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JDELEON81 SparkPoints: (11,261)
Fitness Minutes: (6,222)
Posts: 290
6/12/11 4:48 P

I love this WHOLE site.. I love how interactive it is. I also love how many different message boards there are and because of that you can find tons of people who are having the same UP and Downs as you.

SHEILA-45 Posts: 2,875
6/12/11 12:17 P

EVERYTHING!!! It all works beautifully together; I couldn't imagine doing without any feature. emoticon

Sheila ~
Atlanta, GA

BIG_BEAR73 Posts: 1,604
6/12/11 7:51 A

the wight loss tracker, my little turtle has almost made a touchdown!!!/gwledford
CCPYT2006 SparkPoints: (7,266)
Fitness Minutes: (1,493)
Posts: 157
6/12/11 3:17 A

sooo many... food tracker, articles, message boards, blogs, teams, everything. emoticon

LISEWEL SparkPoints: (13)
Fitness Minutes: (150)
Posts: 90
6/9/11 3:44 P

Hard to choose, but probably the phone app. It's great to plug calories and stuff in on the go!

BRIGHTIDEA05 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,104)
Posts: 198
6/9/11 8:39 A

the points wheel

NELLBELLA26 Posts: 445
6/5/11 1:11 P

You mean I have to pick just one??? emoticon

I would have to say my favorite feature is the food tracker. It has really allowed me to see where I need to alter my nutrition in terms of calories and nutrients. I also like the predetermined meals so that I can get healthy ideas so I know what to buy when I go food shopping.

But honestly, I love everything about SP! emoticon

TPETRIE Posts: 15,689
6/5/11 10:33 A

My favorite is the articles especially the health ones. You get information on health issues that you often question. I also like the trackers. This makes you aware of what you eat and do on a daily basis.

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MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1,639
6/4/11 10:41 P

Don't have one! I like everything daaaling!!

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NEWKAREN43 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (16,255)
Posts: 2,071
6/4/11 9:55 P

Difficult choice, my first favorite was the food tracker...lately I've really come to appreciate teams/friends

MISSYGEEN SparkPoints: (27,943)
Fitness Minutes: (21,367)
Posts: 2,007
6/4/11 5:36 P

hmmmmm. Hard to choose, but I would say Spark challenge teams because they are goal oriented and the activity on the page is always current.

6/3/11 8:15 P

The weight loss tracker! emoticon

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DJHS121655 Posts: 494
6/3/11 5:51 P

nutritional and fitness trackers emoticon

6/3/11 4:24 P

nutrition tracker and recipes. I also love the search feature!

DODDSE Posts: 824
6/2/11 11:30 P

The Fitness and Nutrition Trackers

NANA419 Posts: 188
6/1/11 6:45 P

Points wheel, I wish you could just hit spin and the trackers would be filled in, too!

MAUILICIOUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,560)
Posts: 258
5/31/11 10:40 P

articles and trackers

DDSMITH66 Posts: 201
5/31/11 6:47 P


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JNCWHALEY Posts: 419
5/31/11 3:34 P

That's hard. I would have to say Nutrition Tracker and Spark Teams.

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GOMEIN2011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,036)
Posts: 875
5/31/11 3:26 P

2.spark teams
3.spark friends

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KSHELTON21 SparkPoints: (15,810)
Fitness Minutes: (7,171)
Posts: 627
5/27/11 4:58 A

The new nutrition tracker

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RITZIBROWN SparkPoints: (81,517)
Fitness Minutes: (57,053)
Posts: 4,962
5/26/11 10:08 P

trackers, health articles, fitness videos

SHERYL_B SparkPoints: (48,959)
Fitness Minutes: (40,629)
Posts: 1,254
5/26/11 9:47 P

I love the new nutrition tracker!!! My favorite is the reports though. I like to see my trends and learn from them.

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NEL0224 Posts: 46
5/26/11 8:42 P

Food tracker, without having to do all the math for calories, etc!

SPARKEDPERSON SparkPoints: (20,474)
Fitness Minutes: (3,547)
Posts: 146
5/26/11 6:02 P

Nutrition tracker - sooo easy and such pretty reports.
Also I love the Spark Points, it keeps me doing little things all day that keep the fact that I'm doing this in my face.

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,291)
Fitness Minutes: (11,959)
Posts: 6,250
5/17/11 11:13 A

food trackers

JUDITHS68 Posts: 140
5/16/11 7:27 P

1) recipes, 2) trackers, 3) health articles


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KAITMEND SparkPoints: (10,494)
Fitness Minutes: (12,920)
Posts: 656
5/16/11 1:53 P

food tracker. other ones on other sites that I formerly attempted to use just weren't as easy/didn't have as many foods etc.

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DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (55,291)
Fitness Minutes: (11,959)
Posts: 6,250
5/16/11 11:54 A

food tracker

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
5/15/11 6:19 A

Definately food tracker and message boards ! emoticon

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TEACHERDICE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,187)
Posts: 807
5/3/11 2:11 P

So far I like the entire site but the trackers are really helping me to stay on track.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
5/3/11 2:09 P


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MARTHA503 SparkPoints: (19,670)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 1,639
5/3/11 12:37 P

nutrition tracker

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UPBEAT551 SparkPoints: (28,463)
Fitness Minutes: (16,749)
Posts: 986
5/3/11 12:34 P

I like the nutrition tracker.

SPARKCHANTAL SparkPoints: (118,309)
Fitness Minutes: (126,830)
Posts: 14,394
5/2/11 7:28 A

(wellness) articles, quizzes, trackers, message boards, challenges, blogs, goodies

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ROSEWCI SparkPoints: (92,403)
Fitness Minutes: (133,586)
Posts: 6,577
4/30/11 7:28 A

food & fitness trackers!

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COLD_GOLD Posts: 379
4/29/11 11:27 P

I like the fitness tracker the best... I love seeing how many calories I burn in a week, and every month or so, I try to up my average a bit.

MAUILICIOUS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,560)
Posts: 258
4/27/11 10:17 P

I like the trackers fitness, food and water!

SHERYL_B SparkPoints: (48,959)
Fitness Minutes: (40,629)
Posts: 1,254
4/27/11 9:10 P

The nutrition and fitness trackers!!!!!! I've tried other ones before and these are the easiest to use - especially once you've added your favorites.

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Team Leader: Sparks in the Coulee Region (Lacrosse / Onalaska and surrounding area)

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ZOEYBLU Posts: 49,219
4/27/11 10:55 A

the success stories

JOANIEBUG46 Posts: 4,214
4/27/11 10:51 A

I love all the sources of info. Articles and blogs are really helpful, as are the quizzes!

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MEMYSELF2011 Posts: 636
4/25/11 10:33 A

Two things: the really good information available in articles, quizzes, etc. And the high level of participation by the coaches on these message boards - another great source of good info.


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MRSROBERSON09 SparkPoints: (9,934)
Fitness Minutes: (3,032)
Posts: 451
4/20/11 3:15 A

The fitness tracker and the recipes

Mrs. Roberson, LVN

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ABAIL87 Posts: 158
4/17/11 1:14 P

The fitness tracker

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ZOEYBLU Posts: 49,219
4/17/11 12:33 P

the tracker

Fitness Minutes: (10,902)
Posts: 5,408
4/17/11 8:34 A

I would have to say both the nutrition tracker and the recipes.

AKA Sukie Cards

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,585
4/8/11 10:39 P

nutrition tracker

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2BFREE2LIVE SparkPoints: (357,159)
Fitness Minutes: (361,165)
Posts: 16,940
4/8/11 8:38 P

Mine is the nutrition tracker and of course being able to have so many friends across the world.

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DODDSE Posts: 824
4/6/11 10:08 P

Its hard to narrow down my favorite. The most helpful is the nutrition tracker. I plan my meals the day before and that helps me stay on track.

HAPPYOHIO SparkPoints: (9,573)
Fitness Minutes: (5,289)
Posts: 243
4/6/11 8:07 P

I am new to SparkPeople (almost a week strong now!) and am still surprised every day by the different features I find here and there. I've reveiwed the 'getting started' guides, and as I get more and more comfortable on the site, I continue to find hidden gems every day that are very helpful. Today, I pressed the "I'm finished tracking for the day" button for the first time and was so impressed with the breakdown of my meals and suggestions for how to improve nutritionally in some areas. Very cool!

So PLEASE share with us all... What is your favorite feature on the site and why? Thanks!

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