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IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 18,577
12/3/13 6:18 A

The weatherman is predicting a low of -24 and a high of -8 on Thursday. It's way too early for these temperatures. Then -24 and a high of 12 on Friday. I;m pretty sure I'll have to cancel my annual trip 120 miles south for the Christmas Stroll (where I usually run into several people I went to high school or grade school with) and some shopping. Just won't get on the highway when the temps are so low. Any kind of accident or break-down in that weather could be fatal.

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
12/2/13 12:00 P

December is the BEST month of the year for me !! I love the togetherness and family it brings !! Happy December Everyone!! emoticon

TENOR4COUNTS SparkPoints: (80,664)
Fitness Minutes: (20,105)
Posts: 652
12/2/13 10:59 A

Every month is a new month, but December is difficult due to the Holidays and all the parties and visiting. I will do my best to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 17,612
12/2/13 10:56 A

yes indeed emoticon

DPRYER SparkPoints: (3,565)
Fitness Minutes: (6,554)
Posts: 53
12/2/13 7:44 A

Got our decorations up yesterday and put the house back together after Thanksgiving. My son and his wife headed back to school in North Dakota, sad that it will probably be a year before we see them again but happy they are doing well.

FERNCREST Posts: 1,024
12/2/13 7:38 A


IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 18,577
12/2/13 6:55 A

Worked too long and too hard in the rain yesterday to get all my outside chores done before the cold snap comes.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (257,015)
Fitness Minutes: (108,458)
Posts: 13,341
12/1/13 10:10 P


FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
12/1/13 6:51 P

Everyday that you wake up is a good day

RENATA144 SparkPoints: (207,563)
Fitness Minutes: (75,250)
Posts: 49,480
12/1/13 2:56 P

1 month left for my radiation therapy !!! emoticon

_MELISSAJOY_ Posts: 144
12/1/13 2:12 P

Today is December first and I'm looking forward to making it the best month of the year. I'm making lots of healthy changes, and hope to get a jump on the New Year!

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
12/1/13 1:56 P

Welcome every day.

LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
12/1/13 11:57 A

Cold outside! Love the season though!

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 17,612
12/1/13 11:49 A

yes, it is rainy and windy today!

SIRENSONGS SparkPoints: (57,040)
Fitness Minutes: (28,206)
Posts: 2,002
12/1/13 9:38 A

I love December, so welcome December indeed!

IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 18,577
12/1/13 9:22 A

I've always had more fun being Santa than waiting for him!!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
12/1/13 8:45 A

What there is no P for Present in the spelling of December?

BABYSOX Posts: 3,063
12/1/13 8:32 A

December is the last month that you can make a difference in 2013. Put it to good use!

IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 18,577
12/1/13 6:50 A

Here it is! The Oneth of the Month

D o your very best emoticon
E ncouraging yourself and others emoticon
C hanging your negative attitudes emoticon
E mbracing choices for a healthy life emoticon
M ake this the month we emoticon
B elieve in ourselves and Santa emoticon
E ven when we are stressed and on edge emoticon
R emember that we stand beside each other emoticon spreading the spark emoticon

Here's hoping you have goals and challenges to meet for yourself in December and you are all set to go!

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