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1/4/13 12:32 P



I love to cook and bake. I have compiled hundreds of recipes on Pinterest: Crowd pleasers: Traditional & Lightened versions of timeless favorites, as well as: gluten free, vegan, Paleo & Grain-Free... and a ton of Scones and desserts.
C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
1/4/13 11:08 A

id have to second the big bowl of popcorn. that or a yummy piece of chocolate- i too have a small treat each day.. part of what kept me from gaining more than 35lbs in my recent pregnancy... with all those intense cravings?? couldnt deprive myself :)

nihil nimus!
CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
1/4/13 10:32 A

Glad it works for you, but for some it definitely would lead to over indulgence.
I will occasionally have an indulgence, but not necessarily daily.
Then it's not very special, is it?

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/4/13 9:02 A

a large bowl of popcorn in front of a roaring fire watching a sappy movie or funny comedy

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1/4/13 8:59 A

My bliss is going out to a really nice restaurant so someone else cooks for me. I know the calories will be higher than normal, but I plan around that. I do this a few times a year.

"This too shall pass."
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1/4/13 8:17 A

I like the idea, I'm all for everything in moderation. However, from my experience, I know I can't just stop at one serving, so it's better for me to label certain foods "bad" just so that I stay away from them.

- Kristen
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1/4/13 8:12 A

My bliss is literally Bliss -- Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bliss. One piece is 35 calories and so good. I have a few a week.

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1/4/13 6:13 A


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1/4/13 6:09 A

When I freak out and feel deprived for something semi naughty I have a teaspoon of Nutella...seems to satisfy my cravings. I don't do it every day but when I do I track it. I think tracking even when you bend the rules a bit is where it becomes important because then I know I have to really behave the remainder of the day.

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1/3/13 11:08 P

bliss dosen't have to be food but I just had a chocolate berry protein whey shake it was pretty good and cocoa is only 20 calories a tablespoon

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/3/13 11:01 P

the idea is ok I guess.......For me it's better if I do that once a week and not daily. But to be honest I don't have that many cravings.

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1/3/13 7:58 P

Very interesting idea... all about portion control.

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1/3/13 7:29 P

I like that idea. I already utilize something like it, but this puts the idea in more perspective for me. Thanks for sharing!! emoticon

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1/3/13 6:36 P

I totally agree with this concept, and from personal experience, have found it to be very effective, at least for me. I realize people are different. For me, a healthy lifestyle is all about moderation. If I have to totally deprive myself of anything, it's not something I can do for life. There are days I go without my bliss (dark chocolate and other kinds of sugar), so I don't necessarily always subscribe to 10% DAILY, but I can guarantee I don't deprive myself of them.

I've seen places on SP reference the 80/20 rule (eating right 80% of the time), and I think that comes into play here. If you apply the concept you bring up, it would be a 90/10 rule, even better, in my book!!

Great post and food for thought for many!!

MAUREENIE1 Posts: 475
1/3/13 6:24 P

When I worked with a Registered Dietician last year, she stressed to me that I should not make any food forbidden. She called what we would normally call "bad foods"," Bliss Foods". She told me that I could have 100-150 calories of Bliss Food per day. This has really helped me. My bliss foods are chocolate, cakes, pastries, added sugar and junk food of any kind. The formula for this is 10% of your total calories for the day can be allotted to Bliss Food. What do you think of this idea for yourself?

The key to me eating healthy is eating mindfully. This means reading labels, making balanced choices, and most importantly, listening to my body's hunger cues.
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