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CSROBERTSON621 SparkPoints: (203,244)
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1/21/13 10:52 P

Don't ruin your memories of a good night with guilt. One night is just one night -- pick up and keep going and you'll be at goal soon. Sounds like you've got the right attitude about it.

You can always think about strategies for damage control for next time (that always helps me), but no need to obsess. Overindulgence is no longer a regular occurance for you -- and so long as that remains true, you'll do just fine. :)

EXPOGIRL50 SparkPoints: (7,094)
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1/21/13 6:19 P

New day, new motiviation!!

SNOWJESTER SparkPoints: (29,896)
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1/21/13 5:28 P

Glad you had fun! No one is perfect all the time, you'll get back on the horse today so don't worry about it.

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
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1/21/13 3:56 P

One night that you cheated is not going to effect you, the best thing of it all is that you made memories with your sister and that is Priceless! emoticon My sister is coming in town this weekend, and I cant wait to have Pizza with her! emoticon .Keep up the great work!

DANIBEV SparkPoints: (4,587)
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1/21/13 3:50 P

I have not cheated on my diet or exercise plan for two months and I am wayyy ahead of schedule for my weight loss goals. But last night my little sister came into town and surprised me (YAY!) and we had the most wonderful night together laughing and playing games...

Only downside... after sharing a bottle of wine, pizza sounded like a good idea. AND WE FINISHED IT. And then we started drinking cocktails. I don't have much of a headache today, but my stomach is mad at me for putting a ridiculous amount of AWFUL calories in it.

I guess for my first cheat day, I didn't have to go so overboard, but I did have a lot of fun doing it. Oh well, back on the grind today. :) My goal is in sight!!

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