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6/20/13 9:51 A

I agree that a doctor's visit is definitely the first place to start.
Self-diagnosis is not always successful, and it's best to have things checked by a professional

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6/19/13 10:48 P

I would be inclined to make an appointment with your Dr to see what is going on with the foot/ankle issue. There are a few causes - physical and medication - and a lot are nothing to do with food. Only your Dr will be able to determine if any of the other possibilities are the factor for you, and if so, treat it appropriately.


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6/19/13 10:14 P

So confused, and now stumped...

As someone with osteoporosis, I have always gotten consistent advice to get a good helping of calcium, with a big thumbs-up to low-fat dairy--which is even more encouraged being that I'm also a vegetarian. I've also recently noticed a slight bout of edema in my right foot and ankle, and while seeking advice for relieving that, I've been finding such conflicting information--like dairy is good for circulation and strength, but could actually exacerbate the swelling--shouldn't better circulation improve it though?

Please give me some clarity if you can!! Thanks!

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