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7/8/13 11:27 A

Thanks for the links!

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7/8/13 10:57 A

hip thrusts

deadlifts/rack pulls -

rack pulls are especially good, with a good set up, you get the lower body work with minimal knee flexion.

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7/8/13 10:12 A

Here is an article I found from an outside source that gives some good options for you :)

Coach Nicole also has some good exercises using resistance bands that you could check out!

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7/8/13 9:49 A

I have been doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women (now in stage 4) and am now having trouble with my knees so my doctor said to lay off the squats and lunges. So, how do I get a good leg workout with a similar challenge without doing lunges or squats? Or, is it less stressful on the knees to just go lighter or use just body weight? I have been doing the various lunges and squats with 10-25 pound dumbells (so 20-50 pounds of extrta weight depending on how much balance I need) or 40 pounds for barbell squats.

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