbooks and decided to save my money.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
4/22/13 8:54 P

Her recipes contain way too many processed foods for me. Everything I've made has been mediocre and not something I'd want to make again even with modifications.

200POUNDQUEST SparkPoints: (2,468)
Fitness Minutes: (1,201)
Posts: 205
4/22/13 8:23 P

The Hungry Girl approach may be a good transition for some, but it actually is one of the things that really kept me from turning the corner for a long time (not her specifically, just that mind set)

When I wasn't dieting my diet was mostly fast food and frozen dinners. When I was dieting I would mostly eat lean cuisines and the like. Inevitably, I would get sick of eating the lean cuisines and buy some "diet" cookbook similar to Hungry Girl.

To me, the Hungry Girl type attempts to make the "food you want to eat" "healthier" produce food that is very unappealing to eat. As a result, in my mind, if I wanted to lose weight I was stuck with either eating the 3 or four Lean Cuisine entrées I could stomach or cooking a bunch of bland "diet" food.

It wasn't until I got away from the diet cookbook mentality and started cooking food I enjoyed and could fit into my calorie budget that I started feeling like weight loss was something I could really accomplish.

So, while I'm sure there are people out there who find this approach helpful, for me it was counterproductive.

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KSUGIRL93 SparkPoints: (27,261)
Fitness Minutes: (21,240)
Posts: 85
4/22/13 6:49 P

I have one HG cookbook, but have not made too many things from it. I like her show, I like her approach. I use a lot of her ideas and integrate them into my own recipes and cooking methods. I recently bought her guide book for shopping called: HG Supermartket Survival Aisle by Aisle HG Style. I found this book to be very useful. I was tired of reading so many labels and this book helped me discover new products I had not looked at. I have a sweet tooth so any one that can turn me on to a low calorie treat is aces in my books.

GOLDTAG1 SparkPoints: (164,643)
Fitness Minutes: (56,583)
Posts: 107
4/21/13 8:32 A

I tried Hungry Girl for a short time. Found like most of you that her recipes were cumbersome, not as healthy as I like, and used too many processed foods. I did buy a cookbook and tried some of the recipes, and we did not like them. I prefer the recipes I find on Spark People and those I get from Skinny Taste.

MS_LEESA_G Posts: 29
4/20/13 5:10 P

I like some of her recipes like the "Dan Good Chili" which I make in the slow cooker (I leave out the giant mushrooms tho) and of course the "Butternut Squash Fries" are heaven for around 200 calories.
But I don't make a lot of her recipes because she uses waaaaaay too many processed or "fake" foods (desert made from low calorie Cool Whip, sugar free jello and diet orange soda for example... yuck)

YANKEEGAL16 Posts: 1,480
4/20/13 4:57 P

I like her but not a fan of her recipes - too many steps for me. I am not an accomplished cook & will not cook anything that I have to dirty tons of stuff in order to make something. Her ideas are good, but again, too many steps/ingredients to deal with. Bought one of her cookbooks about 2 yrs ago & have not made one thing from it.

I really do enjoy her emails that let you know about new products on the market, their calorie, fiber & protein breakdown and also things that you should be on the lookout for in restaurants.

KMRJPR SparkPoints: (69,124)
Fitness Minutes: (18,261)
Posts: 2,779
4/20/13 11:45 A

I'm not a fan of the show or recipes. I don't think swapping more processed foods is a healthy recipe. By that I mean, fat free pre packaged foods are still processed...and with all the chemicals that made it fat free certainly don't make it healthy. You're better off having the real food but instead use far less of it.

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
Fitness Minutes: (1,751)
Posts: 214
4/20/13 10:32 A

I've used a recipe here and there, but overall I find them too involved and I can't stand sugar substitutes (get headaches and rashes occasionally from them).

However, I think they are a great first step for people going from fast food and heat and eat junk to more healthy options. Yes it is processed stuff but it is also better (at least lower calorie) than most fast food so depending on where you are in your journey (and where you envision yourself at the end...remember that not everyone strives for "no processed foods, only fresh homemade stuff", and that is ok, we are all able to make personal choices) they definitely have a place.

If they give someone the boost to get even a little healthier or give someone the confidence that they really can do this, then they have all of my backing, even if I personally don't care for them all that much.

4/20/13 10:20 A

Agree -- too processed! Laughing cow cheese, cool whip free, all this stuff is just garbage without nutritional value IMHO.

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
4/20/13 10:20 A

I've never used that particular site or her books, but I did use a lot of that sort of "trick" while I was working on the first 30 pounds or so. I think that if you're trying to move away from a heavily fast-food and convenience-product based lifestyle, these things are extremely helpful. Most people can't make the jump directly from McDonald's and DiGiorno to making their own garbanzo-flour-sprouted-wheat bread. Lighter processed foods fill the gap and make the transition easier. "You can cut calories but still eat the kind of food you think you like" is a comforting message to hear, and knowing that you have that comfort zone to return to makes it easier to go farther and try new things. Nowadays I do make my own yogurt, cheese, whole-grain bread, and all sorts of preserves, and even grow some of my own food. But if I had thought at the beginning that I would *have* to do that in order to lose weight and be healthier, I never would have started. Skinny Cow, Crystal Light, and Lean Cuisine definitely have their place!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
4/20/13 9:06 A

I don't care for her recipes. I've seen her on food network before and tried a few of her recipes and found them pretty gross, actually. As others have mentioned, it's faux-food. I prefer the real deal.

MAMAPPLE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,191)
Posts: 16
4/20/13 8:51 A

I have one of her cook books and found a handful of recipes that weren't over whelmed with processed foods--mostly salads. I do LOVE her Caffe Vanilla Freeze which is a knock off of Starbucks frappachinos.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
4/20/13 8:47 A

i use a lot of her ideas and taylor them to fit my needs - instead of egg beaters, I use whole egg whites and so on.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/20/13 7:15 A

I think I used to get her e-mails, but found I didn't use them, and unsubscribed.
I, too, am striving to eliminate processed foods from my menu

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,787
4/19/13 11:24 P

I did her fiber one breaking method for baked 'fried' foods, and it was okay. Her taquito recipe is the only one that in go back to as an easy dish for lunch. Otherwise, too processed or too involved for me, though some of the concepts behind what she does are useful.

200POUNDQUEST SparkPoints: (2,468)
Fitness Minutes: (1,201)
Posts: 205
4/19/13 11:10 P

I bought one of her cookbooks, not knowing much about her, several years ago and was not impressed at all. Didn't like the recipes and didn't like the over-reliance on faux foods.

I get most of my recipes off he internet these days.

4/19/13 5:23 P

I prefer to follow Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet

KCDEBI Posts: 291
4/19/13 5:06 P

I get her emails but don't try too many things. I do what you do - use her techniques a bit, but don't necessarily do it just like she does. I love faux-frying (coating and baking) although I haven't tried her Fiber One method yet- just Panko and breadcrumbs.

I think she has some great ideas but I also prefer more natural foods. I'm sure there are lots of folks who want the processed convenience, and like artificial sweeteners, if it gets folks moving in a healthier direction, I figure it's a good thing in general.

CHIGIRL410 SparkPoints: (8,784)
Fitness Minutes: (13,320)
Posts: 211
4/19/13 4:51 P

It's all individual. Some people lose weight on processed foods, but I'm less likely to be hungry if I eat non-processed foods. Processed foods are made so that you can eat just one. I've seen the Hungry Girl recipes, and they were too processed for me.

4/19/13 4:43 P

I've tried a few of her recipes and didn't like any of them. Finding ways to make treats and snacks lower in calories is great and I do like her website, but I need food with taste. Also, the majority of the stuff she uses and makes is so highly processed I wonder if its even healthy. Yea, it's low calorie, but is it healthy? Now, I use her ideas and tweak them a little so that I get some flavor and maybe a little less calories. What do y'all think?

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