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MAGIK0731 Posts: 5,844
2/3/10 1:27 P

Thanks everyone for the ideas!

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1/28/10 6:23 A

Green beans are great to add a spicy dressing too, I like a bit of peanut butter, soy sauce, chopped chilli, chopped ginger and some rice vinegar to thin it to dress the hot beans.

1/27/10 5:12 P

How about a veggie slaw.
Carrots, cabbage, lettuce, radishes, mushrooms,
use a grater and choose the veggies you like.
Once grated, add a little vinegar or low fat/fat free dressing.

YOGINILMT Posts: 309
1/26/10 12:25 P

A fresh tomato salad would be good.

Chop tomatos into cubes and toss with parsley and olive oil.
You can add to this, of course. That's just the foundation. I'll add peppers and onions sauteed in a pan with one clove of grated garlic. Let it cool before adding to the tomatos! Advocados are a good addition, too.

The acidity will balance out the fried flavor of the crab cakes and lighten the meal, as well as add some color.

EYEONGOAL Posts: 1,439
1/26/10 9:24 A

Any type of roasted vegetable is always good. When I roast my vegetables, I spray them with Pam then I season them with salt and pepper or with some type of general seasoning like Mrs. Dash (She has a spicy variety). Then I roast them at about 425 degrees until they are done (8-12 minutes). I also love the idea of coleslaw. Rice pilaf (Near East) is my other popular item.

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1/26/10 8:34 A

Cole slaw is good, try adding a touch of horseradish to give it some bite; any kind of salad is good, tossed green to pasta. Corn on the cob, roasted vegetables or baby red potatoes, french fries.

MAGIK0731 Posts: 5,844
1/22/10 12:06 P

I want to make crab cakes tonight but I don't know what's a good side or sides for crab cakes, any good suggestions? I have done asparagus in the past buy my boyfriend isn't keen on asparagus. He also doesn't care for zucchini or broccoli. He likes spicy so the more heat the better! Let me know what you guys think.


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