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CARLY241 Posts: 189
2/7/13 11:03 A

thanks everyone! very helpful info!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
2/7/13 7:08 A

I purchased an adjustable set of dumbbells a few years ago, and when I needed to, some heavier plates. I also have sets of 10, 15 and 20lb weights for certain exercises.

There's great advice here for starting light to master your form, and go up from there.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,437
2/7/13 6:45 A

It's difficult to make a single recommendation. For a start, it is going to depend significantly on your current level of fitness. And as you get stronger over time, the weight you should be using should go up.

Also, it is going to vary significantly depending on what exercises and muscles you use. For example, for dumbbell lateral raises (small muscles holding the weights a long way from the body) you will likely manage only a few pounds, while for something like shoulder presses (larger muscles closer to your center of gravity) you should be able to manage something much heavier.

The real object with strength training is not a specific weight, but to ensure you are genuinely challenging your muscles. This is generally taken to mean a weight heavy enough to fatigue your muscles in 12 reps or less. If you can do more than 12 reps, it is time to move up to a heavier weight.

As your strength will increase significantly if you strength train regularly, you may find an adjustable set of dumbbells better value than a full set of fixed dumbbells.


NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/7/13 5:11 A

For the first week, stick to very light weight (maybe the lightest available) just so you can feel what the actual motion is supposed to be.

Starting in the second week, bring the weight up to the point where you can complete your set with good form, but can not do another rep.

Example: if your sets are 6 reps, then you should choose a weight that allows you to do 6 reps but NOT 7. If you can do 7, increase the weight.

As far as how many reps per set, I use this general guideline:

1-3: increase my explosive power
4-6: increase my strength
7-10: increase my muscle mass
12-18: increase my endurance

Some people may disagree but that seems to work for me.

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2/7/13 4:58 A

What that means is that you'll be using different weights for different exercises. Generally speaking, women tend to use weights that are far too light for their ability.

CARLY241 Posts: 189
2/7/13 3:54 A

I want to start using weights and doing some exercises with them. How many pounds should I be using?

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