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When you start/increase an exercise program, it is a comon response for your muscles to retain water. This increase in your lean mass can lead to little change in the scale, even as you are burning fat.

However, fat it considerably bulkier than muscle and water, and typically this will show up as inches lost, even if the scale is being unco-operative. The tape is a much better means of tracking your progress than the scale. If you are losing inches, you ARE losing fat.

Take a look at the photo at
for a great image of fat v muscle.


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12/19/13 4:16 P


How much weight are you trying to lose ? While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there will be weeks you don't lose. There will even be weeks you gain ! And that doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. The weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. In general, it could take 6-8 weeks of healthy eating and regular exercise before a person sees a change in the scale. And that's perfectly normal.

People who are morbidly obese might see some quick losses intially, but after a while, those losses would slow down. Someone trying to lose that last 10-15 pounds would find it very slowly going.

How much you lose really does depend on a lot of different factors.

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12/19/13 1:46 P

As the other poster said, weight loss is only one measure of success. Your body could be adjusting to the changes you are making and is trying to hold on to the status quo for dear life. Hang in there. If you keep doing what you are doing, the weight will come off.

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Weight loss is only one measure of success and a pretty unreliable one at best. You are obviously doing the right things and on the right track!

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12/19/13 9:32 A

I'm staying in my calorie range, drinking the water, exercising faithfully, and sleeping well, but not much weight loss! Lots of NSVs, though. More stamina, better posture, looser clothes, less meds, a few lost inches, but not much weight loss. Is this normal?

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