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STRANGER70127 Posts: 407
5/13/13 11:58 A

Make sure you can pay for it and choose healthy options that will aid in curing your sicknesses.

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5/13/13 10:14 A

Eat your healthy food before you go & then take 1 tablespoon each of food, I am not much of a meat eater ( red ) so I ask the waitress to have them cut the piece in half & just serve me the half portion, or tell them I do not want it or pass it on to the other person, usually my husband will eat my other half.If it is buffet style I take 1 tablespoon of each food ,no rolls or red meat, There is usually sugared drinks but I do not drink that only water. I never use to do this I gobbled up everything in sight . So this works for me,try it

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,055
5/12/13 9:45 A

try not to show up STARVING. I know its tempting to not eat much all day to save up calories, but I find for me that usually back fires. so try eating a healthy snack before you go, like a bowl of soup, or some veggie sticks.

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5/12/13 5:29 A

Actually, most people don't realize that many kid's meals are just as high in calorie as adult meals. We assume that just because it's a smaller portion, it must have fewer calories. Not so. a person still has to be aware of how many calories there are even in a kids meals. Example, take a look at those Lunchables meals for kids. They should be low calorie, right ? Nope. if you read the label, you'll see that many can have 500-700 calories per box.

Now, what do I do for social eating ? I try to be mindful of my portion sizes. You don't have to deprive yourself when you're out with friends, but you do have to watch the mindless nibbling. Watch the appetizers and watch the fruity cocktails too. Have a small glass of wine if you'd like a drink and if you would like a cocktail, have ONE. those fruity cocktails can have 300-400 calories. so, if you drink more than one, you can see how quickly the calories add up.

If you're at a restaurant, no one says you have to clean your plate. it is okay to bring home leftovers in a doggie bag. Keep in mind that most restaurants serve plates that could feed 2-3 people. So, choose whatever you'd like, but don't eat the entire thing. Eat half and take half home to enjoy the next day.

I try to be mindful of my portions sizes. I don't deprive myself. You don't have to curb your social life because you want to lose weight. You just have to be mindful, that's all.

JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (30,710)
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5/12/13 3:02 A

order a kids meal if they allow that in some places,or before they deliver the meal to you at the restaurant have them pack half of it up to take home.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (555,399)
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5/12/13 2:29 A

Just cut your meal in half and take the other half home.

TESLASILK SparkPoints: (2,262)
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5/12/13 1:12 A

Hey guys, I'm finding social eating my biggest challenge ..... Holidays, restaurants, parties ... It seemed like the only times I get to see my friends are fancy meal times. Tonight, I went to a Mexican restaurant and ended up not sure how well I did. I'd love to here your favorite tips for ordering to eat light at different knits of restaurants at when visiting other people's homes.

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