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GAVINM136 SparkPoints: (24,145)
Fitness Minutes: (24,832)
Posts: 204
4/7/13 8:28 P

I was going over what I had had the week before I started (restarted) Jan 17th 2013. one of the days was almost 19000 calories and I was over 8000 all but 1 day that week

EASTENDCLAM Posts: 2,760
3/31/13 10:35 A

8700+ one Super Bowl Sunday. Nowadays that's about five days of calories.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
2/15/13 11:12 A

Had a great V-day, but went WAY overboard on the food and drinks.

5,300 calories.


SPERRIN2012 SparkPoints: (181,188)
Fitness Minutes: (122,983)
Posts: 17,742
2/4/13 8:27 P

Just below 4k in one day since I started tracking with Spark last April.

BARLOWMI SparkPoints: (4,037)
Fitness Minutes: (4,211)
Posts: 18
2/4/13 6:47 P

Back in college my roomate was a nutrition major and a a project for a summer class tracked my calorie intake for an entire week. My maximum intake was 13,870 in one day.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
2/4/13 6:20 P

Hit 5k on Super Bowl Sunday. Actually only tracked 4,700, but rounded up since I may have forgotten a wing or two.

SNAFUKEN SparkPoints: (15,294)
Fitness Minutes: (4,934)
Posts: 828
2/4/13 9:51 A

3000 since I've been with Sparkpeople.I couldn't imagine how high I went on occasion before tracking here. emoticon

2/1/13 5:28 P

I had one day just over 3500 -- went on a binge of deep fried salty crunchy things with an ice cream sundae chaser. That was about 3x the 1200 calories I'm supposed to have.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
2/1/13 11:17 A

Since I asked this I've been good for about one over 3,500 calorie day per week. Still losing though, so that's good.

DAMIENHUSTED SparkPoints: (6,896)
Fitness Minutes: (5,729)
Posts: 155
2/1/13 10:49 A

my most now was 2099 but i put AWAY 5000 TO 6000 a day before i started spark people

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
2/1/13 12:55 A

My highest track day that I can remember was in the neighborhood of 3500 calories. But I used to easily put away 8,000 calories a day. Glad those days are over.

IAMCHRIS SparkPoints: (847)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 30
1/22/13 9:22 P

I sat down once and thought back to how I used to eat then added up the calories...I broke 11k. Its one thing to think about how high you might have gone now, since you began tracking, but think back to before and you will amaze yourself.

ZENANDNOW SparkPoints: (68,476)
Fitness Minutes: (2,138)
Posts: 4,632
1/19/13 10:33 A

Since tracking began on 12/17/ highest daily caloric intake was 1480 (out of a daily range of 1000-1500). So far, I've never reached my upper limit. emoticon

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
1/18/13 2:04 P

It's amazing how the calories can creep up on you. For example, I went overboard this past Saturday during my buddy's engagement party, and ended up with over 4,500 calories. All the while I was under the impressing that I was making decent and sensible choices. Nope. All the picking and drinking added up big time.

WARMSTRONG2 SparkPoints: (411,876)
Fitness Minutes: (146,786)
Posts: 15,153
1/18/13 10:14 A

I think it was 4500 but before I had the accountability of tracking I am certain it was a lot higher and more often.

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (20,650)
Fitness Minutes: (13,280)
Posts: 785
1/17/13 1:26 P

Once every other month I go out for all you can eat ribs. That meal hits about 5000 calories. All other days I eat less that 2000.

SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
12/23/12 2:43 P

Of 'off' days when we've gone out to a restaurant, I've tracked about 3000, which, when I was younger, was on the low end of maintenance (or often below that) but which is now about weight-gain territory for me. Now even on my high days I don't go above 2600.

ERICWS SparkPoints: (8,307)
Fitness Minutes: (22,220)
Posts: 1,537
12/20/12 12:58 P

I don't track, but I must go sky high at holiday dinners. As in 5000+ for the day.

MCGS62 SparkPoints: (13,048)
Fitness Minutes: (9,828)
Posts: 1,303
12/20/12 12:35 P

My daughters grad party--- I stopped tracking at 5000--

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (104,762)
Fitness Minutes: (59,663)
Posts: 3,055
12/20/12 8:52 A

Hey, gotta have some fun every once in a while, right?

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
Fitness Minutes: (12,713)
Posts: 4,114
12/20/12 7:41 A

Sounds about like my high, I think I counted like 4500. It was planned though. We have a company function every summer where we eat and drink (mostly drink) from noon until midnight. It's awesome, I will do the same thing next year :)

WASCHULL1 SparkPoints: (104,762)
Fitness Minutes: (59,663)
Posts: 3,055
12/19/12 8:44 P

wow.... I had a really bad day in the summer of 2011 when i had almost 8000. i dont remember the exact number but it was between 7500 and 8000. Lots of beer and hamburgers!

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
12/19/12 7:23 P

2,600 is my usual off day.

RODGRODMEDFLOD SparkPoints: (530,459)
Fitness Minutes: (204,514)
Posts: 12,630
12/19/12 5:47 P

For me, about 2,600 I think.

TOMMYGUN81 SparkPoints: (5,693)
Fitness Minutes: (4,047)
Posts: 81
12/19/12 2:37 P

Had a horrible day yesterday since it was my company Christmas party.

4,800 calories. By far the most Ive ever tracked.

Anyone else?

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