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MIZKAREN Posts: 37,252
2/5/14 8:55 A

roar by Katy Perry

"All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. Call your desires into being by imaging and feeling your wish fulfilled." Neville Goddard
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2/5/14 8:03 A

God is a DJ - Pink

Run the World - Beyonce

Till I Collapse - Eminem (I hate 90% of his other music, but this one is just so motivating)

2/5/14 7:44 A

Get On Your Boots by U2
Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol

Like Gold to Aery Thinness Beat. ~John Donne
JOHN_SKIM Posts: 216
2/5/14 1:23 A

Pandora Radio ;-)

Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!
RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
4/24/13 3:21 P

The new Tegan and Sara album "Heart throb" - is awesome for working out!
great beats for running, etc!

PEPPYPATTI Posts: 37,788
4/24/13 12:49 P

"It's My Life" by Bon Jovi

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Patti - EST
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4/24/13 12:45 P

"Pour some sugar on me"

LIMIT81 Posts: 332
4/24/13 9:47 A

I am into Earth, Wind and Fire

I am on my way to better health and fitness.
LEBEDMOY SparkPoints: (4,317)
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4/24/13 9:34 A

I'm bored with my workout music and I could use some new things to listen to! Feel free to share more than one song, if you like :)

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