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2/25/13 8:14 P

Good for you emoticon

It is one of my ultimate goals to only eat things that are nutritious or "totally worth it." It is so easy to start eating food that doesn't taste good just because it's there, and then decide, "Oh well, I screwed up - I'll just keep eating." What a waste of calories I could have used on something that really tasted good.

Of course, the best circumstance is when you eat something that is "worth it" AND nutritious.

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2/24/13 7:04 P

It was WORTH IT!!!

We picked up a Gyro Sandwich Kit, usually we'd buy from the local restaurant down the street but it's too expensive, and I ate two. I didn't go over by much so I don't feel a bit guilty about it. THAT in itself is a change for me! Usually this moment would put me into a depression and I'd give up, but you know what, the few extra calories aren't worth it. I've done my normal exercise routine, plus I took a good walk (in the snow) around the neighborhood with my daughter, and I have energy to work out on the Wii.

So, bottom line, I appreciate this moment of chowing on junk but tomorrow...Back to my new lifestyle of eating good food in moderation!

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