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What's your plans for Mother's Day

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Posts: 1,809
5/7/13 1:51 P

I will go see my Mom Friday at her new assistant living home and take her a gift.

Posts: 2,074
5/3/13 10:27 A

What every Queen for a Day does -- invite the kids and other family over, plan the meal, cook the meal, and clean up after everyone. Oh, and don't forget the other daily chores. Maybe I can throw in some yard work or washing the car while I'm at it! It brings it all home being a MOM!


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Posts: 788
5/3/13 10:03 A

Spending the weekend with my 91 year old mother!!! I feel so fortunate that I am able to do that!!!

SparkPoints: (43,641)
Fitness Minutes: (29,283)
Posts: 1,425
5/3/13 9:03 A

The day before I am spending time with my Mum, were going to lunch then getting pedicures together, not sure what my own family has planned.

Posts: 3,167
5/3/13 8:31 A

no plans yet.

Posts: 1,344
5/3/13 8:14 A

Want to plant flowers in my yard with family dinner with family

Posts: 439
5/3/13 8:01 A

no plans for myself. Will buy m-i-l a card and call or text sisters to wish them a happy one!

Posts: 1,025
5/3/13 8:00 A

I always bring flowers to my mom's grave and sit there talking to her for a while. It will be 11 years this year, but I never miss a Mother's day.

Posts: 5,051
5/3/13 7:53 A

A nice long hike as long as Mother Nature co-operates.

Posts: 17,173
5/3/13 7:30 A

Going to Gettysburg

Posts: 4,945
5/3/13 7:23 A

Mother's Day walk/run 5K with my wonderful daughter

SparkPoints: (278,708)
Fitness Minutes: (123,537)
Posts: 16,668
5/3/13 7:17 A

No clue yet.

SparkPoints: (101,509)
Fitness Minutes: (76,885)
Posts: 2,953
5/3/13 7:14 A

I am volunteering with the race company I run my races with and going to run the Transition Zone with two other volunteers (I was supposed to race but still injured) . We have a nice long bike ride planned (50 KM) for the day as well.

My mom will come to our house for dinner (she lives 3 blocks away from us)

Posts: 12,746
5/3/13 1:32 A

visit my Mom

SparkPoints: (103,188)
Fitness Minutes: (80,585)
Posts: 10,768
5/3/13 1:00 A

It is Mom's choice

SparkPoints: (103,188)
Fitness Minutes: (80,585)
Posts: 10,768
5/3/13 12:59 A

It is Mom's choice

Posts: 1,264
5/3/13 12:48 A

As of now I have no plans.

Online Now
SparkPoints: (160,980)
Fitness Minutes: (97,240)
Posts: 7,115
5/2/13 11:50 P

Nothing. I'll be coming home from a weekend stamping retreat

Posts: 222
5/2/13 11:25 P

probably making dinner for husband's mom

Posts: 11,463
5/2/13 11:21 P

Remembering my Mom

Posts: 5,854
5/2/13 11:14 P

not sure, probably something simple as long as I'm with my husband and son I've got the best gifts

SparkPoints: (272,576)
Fitness Minutes: (188,056)
Posts: 20,295
5/2/13 9:25 P

The fellows are all getting together and having a cookout for all the ladies.

SparkPoints: (9,227)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,103
5/2/13 4:49 P

I'm taking my mom out for a brunch and wine tasting. :D Fun for all!

SparkPoints: (115,003)
Fitness Minutes: (35,494)
Posts: 6,533
5/2/13 4:47 P

Lay back and let my family spoil me.

Posts: 348
5/2/13 3:35 P

Go visit my mom at the nursing home...bring her lunch, and flowers.

Posts: 443
5/2/13 2:17 P

no plans other than to call mom

Posts: 8,023
5/2/13 2:06 P

Oh, man. That is this month, isn't it? I would like to go out to lunch, just me and my mother, while L & K's daddy takes over the parenting responsibilities, then when at home, I would like to watch some movies with my kids, while their daddy goes to check on/spend time with his mother.
I don't want to wash a dish, a load of laundry, blah, blah, etc.

SparkPoints: (113,748)
Fitness Minutes: (29,111)
Posts: 10,754
5/2/13 12:54 P

hoping to have a quiet day

SparkPoints: (52,725)
Fitness Minutes: (48,689)
Posts: 1,474
5/2/13 12:54 P

Blessings to you too, Monie emoticon

SparkPoints: (120,414)
Fitness Minutes: (36,798)
Posts: 4,509
5/2/13 12:50 P

Since my son has passed, it's hard to deal with. However, Blessings to ALL Mothers!

SparkPoints: (61,388)
Fitness Minutes: (40,069)
Posts: 4,472
5/2/13 12:36 P

mom is planning on going camping that weekend emoticon

hopefully I can drive out to the lake to see her

Posts: 2,127
5/2/13 12:23 P

My kids and I are volunteering for the Forzani's Mothers' Day Run and Walk as course marshals. The run raises money for the neonatal intensive care units. There were 14,000 runners last year.

Posts: 462
5/2/13 12:12 P

traveling home from National Archery tournament. But I will be with my daughter.

Posts: 1,809
5/2/13 12:02 P

My oldest daughter asked if I can celebrate Mother's Day one day early since her husband's brother and fiance is visiting from out of town and they all wanted to go to Monterrey on that Sunday with his parents. I told her of course I could move it, so we will celebrate it the Saturday before. It shall be fun. I will make a nice early dinner. I want to include some of my new good foods such as stuffed avocados and homemade hummus. I will keep menu healthy and light so my daughter will feel great in her dress since it is also prom night for my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter will help her get ready. I will be taking photos of my daughter and her friend that are going together and another friend wants to come in and curl her hair ,so it sounds like a busy fun day! HappY Mother's day!

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