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12/27/13 11:08 P

I like running and have a treadmill, so I can do that for my cardio. Then I'll take a look at some of the links for strength and flexibility. I'm getting quite excited about this. New year is my favourite time to start a good plan :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/27/13 10:53 P

The best exercise plan is one that you like and will actually do. So do u like swimming...? Or walking...? or an exercise video...? It has to be one that u like and will commit to doing. U have to enjoy or u won't do it.

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12/27/13 10:28 P

What's best for someone is going to vary. Generally, it is recommended to do 3-5 days of cardio for 30-60 minutes each of those days and to do 2-3 days of strength training (giving yourself 1-2 rest days before working the same muscle groups again).

You may find these articles helpful:

Reference Guide to Aerobic Exercise:

Reference Guide to Strength Training:

For the cardio portion, I would recommend trying out different exercises and activities that get your heart rate up. If you find something enjoyable, you are more likely to stick with it over time. For the strength training portion, check out the Workout Generator:
and some of the short workout videos:> for some workouts (there are even some cardio videos in there too).

Coach Denise

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12/27/13 11:05 A

The best thing you can do is something that challenges you and keeps you coming back. What may work for one person may not work for you.

You mention wanting to do both cardio and weights. I can highly recommend Les Mill's Body Pump. If you don't want to pay for the DVDs see if your gym offers classes. Body Pump is an hour long weightlifting class that works all the major muscle groups and with the quick changes in reps and moves, you can get your cardio in too.

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12/27/13 8:09 A

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The best program is one that you will maintain and actually enjoy. SP has several free exercise videos and a strength training generator.

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12/26/13 11:46 P

I want to commit myself to a fitness programme in the new year and would appreciate suggestions on how often to train and what to do. I can run 5k and have some dumbells. I'm not in great shape, but I'm ok. I weigh 5'6" and 62kg.

Does anyone know of a suitable book/ programme etc that covers what I should do for cardio/ weights/ flexibility. I want something I can do for 30 minutes a day, that is balanced. I would like to work out 3-5 times a week.

Most programmes seem to be either focussing on cardio or weights not both.

Thanks for your help

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