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3/8/13 9:58 A

Plan out your day in advance while you adjust to eating less. Also, figure out the nutritional values for your go-to meals and snacks and mix and match them accordingly.

Look at what you're eating and if there's a way you can cut. Can you eat less of something? Switch to a lower fat version of milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. A big one that helps a lot of people is to not drink any of your calories. I'd make an exception for a glass of skim milk or a nuritionally dense smoothie, but cut out juices, full sugar sodas, etc. Opt for an actual piece of fruit instead of juice and water or un sweetened tea instead of soda. Add Mio or Crystal Light to water or drink a Diet Snapple, if you absolutely must have a "flavored" beverage. You can also switch to diet, although that should probably be limited as well. (Although I'll fully admit to having a weakness for Coke Zero!)

3/8/13 9:08 A

I think it can also make a difference as to when you track.

I know that if I plan my food for the day ahead and track it in the morning I am more likely to stay within my calorie range as I know how many calories I have to play with for the day.

However, if I wait to the end of the day to track what I've eaten then more often than not I have underestimated what I ate and have gone over my calorie range for the day.

3/7/13 7:42 P

Let us know if you need the steps to make your tracker public.

You need to investigate your nutrition tracker on your own. Start here: Were there calories coming in from pastries, candy, cake, cookies, etc. Any chips, snack cracker type foods, sugary beverages, high calorie coffee drinks, ???


SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
3/7/13 7:30 P

It would be helpful to us if you made your food tracker public so we can see what you're eating. Without that it's hard to help.

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3/7/13 7:23 P

I went over my calories again today. I dont know where im going wrong. Does anyone have any advice on helping me not go over my calories.

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