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11/1/11 7:15 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Melting In Winter
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ELLEKTRA Posts: 2,908
10/31/11 5:30 P

SUKOTO Posts: 2,219
10/31/11 3:15 P

Fish and crackers.

BLONDWUNN Posts: 4,722
10/31/11 2:56 P


SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (137,749)
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10/31/11 10:57 A

hummus and carrots

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10/30/11 11:42 A


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10/30/11 9:17 A


Donna "Shady" Shea
CBLANK20091 Posts: 4,673
11/12/10 8:46 A

Stacy's Naked Pita Chips

LOLEMA SparkPoints: (104,193)
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11/12/10 8:43 A

almonds or walnuts - or celery and pb

11/10/10 8:12 P

Half frozen banana or 40 calorie homemade pudding pop from sp recipes. emoticon emoticon

SUNNYDAZE9 Posts: 13,606
11/9/10 10:54 P


LORIENA2 Posts: 58
11/9/10 2:19 A

I like to have a slice of turkey wrapped around a dill pickle spear. It's a little high in sodium, but the protein in the turkey gets me though until dinner.

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,116
11/9/10 1:20 A

fruit or nuts

JDFAN448HS Posts: 11,334
11/9/10 1:15 A

maybe an apple or banana

JDFAN448HS Posts: 11,334
11/9/10 1:14 A

more water, cold please

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11/8/10 10:19 P


SUNNYDAZE9 Posts: 13,606
11/8/10 2:27 P


BERRIMOUSE Posts: 1,170
11/7/10 8:31 P

grapes or a banana and peanut butter

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11/7/10 6:32 P

I tried something new the other day and found it delicious!! I mixed a packet of splenda and some cinnamon into a lowfat vanilla yogurt. I put it over mixed fruit. It was great!

DARSHAN130 Posts: 1,747
11/7/10 5:59 P

apple sauce or yogurt

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (43,589)
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11/7/10 5:50 P

fresh veggie with hummus

SUNNYDAZE9 Posts: 13,606
11/7/10 1:22 P

string cheese

11/2/10 6:42 A

cottage cheese

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11/2/10 6:10 A


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11/1/10 11:16 A



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11/1/10 7:05 A

I love fruit snacks. If you suck them they last a long time.

TIJ-RAH Posts: 885
10/31/10 12:44 A


JANR123 SparkPoints: (46,239)
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10/30/10 9:18 P

celery with peanut butter

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (43,589)
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10/29/10 7:19 P

fresh veggies with hunnus

SPCRAIG SparkPoints: (137,749)
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10/29/10 2:21 P

lately I have been eating a Special K protein bar

SOUL_LOVE SparkPoints: (16,334)
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10/29/10 10:42 A

apple, pb, & whole wheat crackers

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BERRIMOUSE Posts: 1,170
10/29/10 10:27 A


"If God Answers your Prayer, he is increasing your FAITH. If he Delays, he is increasing your PATIENCE. If He doesn't Answer, He has Something BETTER for You."
DARSHAN130 Posts: 1,747
10/29/10 10:24 A


10/29/10 8:45 A


EMGERBER SparkPoints: (162,585)
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10/29/10 8:06 A

I am just looking for ideas to replace the high sugar and fat snacks that I seem to go for. I love almonds and I have just not thought about having them for a snack. That is something I can keep in my office desk draw. emoticon

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10/29/10 8:00 A


STACENATOR Posts: 1,223
10/29/10 7:43 A

celery and almond butter, or carrots and hummus

MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,116
10/29/10 2:25 A


DANAWELSH SparkPoints: (5,469)
Fitness Minutes: (2,043)
Posts: 67
10/28/10 9:16 P

Keebler 100 calorie pack of mini brownies.

Dana Welsh
10/28/10 9:02 P

8 oz Fage 0% Greek yogurt mixed with a little Splenda and a cup of frozen blueberries - it's like ice cream, dessert and a side dish mixed together, but very very healthy!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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BLONDWUNN Posts: 4,722
10/28/10 3:27 P

roasted soybeans!

SKINNYMISSKASEY SparkPoints: (114,114)
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10/28/10 2:20 P

Hummus and pretzels or a Luna bar!

SANDYLH1 SparkPoints: (43,589)
Fitness Minutes: (14,745)
Posts: 5,186
10/28/10 9:14 A

raw vegetables and hummus

10/27/10 10:00 P

a piece of fruit. also yogurt with applesauce, cranberry sauce or a little bit of jam

KEELY128 SparkPoints: (251,771)
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10/27/10 8:41 P

try for a piece of fruit but crave chocolate

DAVEANNE Posts: 19
10/27/10 7:51 P

I have same snack every afternoon--I love it. It's filling and seems like ice cream. It's banana milk. One banana, one cup nonfat milk, 1 tsp of vanilla, some sweetner, and ice cubes, then mix. (I've had to buy a super duper mixer though, since I use it so much))

CATHEITE Posts: 4,837
10/27/10 6:04 P

Sweet fruit, like strawberries or pineapple. Or a snack bar, like Fiber One, Luna or Kashi.

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THATGIRLSTEF SparkPoints: (0)
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10/27/10 5:30 P

I always have raw veggies as an afternoon snack... I dress them up with different stuff or add some new things here and there, but it's always raw veggies.

10/27/10 4:50 P

I get those 100 calorie packs of almonds.

SASSY7007 Posts: 9
10/27/10 4:22 P

I'm looking for ideas on snacks. I get tired of the same thing quickly and have trouble coming up with new things to try. emoticon

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