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2/14/14 10:03 A

I'll be 33 this year, so I'm not that young. But I've been overweight for so long that now that I'm finally down to the last twenty or so pounds, I'm feeling like, Hey, I look pretty good, right? So why am I not being checked out like I used to be before I gained all the weight? That's the problem - I WANT men to look at me. I want the validation that comes from an appreciative glance caught out of the corner of my eye. I want to know that men do still consider me physically appealing, even if I now have crow's feet. I am doing this for myself but I'd be foolish to say that I'm ONLY doing it for myself. I WANT to be attractive to the guys I find appealing. I don't think that's such a bad thing. And a word about the makeup/no sweat girls - it depends on the day/time they're there. If they're on a midday break from work, as I am on the weekends, then they'll likely have a full face of makeup and not be doing anything too rigorous, so they don't go back to work smelly and looking like a raccoon. However, I go to the gym six days a week, so there are plenty of other times when I do get sweaty and gross. It doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks of that. I just want to feel sexy again and no amount of positive affirmations I say to myself can replicate the high that comes from catching a guy checking me out. Sure, it makes me feel good to know I'm doing something good for myself, but does it make me feel sexy? Hmm, not really. I'm not like those guys who stand in front of the mirror flexing, thinking, "Damn, I'd do me". LOL

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2/13/14 8:44 P

I'm 34, and I've always been around those people in the gym.

Because I've always belonged to a university fitness facility. They end up being cheap, especially for the extras, and because they have been located close to where I work. So, everyone around me is an 18-year-old skinny kid, flirting with other 18-year-old skinny kids.

One of the best days in the gym was when I was running on the treadmill, and a couple guys from the basketball team hopped on the treadmills next to me. For the next 10 minutes, I watched as these guys, Division 1 NCAA athletes, failed to run as hard as I was and no where near as long. Keep in mind that there will always be cute, skinny, tiny girls in the gym, but that doesn't mean that you can't be stronger than they are.

(And mirrors all over the place is awful. Totally agree with that. Sure, they help you get the form right, but you don't need anywhere near as many as are up in the gym.)

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2/12/14 11:36 P

I think/know the problems with us Americans we want everything in an instant. That is why the fast food joints making a killing off most people. It has taken you awhile to get there why not go to the gym under the thinking that you are going to make a lifestyle change and that it is going to take some work and time.

Just my thoughts.

When exercising you have to just keep moving one foot at a time.
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2/12/14 10:41 P

I have the same problem at my gym. Also, because it's right down the street from both an Air Force base and a college...well. Let's just say that working out there can make me very insecure. How I get around it is by using that insecurity to fuel my workouts. It makes me work harder so I can look better faster.

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2/12/14 3:41 P

So at 25 I joined my first gym, it was dark and smelly and pretty much a bunch of huge scary looking dudes. What I learned is that gym "respect" is earned, if you want to "go hard" you will have a spotter. If you want to wear a face full of make-up and flit around in a bunny suit you will attract a very specific kind of dude. emoticon

Even when my gym got re-vamped and the bunnies poured in and the dude bunnies followed there was a pecking order and that wasn't "who looked better in lulumelon." It was who had a gym body, who was working TOWARDS a gym body versus the posers.

Did I meet guys at the gym? Did I enjoy the camaraderie? Did I date any? Yes to all of the above. I wasn't into "dude bunnies" sporting their "bar bodies", big biceps-no butt or legs.

It turned out that the more athletically inclined guys had more in common with me and I certainly wasn't a "jockette" Most of the guys I dated, didn't drink a lot. They were inclined to "do something" whether it was a fun run, a ball game(live) dancing, cycling, hiking, snowboarding etc. The only irony being that as a trained chef I rarely cooked anything that wasn't "clean" food as I eventually stuck with a pro-bodybuilder for a few years.

Confidence is what you need, getting good at building your body will help. If you have no idea what you are doing, hire a trainer for a couple sessions. Pick up some magazines. Good form is critical. Make working out a habit, darken the gym's doorstep on a regular basis, just don't go when you need a date.

Try new things until you find something you like? Are you a Zumba gal?Pilates? I liked lifting and cardio was done to insure I could keep up or at least not be last. When you do something you like it will A) become habit B) become fun C) attract people to you as you will radiate happy vibes

Want to meet guys and break a sweat? Try an obstacle race...look up SPARTAN SPRINT, train for one and GO!

Every single person at the gym has had a DAY ONE, WEEK ONE, MONTH ONE. Very few great bodies are born that way? Make yourself a priority, build the body YOU WANT, accomplish the things you WANT and the rest will follow.

At 33 ,you're a wee bit old to worry about comparing yourself to others? You have to be happy in your own skin, you might never be a bunny? I was NEVER a bunny nor did I aspire to bunnydom because you don't really want to end up with a dude bunny?

All men will look, some will be more sly than others. emoticon

The gym guy you want is the one who doesn't look at your b**bs or b*tt but compliments some random part like your lats or pick up line ever btw. Is the guy who offers to spot you, re-racks his weights when you are waiting, doesn't leave the equipment all dripping and gross because often the guy who is considerate at the gym is considerate OUTSIDE the gym.

Go to the gym for you. Build your body and your confidence in the process. Like yourself first and people will like you back. When you wake up in a year or two and see some timid looking woman in the corner who is admiring your body, go out of your way and say "hi"and introduce yourself.

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2/12/14 1:33 P

Did anyone actually sneer at you? It sounds like you're just feeling insecure. Trust me, no one is noticing you. They're too busy focusing on themselves, getting their sweat on and their heart beat up.

I do notice overweight people at the gym, but all I think is "Good for them. I hope they stick with it." No one is judging you. Now get your booty back to the gym and become the best you that you can be! (After all, no one can be You better than you can!!)

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2/11/14 11:39 P

I feel for you. I went to that type of gym years ago. Back then, I was mildly overweight. Now, I am coming down from being very heavy.

This time, I joined Planet Fitness and marveled at how much less emotional tugs there is in a place where people aren't wearing spandex and leotards. Most of the people are in t-shirts and comfortable pants and almost everybody shows up in what they work out in. That helped me a lot.

I want to give you a hug and say, "Please don't even look at them!" If you can't turn your focus away from them. Change the time you go or find another gym for the last 30 pounds. Or if you choose something other than yoga until you get in shape. For me, the emotional slip sliding from things like that is what made me gain weight. That is why I did choose an "unintimidating" gym this time. I need to feel good about myself during this process and I need to avoid emotional upheaval, because it has caused me to stop in the past and I can't afford to stop.

You deserve to feel good about yourself right now for your own success. Honestly, even if it is doing the treadmill and things like that for a few months, it might keep you from getting emotionally off-track until you are more confident.

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2/11/14 6:17 P

"I want to be noticed. I want to be the girl who turns heads wherever she goes." I'm guessing that you are young. If looks are the basis for starting a relationship, you will be attracting a lot of shallow and superficial people. If that what your really want? Doesn't sound like the basis for a deep, lasting relationship.

You know what makes heads turns? Confidence, passion, optimism, humor. I have met people who on the surface are not that attractive, but the way they carry themselves and interact with others make them the most beautiful people in the room. I've met people who on the surface look very attractive but have nothing to say or contribute. They quickly lose their appeal.

Keep working on you for yourself. Pursue your passions and interests and hobbies. Maybe love will find you and if not, you are still living and exciting and fulfilling life.

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2/11/14 5:48 P

Ok so here is another guys perspective. I saw another guy posting all guys are pigs at heart. I so much say that is wrong. I'm not a gym rat as I just like exercising outside too much, but this winter in Pa. it has been too cold. I just started to go to Planet Fitness to get myself back into shape for my upcoming bicycle season. I don't go there looking for women but I don't think men looking for women or women looking for me at the gym is the best place to meet each other.

I meet my GF at a Singles Dance(not the bar scene). She wasn't looking at the time but I was. We have been together now since around Valentine's Day 2010 and life couldn't be any better.

Good luck on your journey.

When exercising you have to just keep moving one foot at a time.
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2/11/14 5:33 P

You don't sound that different from me - I also feel fairly plain and while I like getting pretty when the event calls for it, I work hard enough at the gym that any makeup I go in wearing will be sweated off by the time I'm done, in addition to being bright red and soaked in sweat!

That said, while my husband finds me attractive, he didn't approach me because I was smoking hot and he wanted to talk to the hot chick - he knew I was smart and funny and that's what he wanted to get to know, and what he still enjoys talking to. Someone that decides whether to talk to you or not based solely on how you look, probably isn't worth spending much time talking to. But if someone is rather impressed with how hard a workout you put in, or how nice you were to another gym noobie, or something that shows you as a person - I would put more value in that.

Just another voice that is saying the guys chasing the girls that go to the gym to not workout - probably not worth your time.

Do something everyday that your future self will thank you for.
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2/11/14 10:06 A

Thank you everyone for your encouragement! I do work really hard and am focused on my workouts when I'm there, but at the same time, I want to be noticed. I want to be the girl who turns heads wherever she goes. That's why I began my weight loss journey. I'm not ashamed to admit it: I want to be very attractive to the opposite sex, so I'm doing the best I can to make that happen. I'm tired of being alone, and I want love, hopefully the forever kind. I knew that very few men would be attracted to me at my former weight, and those who would be are not usually my type. So I am doing something about that, so that I can attract the kind of men I find desirable. I chose to quit feeling sorry for myself and do something to improve my lot in life. I also love working out - I like the feeling I get from challenging myself physically. I like knowing that I'm doing something good for myself and taking care of myself.

But I still don't have many dating options. There is online dating, which I am doing with some success, but have yet to have anything stick. I don't go out very often because I work and go to school. I never had much of a taste for nightlife and wouldn't want to meet anyone there anyway.I am on Meetup, and haven't met anyone there. The guys who go to those things are usually not my type. They're too old, too socially awkward or just plain unattractive to me. I go to Meetups mainly to pass the time and pretend I have some kind of social life. They can be fun, though.

I know that guys typically don't go to the gym to pick up women. However, I don't think it's a bad place to meet someone - after all, you're both there because of a common goal: to be or get fit. It seems to me that it's as good as anyplace to meet someone. I just wish I wasn't so invisible to the guys I'm attracted to. I am a rather plain woman and I don't doll myself up purposely for the gym. If I go on my lunch break, yes, I'm wearing makeup and I do try not to sweat it all off because I'm going back to work. But there are plenty of other times that I'll go without makeup and do a serious workout where I do have sweat dripping down my neck. If a guy can find that sexy, then I'll know he really thinks I'm attractive!

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2/9/14 4:31 P

Try not to compare yourself to others. Get your mp3 player, plug in and do your workout. You've done an amazing job losing weight. You've accomplished a lot.
Know that what you are doing is for you and your health. Don't let the people around you hold you back or put negative thoughts in your head.
Good luck with your weight loss goal. I know you can do it. emoticon

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2/7/14 6:25 P

MISSSVJS, I just had to post again after reading your message: You and I are on the same mental page, sistah! I am so with you on everything you expressed.

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2/7/14 6:17 P

I haven't read all the replies, but I completely agree with Heather's and Lirissa's remarks. Stop worrying about what others think. I'm not trying to be harsh, but most people are working out and are too busy to focus on you; this isn't high school. Also, ditch the idea of meeting a guy at the gym: Doing the latter means you would be focused on how you look, and how can you work out really hard and sweat buckets if you're worried about how you look?

By the way, I'm pushing 46, and every day I go to a CrossFit class where I am the second oldest person there. Also, more than half of the class are men. Guess what? I don't care. I'm there to work out. And the thing is, we've all learned to respect each other for the fact that we work our butts off every day.

I think you just need to get used to this new coed gym. After a while, you will hardly notice the other people.

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2/7/14 2:52 P

I was twenty pounds overweight when I met my husband. I am actually forty pounds overweight now and he's still attracted to me (men are obvious sometimes). I have bad teeth (I really needed braces as a kid but we couldn't afford them and I still can't afford them). I have crazy hair. I cry at the smallest of things. And I have someone who loves me for me. Someone who has been with me for seven years now and who promised me a lifetime. Never give up.


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2/7/14 2:14 P

Jenn ... everyone is attractive to someone. Attractiveness is highly subjective. Don't believe me? Go to Walmart and look at the "people of Walmart" who have kids. Someone slept with that person. Ok, I'm just kidding with the Walmart statement ... hopefully it made you laugh. Seriously, though, everyone has their own thing they like. Think about what you like in a man ... do you think every woman would agree with you? I like men with really dark hair, you might like blondes. I like a guy who's not afraid to eat cupcakes; that wouldn't fly with some really hardcore fitness chicks. Someone's gonna be DOWN for the junk in your trunk, I promise.

2/6/14 8:08 P

I'm glad a guy finally chimed in on this. I will give the perspective of a 32 year old male. Yes, we can't deny that we look. However, personality does go a long way with a guy too, maybe not as much as it does for women. Cute with personality is a damn fine combination in a relationship. Never let the extreme examples of fitness/beauty intimidate you.

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2/6/14 6:30 P

I used to go to the gym, but can't now due to time restraints. I know what you mean by all these size 2's running around with the short shorts, but the guys there are so gross!

Think about you when you are at the gym working out. My friends would always tell me when I was single. When you least expect it, love will find you....and they were right. Focus on yourself and forget everyone else. Good luck!

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2/6/14 3:02 P

Everyone has their issues. Half of those girls are probably psycho and can't keep a guy by any means, maybe 1 or 2 have a good relationship, the rest have so many issues that they screw everything up. You my lovely have no baggage and have accomplished something so difficult, most people who try never do. 80 lbs holy smokes! If you see a guy at the gym who strikes you as a nice person, smile right at him and you might find they reciprocate. A lot of the time it is the energy people put out that gets them noticed. Pamper yourself, take care of yourself and dress to impress ~ not anyone else but yourself though. All of those things can make you feel more sexy and the sexier you feel, the sexier you come across. Find your mojo, it certainly sounds like you got some! emoticon

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2/6/14 1:26 P

Thanks BrianLieberth for your response. I have to agree that men who ogle at the gym will do it anywhere. I think men will notice a woman just for the simple fact that there is a woman in the same room. How long a man "notices" a woman varies from guy to guy though. That probably doesn't help, but as you said, most men (and most women too) do their workouts and go home.

I do have to say that men have been nicer to me than most women at the gym. Maybe guys are just more willing to help a woman than other women. I've had guys help me figure out how to adjust the seat on a stationary bike (one that I'd never used before), help me with the cable cross machine (adjust it so that I could do my workout - I'm short), and help me with the assisted pull-up machine.

GIPPER1961 Posts: 665
2/6/14 12:23 P

Let me add a prospective as a man who goes to the gym nearly every day. I believe the generalization that men go to the gym to ogle women is somewhat inaccurate, but at the same time every man notices all manner of women. We men are pigs at heart. We have to overcome that nature and I believe it is a daily battle that most of us win.

I may not be a great example as I am in my 50's and married for 21 years so not looking to meet women but I can honestly say I notice many women, but for the most part, I do my workout an go home. I don't know if that helps or hurts but I think it is more typical than many people think.

Men that are checking women out are going to do it anywhere whether they are at a gym a mall or the local starbucks.

It sounds like you have done a great accomplishment, keep it up and please yourself first. That is difficult advice as I don't always practice it myself but it is productive nonetheless.

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2/6/14 11:04 A

Honestly if you're going to the gym to impress anyone and trying to look good while you're working out, you're not working out hard enough. I've seen plenty of women do the little prancing run on the treadmill so they don't mess up their hair/makeup. WHY ARE YOU HERE is really what I wanted to scream at them.

The times I got the biggest compliments were after 30-45 minute interval runs and being hot and sweaty. I agree 100% with previous posts that you're at the gym to workout; not to worry about who is watching you do it.

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2/6/14 10:50 A

I'm a 56-year-old (married for 37 years) woman and I work out almost every day at a co-ed gym - usually before work. There's always a variety of ages and people when I'm there - old, young, male, female, gay, etc. I don't pay any attention to most of them. I put my iPod on and get to work. I'm not there to impress anyone, I'm there to work out and I have a limited amount of time to get that done. I don't care what anyone thinks, I don't care what anyone else is doing - I simply don't care about anyone else at that point in my day but my own workout - maybe that sounds self-centered and selfish, but isn't that the point of working out - to take care of ourselves? I also take a yoga class on my lunch break at this same gym. Again, there are men there as well as women and a variety of ages. I'm not as flexible as some and I can't do some of the poses, but I don't gauge myself by how others perform their own yoga practice; I gauge myself by how much I've personally improved since I first started doing yoga a couple of years ago. My best advice is to simply ignore the gym beauties and do your own thing - you know what you've accomplished; perhaps if you struck up a conversation with some of these folks, you'd find out that they too have overcome some weight issues as well - if not, well, good for them!

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2/5/14 12:59 P

" I have no objection to guys flirting with me, but if one tried it while I was pulling a PR deadlift I'd bite him in half."


edited to add: once at a WOMEN'S ONLY GYM some random moron came up to me in the middle of a tough set, complimented my outfit and tried to start a conversation about where to buy it.

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LARISSA_NY Posts: 177
2/5/14 12:49 P

A gym isn't a singles bar, and trying to treat it like one is just going to be setting yourself up for disaster. The only guys who are going to hit on you at the gym are... well, the types of guys who hit on women at the gym. Everyone else is there to focus on their workouts, just like Heather says.

Work out harder. Lift heavy. If you still have the head space left to worry about what everyone else is looking like, doing, or thinking about you, that is your body's way of telling you to put more weight on the bar. I have no objection to guys flirting with me, but if one tried it while I was pulling a PR deadlift I'd bite him in half.

Work out at the gym. Look for male attention somewhere more appropriate. Also, those gym bunnies you don't like are your best friends, because they spend a lot of time in locker rooms and have seen EVERYTHING and just do not care anymore. They're not going to make fun of you. The ones you have to worry about are the insecure newbies who spend all their time looking at and judging everyone else.

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2/5/14 8:10 A

LOL, MSANITAL! With each of those descriptions a very clear image of regulars at my gym popped into my head. :D

MSANITAL Posts: 7,999
2/4/14 7:28 P

I could see how being intimidated by a coed gym would make you feel this way but you know.. your there for a reason and that is to keep your comment to your self of a healthy style , your there to transform your body and mind.. and yes sometimes seeing people who are different then you is intimidating but you know . they where no born that way and if they where congrats to them because they are keeping their commitment to them selves to stay healthy.. but we all know there are a lot of different type of people at the gym which include and not limited to:

the guy who grunts when he lifts weights tying to impress the people that he is working out hard.

The guy who is checking out woman as they walk by and as soon as one does he lifts a heavy weight

The girl who gets on a machine takes 2 minutes to select her choice of music on her iphone,,has to tweet that she is at the gym, then takes a sip of her coffee, and now has wasted 10 minutes on the machine that she has no idea how to use it..

and the list goes on.. but either way. no one is really looking at you.. because they are more concerned with the fact of who is looking at them..

Good Luck.. keep going to the gym..



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2/4/14 7:09 P

I get hit on all the time at the gym, and I have made some good friends that way too. I am really big and still overweight even thought I am pretty fit in the sense of having good strength and endurance. I have no idea what the secret is...maybe confidence?

If the gym is not a good place for you to connect with other people...try other places. Develop some new hobbies, try new things and you might have better luck.

One place to start could be, where there are all different sorts of groups that get together.

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2/4/14 6:58 P

Heather said it best


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2/4/14 11:05 A

First and foremost:

Those people at the gym? Have nothing to do with you. They don't think about you, they don't care about you. You don't go to the gym to get noticed by guys, do you? Of course not. You go to work out. I think that instead of worrying about what others think of you on the treadmill, it's time to crank up that workout so you're too busy not dying to worry about what others think. Go to stink, work up a sweat, and work HARD.

When my mind wanders, I'm not working out enough to challenge myself. Turn up the intensity, add some intervals, do something to distract yourself.

And it's time to start working on your heart and your mind. You're working on your body, now for the hard part. Eleanor Roosevelt, probably one of the least attractive women I've ever seen, was one of the most influential, powerful women of her time, and she said something that you should take to heart:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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2/4/14 10:38 A

Guys who try to pick up girls at the gym are Grade A creepers, in my experience. Who wants to be approached like that when they are all sweaty and disgusting? And the girls who spend all their time on the cardio machines, well, they look like they can be broken in half anyway.

I go to a gym similar to what you described and the people that matter are the people that respect each other for putting in an honest effort to get healthy and fit. So emoticon for going in and doing what you need to in order to get fit. Everyone there respects you for it.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
2/4/14 10:19 A

Jenn - I'd agree with Zorbs....guys who oggle girls like that are looking at "b**bs on a stick". Most guys I know might look, but they would never feel secure actually going out with them---they know they're way out of their league, so to speak. If you watch, most guys rarely ever speak to these girls, they just stare. I guess that's what they're after...I certainly wouldn't know.

Your post reminded me of that Planet Fitness commercial wtih the chicks in the locker room.... emoticon

Don't let their presence be a hindrance to your journey!

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2/4/14 10:11 A

I'll be 33 in October and I'm single as well. I too, have some more weight to lose (~15 to 16 lbs.). I know it's difficult to workout at a gym and see these people that are our age and younger working out when they're already fit and are what we consider to be above average in appearance. While I was doing graduate work, I'd go to the gym there and see the girls that you have described. I'd go early in the morning so most of the people I saw were seniors and other community members (people that weren't retired; had teens or young kids at home). I remember seeing some of these girls walking around the gym giving off this, "Look at me. I have a hot body" attitude. I know I wasn't the only one to notice these behaviors.

I know how you feel about feeling like you are having to compete with these "look at me" type of women. The guys that seem attracted to me are too old for me, but there are still guys that are in my preferred age range that notice me. I figure if a guy can't like me when I am a few pounds overweight, then they aren't going to like me any better when I am at a healthier weight. I imagine that most men do notice these "fit and lean look at me women" but that they may be like us in picking up on the "attention seeking" personality. I can't speak for all men, but I think most men will avoid these women or will be with them for awhile but then break it off because of their high maintenance personalities.

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I work at a coed gym, and the people who are mocked the most behind their back are not the less fit newbies..but the tanned, ripped, blonde gym bunnies you describe...because of the show-offy, attention whore attitude a lot of them exude.

edited to add: who, incidentally, have been a beginner at some point (because everyone is new to the gym at some time) and quite possibly have been overweight at one point.

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I've lost over 80 pounds all together over the past year and a half (I gained a few back this past Christmas, but 6 pounds isn't bad). I recently started going to a gym again after a two year hiatus, during which time, ironically, I lost all the weight. My goal is to get the last 23 pounds off by the first week of May this year, which gives me three months. I didn't lose much weight last year at this time because my workouts mainly consist of power walking outside. Naturally, that isn't possible as much in the winter. Anyway, the gym I went to before was women-only. I went during the weekdays back then because that was what my schedule would allow. Being young and working out at that time around primarily older, less-fit ladies, I didn't concern myself too much with how I looked at the gym. The place I go to now is coed and the demographic is mainly people in their 20s, 30s and 40s. I'm turning 33 this year and while I'm not old, I feel like such a cow next to the fit, tan and toned younger women there. There are a range of shapes and sizes and I am aware that I'm not fat by any means. I mean, I've lost a significant amount of weight. 80 pounds is a huge accomplishment, even if I did gain a couple back. But after spending an hour in a yoga studio, with giant mirrors lining 3 walls and then having to watch these two younger, tall, lean beauties change into their workout gear in the locker room, I felt so pathetically inadequate. I'm single, 33 years old and have never been in a real relationship. I'm dating online and doing, but a small part of me is hoping I can get at least some attention from guys in real life, too. Just to make me feel like I'm not totally sexually invisible, you know? But next to girls who look like that, I have no chance of ever being noticed by guys at the gym. With girls like that prancing around in their short shorts, what guy is ever going to check me out? It isn't the sole focus of my workouts (not by a long shot), but it would be nice to get noticed at least a little bit.

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